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Chapter 124 - Abnormal Murder Method

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 124: Abnormal Murder Method

    “Hello, are you a tenant on this floor?”

    A female policeman with a gentle smile stepped out. Although it was a question, the answer was obvious.

    If Su Cha were a tenant upstairs, she would have continued up the stairs instead of walking towards them.

    With not a hint of abnormality in her expression, Su Cha only nodded curiously. “Yes.”

    Her expression looked somewhat pure and innocent but the policewoman had no doubt at all. She only asked by protocol, “Hello, we are the Yejiao District Police. We are currently investigating a murder case, and are looking into residents on every floor, so you do not need to worry. Which house do you stay in on this floor?”

    Su Cha pointed to her house. The policewoman saw the direction Su Cha was pointing in, appearing slightly surprised.

    The three other civilian policemen standing there also looked over. One of them nodded at the policewoman, who continued to ask, “Can we come in?”

    Su Cha smiled lightly. “Of course.”

    She led the few policemen in. Without a hint of panic, she even asked, “The murder case you mentioned, is it from this morning? I had to go to school in the morning, so I left early and don’t know exactly what happened.”

    Several police officers looked at each other. From Su Cha’s statement, slight suspicion showed in their expression.

    By the looks of it, this girl seemed to be too calm.

    They entered the house and Su Cha saw a police officer trying to act natural while entering her bedroom and walking to the window.

    It was clear from their investigation that they obviously knew the person was under Su Cha’s window last night. Su Cha was certain that her room was definitely the focus of investigation.

    She sat naturally and calmly. “What do you want to ask?”

    The one who opened her mouth to ask was still the policewoman. “You don’t have to be nervous. Your surname is Su and you’re like a little sister to me, can I call you Sister Su?”

    Sucha nodded.

    “At 5.10 a.m. this morning, we received a report from your sanitation worker in the area, saying that a body was found. According to the investigation, we found the deceased’s name is Li Dongfeng…”

    When she said this, she saw Su Cha’s eyes flash. The policewoman immediately sensed something was amiss, and asked, “Do you know Li Dongfeng?”

    In Su Cha’s eyes appeared a timely confusion. “Li Dongfeng, seems to be a good friend of my ex-boyfriend… is 22 years old, a sophomore?”

    Several policemen were stunned.

    In fact, they have already investigated this point, and also knew Su Cha’s information. Li Dongfeng was a good friend of her ex-boyfriend Zhai Yao, who had been summoned to the police station.

    But what confused the police was that they couldn’t find out why Li Dongfeng appeared here, and his cause of death was very strange.

    He was pierced in the neck with a silver needle-like object, and the police found a bloody silver needle stuck in a wall three meters away from Li Dongfeng.

    According to the forensic examination, the silver needle penetrated through Li Dongfeng’s neck into the wall, all in one go. This method shocked the police.

    This did not seem like a method that could be pulled off by a normal person.

    Putting aside the method by which he was murdered, even Li Dongfeng’s reason for appearing here could not be determined. The only entanglement was with the girl in front of them, Su Cha.