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Chapter 176 - These Freshmen Are Quite Impulsive!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 176: These Freshmen Are Quite Impulsive!

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    When Jian Qi launched her signalling device, the men in the control room were surprised.

    Since there were only four men left in the field, it would not be surprising if Jian Qi could stay alive until the end. How did she just get eliminated?

    When Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi came back together, everyone instantly knew what had happened.

    Crocodile could not help but laugh. “Now we know who’s the lucky and unlucky fella!”

    Seeing the both of them walking back from afar, Lightning was holding his chin and trying to hold back his laughter. “Boss seems to have quite some dirt on him!”

    Even though the rain was heavy, most of the mud did not come off.

    What Lightning said stirred up similar thoughts in their heads!

    “Did Big Sister Qi throw our Boss onto the ground?” Crocodile said in disbelief.

    “That only means that my goddess is incredible!” Feng Yi smiled.

    The rest of his comrades gave him a look of disdain.

    Lightning smiled and teased him, “Feng Yi, now you really have no chance!”

    “How would you know that?” Feng Yi snorted and said, “You’re just jealous!

    “After all, you were all played by her except for me!”

    Everyone. “…”

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    ‘Feng Yi, shamless much?!’

    ‘Do you not remember that you were trained like a dog just a few hours ago?’

    ‘It’s like forgetting your scar after it stops hurting!’

    ‘Another level of memory loss!’

    Lightning looked at the two who had just arrived and teased, “Big Sister Qi, why are you back so soon? I thought that you would last till the end.”

    Jian Qi smirked. She knew that they were there to tease her since she had eliminated a few of them who were standing before her.

    Before Jian Qi could say anything, Tang Jinyu gave everyone a frosty glare.

    “Nothing better to do?”

    His voice was not soft nor heavy yet it was more than enough to scare them.

    The people that were there who wanted to tease Jian Qi immediately put on their serious face and walked away.

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow and looked at Tang Jinyu with a mischievous smile. “Were you helping me, Instructor Tang?”

    Tang Jinyu glanced at her and said, “Go back, take a bath and rest. Training starts tomorrow morning!”

    Jian Qi smiled as she looked at Tang Jinyu from the back. He was not that mean after all.

    There were three people left after Jian Qi was eliminated, and two of them were partners. The results were obvious since the two teams were chased by a bunch of hunters.

    They were literally contained in a small area. Hence, all three of them were eliminated.


    The sky was bright and sunny after the rain.

    It was no doubt a good day.

    After three days of survival assessment, the number of people that could remain was reduced to only fifteen people.

    However, what was ahead of them was not easy as well. There would be even tougher training.

    The heat from the summer season was causing everyone to be grumpier than usual. In addition to that, with all the training going on, everyone was even more easily triggered than usual.

    There was one hour lunch time in the afternoon and everyone was rushing to the canteen.

    During the rush, two people accidentally bumped into each other and they ended up fighting.

    Therefore, every freshman was punished. They were asked to do push-ups under the sun for an hour!

    Jian Qi was on the ground, complaining deep down about how youngsters nowadays were just too impulsive, at the same time doing her push-ups unwillingly.

    Feng Yi looked at Tang Jinyu. “Boss, these freshmen are quite impulsive!”

    Lightning and Crocodile looked at each other, and turned around in unison to look over at Jian Qi who was quietly doing her push-ups.