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Chapter 171 - A Will to Die

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 171: A Will to Die

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Slightly stunned, Gu Qianlin instinctively crossed her arms to block the incoming strike.


    Yet another dull thud resounded in the hallway as the impact exploded through her defense, in an instant sending powerful shock waves right through her body.

    Gu Qianlin’s body flew backward uncontrollably, and a tingling sensation of numbness shot through both arms. Wang Hanxuan and several other police members reacted quickly enough to catch her, preventing the embarrassment of falling to the ground. She was both angry and surprised— she had not expected Xiao Luo to be this strong. Even with a sneak attack, and imparting all her strength, she was unable to come out with yet a slight advantage. Whether it was his reaction speed, fighting instinct, or power, Xiao Luo’s ability exceeded any of the special forces soldiers that she had known.

    He was a monster in human form!

    “This brat assaulted a police officer! Hurry up and cuff him!” Wang Xanxuan barked out the orders, seeing that Gu Qianlin seemed to be bruised quite severely.

    “Yes, sir!”

    A team of tough-looking police officers pulled out their handcuffs and closed in on Xiao Luo.

    “Just a minute!” Xiao Luo called out coldly, then pointed at a security camera fixed on the ceiling of the hallway, “it’s been recorded here who clearly attacked first. So unless you want to say that our police officers somehow have special privileges to assault citizens, I’d say that would be a bad idea.”

    Hearing this, the police members all froze in their tracks, looking at each other in uncertainty, before turning to Gu Qianlin. They were waiting for her orders.

    Gu Qianlin waved a hand and motioned for them to back off. Then, she walked to stand in front of Xiao Luo, her beautiful eyes glaring at him with steely determination, “Let me ask you, where were you an hour ago?”

    Xiao Luo replied, “Taking a walk at the hospital.”

    Gu Qianlin pressed on, “Why did you turn off your phone to take a walk?”

    “I wanted to be alone and did not want to be disturbed,” Xiao Luo replied casually, “Is that a problem?”

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    The corners of Gu Qianlin’s mouth shivered slightly, then issued a cold warning, “That’s all the questions I have, but here’s a phrase for you to keep in mind: ‘The webs of the law might seem thin, but it never leaves anything out!’ Anyone who breaks the law will receive their due punishment without exceptions!”

    “Got it,” Xiao Luo said, nodding his head slightly.

    Xiao Luo fixed her eyes on him for a long while before calling out fiercely, “Dismissed!”

    Although in her heart, she was sure that Xiao Luo was the one who killed He Ruanliang, and on top of that was a suspect in the ‘Nine-twelve incident, she didn’t have sufficient evidence. Even if she arrested him, he couldn’t be tried, so it would just be a waste of time and effort.

    1Gu Qianlin only turned to leave after the rest of her subordinates had gone out, but after taking only a few steps, she stopped. Turning back around, she said to Xiao Luo, “Ah, I forgot to tell you, you look absolutely terrible in those clothes!”

    Saying that she left without a second glance.

    Xiao Luo let out a small humph and ignored the comment.


    Xiao Ruyi ran up and hugged Xiao Luo tightly.

    Tang Ren, on the other hand, stood haplessly without moving, still reeling from the shock from all that had just taken place. The police were pointing their guns, not at anyone else, but at his wife’s brother! He really didn’t know what to make of any of this.

    “Brother, why were the police looking for you? Did you really kill He Ruanliang?” Xiao Ruyi asked worriedly.

    Xiao Luo shook his head and patted her head and said convincingly, “No, they’ve got the wrong person.”

    He had no choice but to lie to put his sister at ease.

    “Really?” Xiao Ruyi was still a little skeptical.

    Xiao Luo gave her a gentle smile, “When have I ever lied to you? I really just took a walk at the hospital and got some fresh air.”



    “Team Leader Gu, if the perpetrator isn’t Xiao Luo, then whom could it be? What if it was He Ruanliang’s associates looking to silence him?” Outside the hospital, Wang Hanxuan was giving voice to his own speculations.

    Gu Qianlin’s eyebrows furrowed together as she gave him an unpleasant glare, “Associates looking to silence him? My intuition tells me that the perpetrator has to be Xiao Luo.”

    Xiao Luo?

    Wang Hanxuan frowned, “But he doesn’t have any wounds on his body, doesn’t that clear him of any suspicion?”

    Even a bulletproof vest couldn’t completely block out gunshots. After being shot, there had to be a bruise or wound somewhere on Xiao Luo’s body. This was common knowledge.

    This was also precisely what Gu Qianlin couldn’t figure out. She had definitely hit him, so why wasn’t there a wound?

    1There was nothing to prove that Xiao Luo was the perpetrator, and on the face of the current evidence had cleared him of any suspicion. But her intuition and judgment as a police officer told her that the perpetrator had to be Xiao Luo.

    The contradiction that the two presented was making her head spin.

    Suddenly, she grabbed hold of Wang Hanxuan’s collar and demanded, “Do you think there’s any kind of medicine in this world that could instantly close a wound?”


    Wang Hanxuan’s mouth gaped open in shock. This question seemed a little childish, how could there be such miracle medicine in the world?

    “What, your foot! Just answer the question!” Gu Qianlin barked.

    Wang Hanxuan quickly said, “I’ve heard that there’s a prescription of Yunnan Baiyao that could quickly stop bleeding to a wound, but the prescription’s formula has been lost for a while now. The Yunnan Baiyao one can find in the market wouldn’t have that effect.”

    Gu Qianlin’s eyes lit up, “Then could it be that Xiao Luo just happened to have that prescription?”

    1“Gulp…” Wang Hanxuan swallowed hard, wondering if maybe his boss had been possessed by the devil. It seemed that she would not stop until the crime could be connected to Xiao Luo. He shook his head and said, “That’s impossible. And even with the prescription, there’s no way the wound could close in such a short time, not to mention without a single scar.”

    1Hearing this, Gu Qianlin let him go reluctantly. She took one last look at the hospital behind them, then walked away.



    After two full days since the rescue, Sun Yu’s condition had stabilized. The doctors had successfully pulled her back from the brink of death.

    Sun Yu’s parents had also rushed from their hometown on the day of the accident. Upon seeing her daughter lying with an oxygen mask on the hospital bed, her face pale as a sheet, Mrs. Sun fainted right then and there. When Sun Jiannan arrived, his eyes also turned red, and he could not stop wiping tears from his face.

    After a week, Sun Yu’s condition had stabilized entirely…

    However, the doctors had some bad news. Speaking in a concerned tone, he said, “The patient is already out of danger, and her body’s condition has also stabilized. However, her intention to die is too strong. She doesn’t want to wake up. We’ve done everything that we could do, but if the patient insists on dying, there’s nothing we can do to help with that.”

    “Why is it like this, what exactly did Yuyu experience?” In anguish, Mrs. Sun rushed into the sickroom, tears pouring out, almost on the edge of swooning.

    Mr. Sun also wiped tears from his eyes and walked shakily into the room with grief.

    “Yuyu can’t accept herself the way she is right now, and she also can’t face Xiao Luo. She really just wants to die,” Hu Shuirong was sobbing incessantly. As a victim herself, she understood very clearly what was going on in Sun Yu’s head.

    Xiao Ruyi’s eyes reddened and pressed herself into Tang Ren’s arms, sobbing softly.

    Tang Ren didn’t know what to say to comfort her, and just gently patted her back.