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Chapter 170 - I Fall As You Came

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 170: I Fall As You Came

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    Mu Mianmian was speaking as an experienced person. All men cared about this. How could a proper young lady leave such an immoral impression on others!

    Qianmo winked at Black. She knew he didn’t really mind because she was the most important in his heart.

    He didn’t even care that she was married before in her previous life. He was dumbfounded when he discovered his girlfriend was an “original” when he was opening up the “present”.

    Then, the car seat cushion mysteriously disappeared after that… Qianmo believed this guy had kept it as a treasure, although he never admitted.

    Black sat on the sofa, lowered his head, and played with his phone.

    Despite the plot, which Qianmo and Black acted out, was ridiculously lame, it had its meaning. Qianmo had successfully instilled into Mu Mianmian’s mind that whatever they saw might not be the truth.

    If they summed up Chen Baichuan’s usual behavior and analyzed it calmly, he didn’t have to find another woman right before his wedding. If he wanted, he would have found himself one outside long ago. They had to wait for him to clarify certain things when he came back.

    Qianmo reasoned that if they declared war on Chen Baichuan even before making head or tail of the situation, wouldn’t it thrill the person who had sent the photo?

    It was sent anonymously right before Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian were about to get married, so obviously, it was to stop the wedding from taking place.

    Mu Mianmian thought what Qianmo said made a lot of sense and couldn’t help feeling glad.

    Fortunately, she had not spent all the savings they had impulsively. She couldn’t afford to lose her daughter and the money.

    Black made dinner, and afterward, Mu Mianmian and Qianmo researched which gym in the city was good in the room. Black received a message from his younger brother in the living room.

    Chen Haoxuan maintained a strong technical information department. It was simply too easy for him to find out where this photo was sent from, only taking him a short while. Black was getting someone to confirm it now.

    He heard the sound of a car in the midst of checking.

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    Black stood up as he knew it was Chen Baichuan. Qianmo had also come out of the room. Mu Mianmian, however, happened to go to the toilet.

    The two of them went out together and saw her dad’s car parked at the gate. The blinding headlights made Qianmo stop in her tracks. The car window rolled down, and a woman with thick makeup popped her head out of the driver’s side.

    “Is this Brother Chuan’s home?”

    Chen Baichuan was utterly wasted, and it was the woman who drove.

    “You are Qianmo? Your dad always mentions you to me.” The heavily made-up woman gave Qianmo a seductive smile.

    “He had a bit too much to drink at my place. Come and help me get him into the house. Aiyoh, your dad’s stamina is really good. I can’t even tell he is in his forties.”

    Qianmo knew from that one look that this woman was deliberately declaring her ownership in her smile. The last sentence was especially slutty.

    Qianmo didn’t move and gazed at her coldly. The woman seemed to be in her forties. She had maintained herself well. As for her looks…

    She was unable to judge her looks as her makeup was too thick. Anyway, she still looked acceptable after wearing makeup and fitting clothes. She had an hourglass figure, which couldn’t get any more “ripe”. She was exactly the type of woman preferred by greasy middle-aged men.

    She wouldn’t get angry if she was touched by men who had too much to drink. She was always amorous and easy to seduce without any consequences. She was “ripe”, seductive, and sultry.

    The woman’s eyes roved around as she saw Qianmo refusing to move or acknowledge her. She then ignored Qianmo as she thought she was just a silly child and shifted her gaze to Black next to her. She noticed his solid figure under the casual home clothes, and her eyes lit up.

    What a handsome man. That figure clearly indicated he was “mightier” than most.

    Qianmo narrowed her eyes. How dared she plot against her dad and still covet her man! She was asking for it.

    “It seems like you are not willing to help me, then I shall help him myself.” The woman wanted to get out of the car after she spoke. Chen Baichuan was drunk at the moment, so this was the best time to get into his home and agitate that “Miss Piggy”, Mu Mianmian.

    She believed that a 75kg woman wouldn’t be a match to her charms. Once a woman’s weight exceeded 55kg, she would be a pig no matter how pretty she was—This was that woman’s evil thoughts.

    The entire body of this woman exhibited her ambition for her dad. Furthermore, this vixen was trying to get into her house to take her mom down a notch. Her mom’s big, fat glass heart would be shattered into eighteen pieces if she succeeded.

    She saw that vixen give her a determined smile and then heard Mu Mianmian’s voice coming from the metal gate behind her, “Is your dad back home, Momo?”

    Mu Mianmian had also heard the sound of her family car, so she quickly flushed and came out. Anxious, she shouted loudly even before she had reached the gates.

    Qianmo noticed that Mu Mianmian was about to come out and the vixen had no intention to leave. There was definitely going to be trouble if they saw each other.

    How was she going to resolve this unexpected mayhem that was about to happen?

    Qianmo took in a deep breath, gave Yu Changmo a look, and then said coquettishly, “Black! She~hit~me~”

    Although this was a despicable move, the result was immediate.

    Yu Changmo had just received her hint, and before he could digest her intention, Qianmo already began to display a “self-inflicted harm” scam tactic right in front of that shocked vixen. Her legs quaked, and she was about to sit onto the ground.

    Seeing her about to fall, Yu Changmo displayed his explosive strength. He quickly held her in his arms.

    How could her precious, delicate body sit on the ground? Black strode to the car after he grabbed hold of her, opened the door, and said to that woman coldly, “Get out.”

    The vixen couldn’t even react. She was still admiring the handsome guy’s muscular physique a second ago, and suddenly, the handsome guy got angry?

    And the girl in his arms… What was the situation? Who touched her? Why did she shout that someone bullied her when nobody had touched her?

    Or else, how to describe Qianmo had used that “self-inflicted harm” scam tactic.

    “She! Bullied me!” Qianmo pointed at the vixen. She leaned into Black’s body and held onto his waist.

    Black became stern. The slut was sitting in the car’s driver seat. There was no way she could make his girl fall unless she knew mental attacks.

    However, his principles were long gone when his beloved girl got upset—His Momo wasn’t that kind of unreasonable woman. It was definitely the other party’s fault that she was unhappy, and since the other party was wrong, Momo was bullied!

    Therefore, Yu Changmo opened the car door and told the woman inside imprudently, “Speed up, don’t idle. Put your hands above your head!” He was treating her like a criminal.

    The woman couldn’t fathom the change of events. Didn’t she come here today to agitate that Miss Piggy?”

    Why was she blocked at the car even before she could enter the front door?

    The woman quickly recovered her wits after her initial shock. After all, she was a super mature lady who had spent plenty of time in drinking sessions. She gave Yu Changmo a flirty look and said, “Hey handsome, did you have a misunderstanding? I didn’t touch this little girl.”