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Chapter 175 - Sir Tang, Are You Going to Hit A Corpse?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 175: Sir Tang, Are You Going to Hit A Corpse?

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    Tang Jinyu looked at that person who was sitting on top of him with a face full of dirt, yet still smiling brightly, and his eyes darkened.

    He extended her hand and grabbed hold of her hands. Exerting some force, he flipped her over and pressed himself on top of her while using his other hand to lock her neck.

    “Do you still want to continue?” Tang Jinyu’s face turned black. He applied strength on the hand that was strangling her.

    Jian Qi smiled. She was even more amused when she saw half of his face that was still covered in mud.

    “Instructor Tang, you’re going to break my neck if you use more strength!”

    Jian Qi said while she took a handful of mud and tried to rub it onto Tang Jinyu”s face.

    Tang Jinyu knew her intentions the moment she lunged at him. That was why when she raised her hand, he immediately pressed her hand onto her head.

    “I don’t mind breaking your hand if you keep up with these small acts!”

    Tang Jinyu warned her.

    As he was on top of her, the heavy downpour fell on him, washing away the mud and dirt that was on his face.

    All the dirt and mud fell onto Jian Qi’s face instead.

    Jian Qi was irritated…

    “Okay, fine. I lose!” Jian Qi said.

    Tang Jinyu released his hands and was ready to stand up.

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    However, she reacted the moment he stood up. She pulled at his arms and with great swiftness shifted her position.

    Tang Jinyu did not think that this woman would still be so cunning at times like this.

    It did not occur to him that this would happen and he fell once more onto the ground.

    Tang Jinyu got back up on his feet with a dark face.

    ‘This brat!’

    Tang Jinyu turned around and stared at the person who had quickly moved to the side. He walked toward her angrily.

    She was not afraid looking at the furious Tang Jinyu that was walking toward her. With her face covered in mud, she gave her most innocent look while revealing that perfect set of teeth in a bright smile. She did not seem nervous at all.

    Tang Jinyu was one step away from her. He lifted his arm and was about to punch her.

    Jian Qi raised her hand that was holding the signalling device and launched it!


    The shot was loud and clear even in the rain.

    Tang Jinyu’s fist stopped at about one centimetre away.

    Jian Qi smiled. “Instructor Tang, I’m already dead. Are you going to hit a corpse?”

    Staring at Tang Jinyu’s face, Jian Qi could not help herself and started laughing. “Honestly, Instructor Tang, your face is extremely charming right now!

    “If I have a phone now, I would take a picture with you!”

    Tang Jinyu glared at the woman who was laughing happily. He scoffed coldly and turned to leave.

    “Pick up everything on the ground and follow me!”

    “Yes, Instructor!” Jian Qi immediately stood at attention, her voice bright and crisp.

    She picked up the ghillies suit and cap, and put them into her backpack. She slung on her backpack and followed Tang Jinyu.

    “Instructor Tang, did you come looking for me on purpose?”

    Jian Qi could not help herself and teased him, “I thought that I would be able to stay alive till the end but now you got me eliminated. You must be picking on me!”

    “It seems like you still think that it’s too easy!” Tang Jinyu glared at her frostily and stopped walking. He pointed at a rock and said, “Go, pick up the rock and carry it back!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Why the hell did I start spewing nonsense with him?’