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Chapter 127 - She Does Not Even Dare To Step On An An

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 127: She Does Not Even Dare To Step On An Ant

    Su Cha did not know what had happened the night before. She did not know that she had accidentally come into contact with something that she had not known in her first life.

    Now, she had opened the doors to the unknown. But, she did not know that.

    The homicide case was a grave matter. Su Cha had overhead the police Captain saying that the case had been handed over to the professional investigation team.

    However, Su Cha did not see any other policeman investigating the case in the area. Other than some discussions among the residents, Su Cha did not notice any suspicious people in the area.

    From the traces of evidence identified, the police concluded that Li Dongfeng had tried to climb into Su Cha’s window. But, this was a fact that the residents did not know.

    Su Cha’s life remained rather calm and peaceful.

    On the other hand, Zhai Yao and Sang Shishi, who had just left the police station, broke out in cold sweat.

    As the professional investigation team looked into the matter, insignificant people like Zhai Yao were released.

    Zhai Yao lifted his head and looked up at the sky. The bright neon lights in the city could blind one’s eyes.

    He touched his forehead, it was full of sweat. Beside him, Sang Shishi’s face was full of panic.

    She was not frightened by the news of Li Dongfeng’s death, but rather by the possible murderer.

    Zhai Yao was somber and silent. Sang Shishi stood beside him and held his hand. She did not appear to be sad, but instead looked terrified. She pouted her lips and said, “Could it be her?”

    As soon as the word “her” left Sang Shishi’s mouth, she was seized with terror.

    She recalled the day Su Cha smashed Li Dongfeng’s head with a stainless steel thermos flask, and how she mercilessly beat Zhai Yao up with a wooden stick. Those incidents had become a nightmare she could not escape from.

    After learning the news of Li Dongfeng’s death, the incidents replayed in Sang Shishi’s mind over and over again.

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    Her legs trembled in fear as she tried to avoid thinking about the terrible reality.

    Zhai Yao had a calm composure, he obviously understood the meaning behind Sang Shishi’s words. As he felt his forehead, there was more sweat than before.

    Zhai Yao did not say a word as he hired a taxi and brought Shan Shishi back to school with him.

    Late into the night, Zhai Yao hid in an empty toilet and frantically made a call.

    When he heard an indifferent voice on the other end of the call, Zhai Yao immediately said in a panic, “I… One of my brothers has died…”

    The soft, unconcerned voice became a little surprised and impatient, “Your brother has died, does that concern me?”

    The voice seemed to be questioning Zhai Yao. Although the voice sounded gentle and elegant, it also gave off a gloomy and somber vibe.

    Zhai Yao trembled, “But… the murderer might be Su Cha…”

    As soon as he said that, the line fell silent.

    After a long while, the man’s voice sounded, “Are you kidding me?”

    “But… but it’s true! My brother got into a fight with her two days ago, and she beat him up. My brother held a grudge against Su Cha and went to her house last night. The police told me that my brother was found dead at the foot of her residential building. How can I not think that it was her?”

    After he said that, Zhai Yao broke down.

    He was afraid, he thought that Su Cha had lost her mind.

    This lunatic even dared to murder now, what is she incapable of?

    He was her ex-boyfriend, and he was likely the cause of Su Cha’s madness. Who could guarantee that she would not murder him?

    “He died at the foot of her block? How does that prove that she had killed him? She does not even dare to step on an ant!”

    After saying that, the man ended the call.