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Chapter 123 - Investigation

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 123: Investigation

    There was a faint scent of blood in the air and Su Cha smelt it keenly.

    She frowned, a sense of alertness in her expression, clear-minded. Very unlike someone who had just woken up from a deep sleep.

    She sat up and looked out the window.

    That was the direction where the smell of blood had come from.

    At this point, Su Cha was not too concerned. She lived in a street of ordinary civilian buildings and the security management was very poor.

    Apart from every household locking their doors, it could not be guaranteed the dangerous reports in the news would not happen here.

    After all, the environment here seemed to be high-risk.

    She walked to the window. In the middle of the night, the scene outside the window was horrifying.

    Only a family in the distance still had their dim lights on. With this light, Su Cha saw a shadow between the buildings disappear without a trace after some movement.

    Su Cha’s pupils constricted.

    She saw that the man’s shadow was insanely fast, its speed close to the limits of human ability.

    She pondered for a moment, and did not simply act. The smell of blood was near her nose. Looking down, Su Cha witnessed the terrifying scene.

    The night in the city wasn’t to the extent you couldn’t see your outstretched fingers, but you could at least see a shadow clearly.

    Su Cha saw that there was a person with his eyes wide open lying below her building. Though Su Cha’s eyesight was quite strong, she could only see that this person’s face was sinister, but she could not make out his appearance exactly. He was already lying on the ground in this way, it was quite obvious.

    If it were an ordinary person, witnessing this scene, they would have been terrified out of their soul.

    Su Cha was no ordinary person. In ancient times, she had witnessed many forms of death. This scene too – it just surprised her a little, but she felt no fear.

    Below her window…

    Su Cha thought for a while, and decided not to bring trouble upon herself. This scene was probably related to the dark shadow that escaped from the top of the building just now.

    Not sensing any surveillance in the neighborhood, she closed the window casually, once again laying down on the bed and falling asleep.

    If no one handled it, that person would be discovered the next morning, and someone will definitely call the police.

    Su Cha did not need to trouble herself.


    The next morning, Su Cha was awakened by a scream.

    The sound was so piercing that Su Cha woke up almost instantaneously, but she didn’t move.

    When she was about to go to school, the police car was already driven over, and there was a security tape surrounding the area.

    When Sucha went downstairs, she saw that many people in the building had woken and washed up. Though obviously panicked, they insisted on coming to see the commotion.

    From their words alone, Su Cha heard that the man who fell downstairs was dead and that he was young. His identity was still unclear.

    She narrowed her eyes and didn’t ask in detail, making her way to school.

    She was a student. Even if the police started an investigation, they would not find any issues with Su Cha, so no one stopped her.

    Since this happened in the place where she lived, and also because it was so early in the morning, there were no news broadcasts about it yet.

    She studied peacefully at school for a day, and when she returned home, she found that there were several policemen standing on the floor where she lived.

    They huddled together as if they were discussing something. When they saw Su Cha, their gaze shifted to her almost simultaneously.

    Civilian policemen, wearing uniforms and police caps, looking stern because they were carrying out investigation. If such gazes fell on ordinary people, even if they didn’t commit a crime, they would feel a little guilty.