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Chapter 126 - There Is A Problem With Miss Su

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 126: There Is A Problem With Miss Su

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    “I don’t think this Su Cha is as simple as she seemed to be. Her expressions were too calm, it’s unlike an ordinary 18-year-old high school student…”

    As the policemen headed downstairs, they could not help but discuss the matter.

    In fact, they were already suspicious of Su Cha even before they questioned her.

    The towering man who was walking in front suddenly came to a halt, he said in a cold and firm voice, “She is not the murderer, she has nothing to do with this case. This girl has been falsely implicated.”

    Some of the policemen were astonished while others were surprised, “Captain, how did you manage to investigate it so quickly? Then, why…”

    “Because it involves top secret information that cannot be revealed.”

    After Jin Duan said that, he strode forward without turning back.

    The rest of the policemen who followed behind him were utterly confused. However, they knew not to probe further and left the scene.


    “Young Master, the matter has been settled.”

    On the top floor of the commercial building, a young man sat gracefully in his huge office chair like a king. His dark eyes were fixated on the scenery outside the window, and he exuded a depressing, mysterious aura.

    A man dressed in a black suit and sunglasses stood at the foot of the young man’s desk, his hands were folded together as he respectfully bowed.

    After a while, the young man who was frowning chuckled in a low voice, “You said that the man was a traitor of the Tang Clan?”

    The man dressed in a black suit nodded, “It’s definitely him. I had personally dealt with him in the past.”

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    As if he had heard something delightful, Bo Muyi’s eyes sparkled brightly, “So, why did he pass by the area?”

    The man in the black suit replied, “I am not sure about that. But, the appointment of the chief of the alliance would begin soon, and the Tang Clan had signed up for it this year.”

    Bo Muyi gave a meaningful laugh, his laughter could make people tremble in fear, “This matter does not concern us. But, he passed by the area and murdered someone. He must have scared my Cha Cha…”

    Speaking of that, Bo Muyi clenched his fist slightly, “I do not want this person to appear again. Get rid of him.”

    That was a clear and ruthless order.

    The man in the black suit paused for a second before replying quickly, “Yes!”

    When the man walked out of the office, he saw Bai Kun waiting outside. As Bai Kun saw the man exiting the office, he immediately asked, “What’s the matter?”

    The man responded with an irrelevant question, “How much do you know about Ms Su?”

    Bai Kun was stunned, “Of course I know her information very well. What’s wrong? Is the young master angry? I guess the brainless traitor of the Tang Clan passed by Miss Su’s area without thinking…”

    Before Bai Kun could finish, the man in black suit interrupted in a deep voice, “The young master can’t bear to have anyone speak poorly about Miss Su. If you genuinely care for the young master, listen to me. There is a problem with Miss Su.”

    Bai Kun was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, “What problems can Miss Su have? What, do you think she is dating the young master for his money? Anyways, shouldn’t it be because of his looks?”

    Without saying a word, he turned and left.

    His deep, somber eyes concealed his true feelings.

    When he was fighting with the traitor of the Tang Clan, who knew the traitor would suddenly kill another man who was plotting to attack Su Cha. At that time, he was extremely shocked, and the traitor managed to escape.

    Before the man in the black suit went into hiding, he saw Su Cha suddenly appear at the window.

    When Su Cha saw the corpse, she did not react, she did not scream. She merely headed back inside to go to sleep.

    The man in the black suit could not comprehend Su Cha’s behavior at all.