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Chapter 125 - Who Killed Him?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 125: Who Killed Him?

    Su Cha really didn’t know that person was Li Dongfeng.

    But after learning that it was Li Dongfeng, she reacted in an instant. The police must have investigated her, otherwise they would not have waited specifically at her door.

    She did not deny that she knew Li Dongfeng, it would only bring about more suspicion.

    She made everything very clear, including the reason she knew Li Dongfeng, and the dispute in the hospital that day. Su Cha also admitted that she beat Li Dongfeng.

    Su Cha evaded elaborating on the brutality of her specific methods. Compared with a human life, this kind of fight could only be regarded as a trivial matter.

    The police had been at an impasse, but now the important information regarding Su Cha could not be overlooked.

    However halfway through the investigation, they were interrupted by someone who entered out of the blue.

    “Captain Jin!”

    “Captain, why are you back?!”

    While several policemen were asking Su Cha for details, a tall man suddenly appeared at the door.

    He was extremely tall, it was a rare height among Asians. Su Cha glanced over, estimating that this man was about the same height as Bo Muyi.

    He was also very handsome. He had a taut and handsome face that revealed a sense of aloofness, and a fine disposition.

    His gaze was as sharp as an eagle’s.

    His status must have been very high, because when these policemen saw him, they stood up hurriedly, visibly taken aback by his arrival.

    When he came in, he simply uttered a single sentence. “There’s no need to investigate anymore, this murder case is under the responsibility of another task force.”

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    Several policemen were stunned.

    Although they were surprised and rejoiced at the arrival of the captain, no one expected that he would announce that the murder case was given to another task force for investigation the moment he stepped in.

    “Captain, but we have important information, this Sister Su …”

    The policewoman said urgently, but Jin Duan instantly cut her off. “I know, everything that comes next is not our responsibility. Now, leave with me.”

    He spoke with irrefutable authority, even Su Cha looked at him with astonishment.

    He was definitely not a simple character.

    Su Cha felt that though Jin Duan’s gaze seemed not to stay on her, but out of the corner of his eyes his vision was locked on her.

    It wasn’t because of Su Cha’s beautiful appearance that he paid extra attention to her. This Jin Duan was suspicious of Su Cha.

    Su Cha’s expression was indifferent as she calmly watched these policemen helplessly follow Jin Duan’s lead to leave.

    Before the policewoman left, she said to Su Cha, “Sister Su, we’ve bothered you.”

    Sucha nodded and was extremely polite.

    After they left, Sucha frowned slightly.

    She didn’t expect that the deceased would be Li Dongfeng. She knew that Li Dongfeng appearing here was definitely not an accident. He must have wanted to retaliate because of their fight in the hospital.

    However his death was too out of the ordinary. The policemen didn’t say exactly how Li Dongfeng died. From what she had been able to make out, she couldn’t see Li Dongfeng’s external wounds. The height of the second floor though, this person couldn’t have fallen to his death right?

    Su Cha quickly thought of the black shadow that disappeared from the roof of the building the previous night. Now it seemed that there was an 80% chance Li Dongfeng’s death was related to it.

    But, she considered, If Li Dongfeng came to trouble her then why did that person kill Li Dongfeng – was it because of her, or was it an accident?