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Chapter 128 - What A Tease

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 128: What A Tease

    Other than the beeping phone, only the sounds of Zhai Yao’s racing heart could be heard in the silent toilet.

    He leaned on the cubicle walls in great despair as he understood that the call was meaningless. The man completely did not believe Zhai Yao’s words.

    Su Cha was incapable of killing anyone?

    In the past, Zhai Yao believed that too.

    However, Li Dongfeng was now dead. He had previously been brutally beaten up by Su Cha in the hospital ward. All the information Zhai Yao had pointed him towards Su Cha.

    Although he had no concrete evidence, Zhai Yao believed that he could make a very close guess.

    What if Su Cha attacked him?

    As he thought of that, Zhai Yao’s heart started racing again, and his eyes burned with fury.

    As he gritted his teeth, Zhai Yao clenched his fist tightly.

    If Su Cha was heartless, she could not blame him for the injustice. He wanted to live, his life was more important than anything else!


    Su Cha went to bed after she completed her revision.

    It seemed like the death of a person right outside her window was an insignificant matter to her. If she was completely unafraid when she saw the corpse yesterday night, how could she be afraid now?

    The clothes she had embroidered last night were neatly placed next to the sewing machine. In the middle of the night, it was peaceful and silent.


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    A soft click was heard. In the silence of the night, the unlocking sound of the door was audible. Hearing the noise, Su Cha’s eyes shot wide open as she laid in bed.

    The door opened, and small, careful footsteps could be heard approaching Su Cha.

    If Su Cha did not have such sensitive hearing, she would not have been able to hear the footsteps.

    When the footsteps came near to the bedroom door, Su Cha felt her body tensed up, and she prepared to attack the intruder.

    As she had her back facing the bedroom door, she would not be able to see the intruder entering the room.

    When the door opened, Su Cha felt a suffocating presence that was frightening yet familiar.

    Her body gradually relaxed, and she did not move.

    The intruder walked to the bedside and stood there in silence. Soon, Su Cha felt a gentle touch on her cheeks.

    The touch was very familiar, and Su Cha instantly recognized who it was.

    Moving her eyes, Su Cha turned her body and saw a vague, tall outline in the dark.

    “Did I wake you up? I’m sorry, Cha Cha.”

    The gentle and clear voice of the man was heard, and he sat down on the bed next to Su Cha.

    Other than Bo Muyi, who else would it be?

    Besides, he was the only one who could open the door with a key.

    Su Cha sat up in bed, and Bo Muyi reached out his arm to pull her into his embrace. Looking at the girl in his arms, Bo Muyi caressed her cheeks and whispered softly, “Cha Cha, sleep well. Did the incident this morning scare you?”

    Su Cha hugged Bo Muyi’s waist and replied in a depressed tone, “No, why are you here?”

    Bo Muyi gently stroked her back, “After hearing about the incident, I was worried that you were afraid so I came to check on you. Who knew I would wake you up from your sleep.”

    Su Cha curled her lips into a smile when she heard that. If he thought that she was afraid, then she was afraid.

    The girl immediately replied in a lazy and coy manner as she hugged the man tighter, “It was a little scary…”

    Her soft yet coy voice made Bo Muyi tighten his hug around her. He clumsily comforted Su Cha, “Don’t be afraid, Cha Cha. I’m here, I will stay with you, go to sleep.”

    Hearing his comforting words, Su Cha got used to Bo Muyi’s breathing and fell asleep.

    In the dark, the man broke into a smile.

    What a tease.