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Chapter 183 - If You Need It, All You’ll Have To Do Is Ask

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 183: If You Need It, All You’ll Have To Do Is Ask

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    After that, Huo Beichen teased her in a deep, inviting voice. “If you need our marriage’s consummation, all you have to do is ask, you know?”


    Ning Meng’s heart was racing fiercely.

    The temperature inside the car was starting to rise again and she shifted uncomfortably aside, inching away from him.

    Not giving up, the man scooted closer. “So, do you need it? Hmm?”

    His voice… that change of tone behind that “Hmm” was so magnetically enticing.

    His eyes shone brightly and they glittered at her with great fervor.

    Ning Meng felt as though a jolt of electricity was shooting through her heart… if he uttered one more word… or made one more move… things could get way out of hand…

    And so, without any hesitation, Ning Meng raised her head up to his cheek and kissed it. Then, in a flash, she quickly pulled back to her seat.

    The man was surprised at what she had done.

    Ning Meng mocked up a cool demeanor and said, “There. We consummated.”


    Then, everything went silent inside the car.

    A long while later, the man let out a snigger, making Ning Meng’s already blushingly red face become even more flustered.

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    Yet, Ning Meng felt relieved to see that he was not making any more moves.

    On the other hand, Huo Beichen sat up straight on his seat. His ears burned red as his lips were curved up in a smile.

    A moment later, they had arrived at the restaurant where Huo Beichen had planned to have dinner.

    Stepping down from the car, Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief while Huo Beichen gave her a long, thoughtful gaze.


    It was a restaurant that served private home cuisine. The entrance did not look anything out of the ordinary, however, when they stepped through the door, Ning Meng saw a different spectacular view compared to what she had seen outside—the lobby was decorated with trees and greenery, and a bridge was built across a small stream on the pathway. The whole place looked like the fabled beautiful Jiangnan region in the country.

    As soon as they stepped into the lobby, the restaurant manager hastily rushed out to invite them in. “Welcome! Welcome, Mr. Huo! I am deeply sorry, we did not expect your arrival today and… our stock of black truffle has run out tonight…”

    This was quite unusual for the restaurant. They would usually stock up on the best ingredients for their most loyal and prestigious customers. However, black truffles were, after all, short in supply, and tonight, a new rising star in the business world was organizing a feast at their restaurant. They did not dare to give them a downgraded service and so, they had used up all their black truffle for them.

    Alas, just as they were about to close their doors for the night, they had received a call from Huo Beichen’s assistant asking them to prepare a private suite. This was a freaking nightmare! If they had not served the dishes already, the manager would have risked his own livelihood to beckon the other customer to not order black truffles.

    Why would he risk losing a prestigious customer over this? Because this was the great and infamous Mr. Huo Beichen! He was like the supreme overlord in the business field!

    Lowering his head, the manager prepared himself for a fierce scolding.

    Yet, the man merely replied with a calm “okay”. The next thing that came out of his mouth bewildered the manager.

    “Do you still have braised snow pear and rock sugar?”


    This… Was this the real Lord Chen?!

    The manager raised his head and looked at Huo Beichen in awe—this overlord was . It seemed that he was in a good mood and did not care about the black truffle kerfuffle.

    The manager, realizing that his life had been spared, excitedly replied, “Yes! We do still have them!”

    Then, he quickly led Huo Beichen and his missus to their private suite.

    Huo Beichen threw a glance at Ning Meng who was tagging behind him and smiled. “In that case, I’ll order a serving of that for my missus. She’s been a bit… heaty.”


    not just say that!!’

    Ning Meng became flustered upon hearing this.

    However, at hearing the word “my missus”, Ning Meng felt a gush of warmth surging in her heart. When he showed his affection, Huo Biechen could be such a lovely man.

    Oh no, she could feel her face start to turn red again!

    Not daring to look at him, Ning Meng shifted her gaze away and… hmm? She saw Su Tiantian walking by just several dozen meters away.

    Not only that, but Su Tiantian also looked sneaky when she had walked by earlier, almost as though she did not want anyone to see her here.

    Could it be that she was here to meet up with Liu Ying? So, it was true that she was poaching Liu Ying to her camp, then?

    Ning Meng’s eyes glittered in an instant, and she hastily spoke to Huo Beichen. “I’ll go to the loo for a while. You go in first.”

    Without waiting for his response, she quickly bolted toward the direction in which Su Tiantian had headed toward.

    “… our private suite has its own washroom…!”

    The manager’s mouth was twitching as he weakly reminded the missus who was already long gone.

    Huo Beichen, on the other hand, was smiling.

    This girl… was she feeling shy?