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Chapter 171 - A Person Would Take After Whoever Raised Them

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 171: A Person Would Take After Whoever Raised Them

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    When Mu Mianmian came out, she saw Qianmo and Black standing together while Chen Baichuan’s car was parked at the door. Chen Baichuan was completely drunk, swaying from side to side in the front passenger seat. The person driving the car seemed to be a woman with heavy makeup on and appeared to be arguing with Black?

    “What’s going on?” Before Mu Mianmian could react to the situation and see the woman’s face clearly, Qianmo had already pushed Black.

    When the vixen saw that Mu Mianmian had come out, she was about to show her prowess and cause trouble. However, Qianmo made her move first and hinted at Black. Afterward, she turned around to hold Mu Mianmian back.

    “My dad drank too much and called for a substitute driver. However, this driver suddenly jacked up her price. I argued with her, but she even beat me and bullied me. Black is helping me to vent my anger.”

    “That’s not it—” The vixen grew anxious.

    What bullsh*t substitute driver! She had come here to provoke, alright! But Black, who was protective of his girlfriend, refused to give her a chance to show her face. He bellowed, “Hands on your head and turn around!”

    Who would dare to challenge Black? The woman trembled in fear at his roar. Subconsciously, she raised her hands above her head and turned to face around. As a result, Mu Mianmian failed to see her face once again.

    Although Mu Mianmian could not see the front of her face, she still heard “black-hearted substitute driver who was jacking up the price”. Rolling up her sleeves, she wanted to argue with her, but Qianmo put her arms around her aunt and led her into the yard. She did not forget to remind Black, though. “After you’ve settled her, help my dad into the house. Remember, not a dime more. Our money isn’t blown here by the wind.”

    “I’m not a substitute driver—Ah!” The woman was taken aback by Black.

    Black had made his move. Without any gentleness towards the woman, he lifted her up, with one hand in his pocket.

    “How much do you want?”

    The woman stretched her neck and tried to look into the yard. However, the large iron gate was already closed. She wanted to shout out loud,

    But she did not dare to say a single word, as Black was blocking the way like a door guard.

    Qianmo led Mu Mianmian into the house, a mischievous smile lingering on the corners of her mouth.

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    Little Aunt still wanted to go out to find the black-hearted driver to argue, but Qianmo sat her down on the sofa. “Don’t go there; Black is outside. You need to give young people a chance.”

    “Why are people nowadays so dishonest? How can they go back on their word just like that?”

    “Who says that isn’t the case? Really black-hearted.”

    Mu Mianmian did not see clearly, but Qianmo had seen the woman’s face clearly.

    Although the photo in Mu Mianmian’s hand only captured the woman’s side profile, Qianmo recognized her with just a glance.

    They still had not gotten to the bottom of the matter, yet the other party was already so arrogant and came forth herself. Her father was wasted at the moment. It would be easy for others to take advantage of this opportunity. Before getting to the bottom of things, it was best to send the woman away.

    Yu Changmo hauled Chen Baichuan back.

    Chen Baichuan had drunk too much and was completely unconscious. He was mumbling things that nobody understood, and he stank of alcohol.

    Seeing this, Mu Mianmian was enraged.

    She had not even gotten to the bottom of the photo of him checking into a hotel room, and yet, this happened again. Men… Three days without a beating and they’d dare to even scale a roof and rip the tiles off.

    Qianmo looked at Mu Mianmian and saw that her emotions were about to get out of control. Hurriedly, she leaned in and whispered in her ears, “Be mindful of maintaining your image in front of my boyfriend. Don’t wash the family’s dirty linen in public.”

    Mu Mianmian stopped on instinct and forced herself to put on the benevolent expression of a parent when facing Black.

    “Thanks for your hard work, Black. You can put him down on the sofa. I’ll pour you a cup of tea.”

    Five seconds later, Mu Mianmian came to her senses and suddenly raised her voice, “That’s not right! Little Yu is not an outsider! I can’t help it. Chen Baichuan, you dead man, get up and explain yourself clearly!”

    Black was putting Chen Baichuan on the sofa and was caught off guard by Mu Mianmian’s high-pitched shriek, so his hands slipped. Slipped…

    The intoxicated man did a 180-degree turn in the air. To everyone’s astonishment as they looked on, bam! He landed on the ground.

    His head thumped and knocked against the side of the coffee table. Shocked, Little Aunt let out a yelp. Yu Changmo hurriedly helped him up. There was not a serious injury, but he would probably be bruised.

    Even after the whole fiasco, he still did not wake up. Instead, Chen Baichuan continued snoring and sleeping while sinking into the soft sofa.

    Mu Mianmian picked up the fruit tray from the coffee table boorishly. The murderous look on her face almost made Black think that she was going to use the fruit knife to stab him a few times.

    Stuffing the fruit tray into Yu Changmo’s arms, Mu Mianmian squeezed out a parental benevolent fake smile. “Qianmo, bring Black upstairs to eat fruits. Your dad and I have a debt to settle.”

    Yu Changmo wanted to say more, but Qianmo, who had a strong desire to survive, quickly pulled him back and retreated to the stairs with him in tow. She calculated the safety distance in a jiffy.

    Later, if her mom flipped out, they could watch the excitement without being implicated from this location.

    The next second, Mu Mianmian’s expression, which was so kind when facing Black just a moment ago, changed. She rushed into the kitchen like a speeding car, and within a few seconds, she stormed out murderously, carrying a ladle of cold water. She came to Chen Baichuan’s side with a deadly aura.

    Taking out a peach, Qianmo cut a piece and stuffed it into Black’s mouth, not forgetting to provide him with live commentary.

    “Mom is usually very gentle when assisting her husband and educating children. She will do whatever Dad says. Anyway, she has a slight hidden violent tendency. Once she’s provoked, it’s really scary.”

    Without a little violent temperament, it would not have been possible for her to be the female boss in prison in her past life.

    “Mom?” Yu Changmo ate the peach that she had stuffed into his mouth. His instincts remained sharp, though, and he caught onto the key part of Qianmo’s speech.

    “From now on, she’s my mother.” Qianmo was a lifetime late in calling her mum.

    In her past life, before she was jailed, she already liked Mu Mianmian a lot. If she did not, how could that demoness Mu Feifei catch onto that and use it to provoke her? If there was no affection, she would not have despondently severed ties with Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian. The deeper the love, the more important one became.

    Mu Mianmian walked up to Chen Baichuan and poured the ladle of water on him.

    “It’s raining!” Chen Baichuan sprang up from the sofa and wiped the cold water off his face. He was already sober.


    “Chen Baichuan! You horrible, shameless man!” Mu Mianmian’s lioness roar almost blew the roof off.

    Black cast Qianmo a meaningful glance.

    Qianmo’s practice of not leaving revenge till the next day took after Mu Mianmian?

    Sure enough, a person would take after whoever raised them…

    After getting drunk, Chen Baichuan felt his head hurting, and he did not know what had happened. His eyes were blank.

    All he saw was his usually obedient and gentle fat wife standing in front of him, seething in anger, her hair standing on end. After drinking, Chen Baichuan was also a little idiotic. He actually reached out his hand to poke the bulgings hills on Mu Mianmian’s chest.

    “Hey, wifey, why are you so much like a pufferfish?” Tilting his head, he thought about it for a while.

    “At this weight of yours, the restaurant owner will be rich, hehe.”