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Chapter 184 - Don’t Blame Me for Not Reminiscing On Our Memories

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 184: Don’t Blame Me for Not Reminiscing On Our Memories

    Ning Meng turned around the corner and saw Su Tiantian walk past a rock mountain in the garden. When she had ascertained that the coast was clear, she followed closely from behind. The moment she made her move however, a man’s voice called out. “What are you doing here?”


    She was wracking her brain trying to figure out what was going on. Then, she noticed that the person who was speaking was of big stature as he stood upright. That person was… Li Yichen?

    Ning Meng initially thought that Su Tiantian had sneakily come to poach people over. After all, there was something fishy going on between her and Liu Ying. Since they had arranged to meet at this obscure place, perhaps they had planned to do something in private together. Since this was not the case, she decided to leave.

    As she turned, she heard Su Tiantian’s voice from behind. “Brother Chen, if I do not come here, I will never be able to see you again.”


    Ning Meng’s feet froze.

    “You’ve gotten yourself a fiancé anyway. It is not appropriate for us to meet.”

    Su Tiantian was shocked. “Since when did I have a fiancé?”

    Li Yichen maintained his calm composure. “Did you not post about it on Weibo?”


    Ning Meng remembered that not long ago during the showdown between Zhen Shanmei and Li Haojie, Su Tiantian had posted a hypocritical status on Weibo. It was something along the lines of “I’ve brought trouble to my fiancé.”

    Her thoughts were interrupted as Su Tiantian exclaimed, “I was referring to you as my fiancé!”

    Li Yichen replied in surprise, “Miss Su, we have never taken this step. How is it that I myself do not know that we’re engaged?”

    Su Tiantian choked upon hearing this as if to show that she did not understand. “We’re on good terms, aren’t we? I wanted to clean my name as well, and at that time, I thought you would understand…”

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    “I understand.” Li Yichen cut in. “I thought when I asked my assistant to send you the book transfer for Sweet Scent Studio, you would understand too.”

    Su Tiantian bit her lips and cried out. “Brother Chen, what do you mean?”

    Li Yichen replied bluntly when he saw her in this state. “We’re breaking up. I’m giving Sweet Scent Studio back to you.”

    As soon as he said this, he turned to leave via a different route from the rock mountain.

    Su Tiantian wanted to pull him back, but before she could raise her hand, Li Yichen remarked in a deep tone, “Miss Su, if you continue to pester me, don’t blame me for not reminiscing on our memories.”

    That one sentence from him forced Su Tiantian to stay where she was, and Li Yichen left without hesitation.

    Just as Ning Meng was about to leave as well after watching such an exciting movie, a waiter came over. “There you are, Miss Ning. Let me lead you to your private room.”


    She turned her head and saw Su Tiantian rush out from behind the rock mountain. As soon as the latter saw her, her pale face turned blue as she angrily shouted, “Ning Meng, is eavesdropping part of your family’s upbringing?”

    Ning Meng chuckled. “Is poaching another company’s artist part of your family’s upbringing?”

    Su Tiantian was slightly stunned but she did not think she was at fault, and she replied straightforwardly. “Well, it can’t be helped when your company lacks the resources, right? Whoever follows me will have a brighter future. This is the right thing to do for anyone who chooses this path!”

    Ning Meng threw her an icy stare and ridiculed her with her venomous mouth. “Just like how you flirt with men with your cheap perfume enveloping your body the whole day? Would anyone even give you so much as a second look?”

    “Why, you…” Su Tiantian staggered as her vulnerable spot was stomped on. All of a sudden, she seemed to have understood something and faked some guilt on her face as her tears quietly rolled down. Ning Meng followed her line of sight and saw that Li Yichen had turned back and he was standing not far from them.

    ‘I’m doomed.’

    ‘He’s not turning back because he pitied his ex-girlfriend and wants to take revenge for her, right?’

    ‘I can’t possibly beat this guy!’