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Chapter 186 - Something Serious Has Happened!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 186: Something Serious Has Happened!

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    Ning Meng avoided eye contact and stammered, “Yuxiu Garden of course!”

    She tried to look for excuses. “My skincare products and daily necessities. They’re all there and I’m used to staying there now…”

    Ning Meng was not the type who thought too much. If the heart was moved and they had become a real couple, that would be a normal thing, however, she was not clear with her feelings yet. She was quite slow when it came to the matter of feelings and was afraid that this attachment and yearning was all just wishful thinking…

    Also, Huo Beichen’s change of feelings seemed to be too abrupt. He used to be so cold, yet now, suddenly, he had turned warm. She did not feel that this was real and so, she thought that it was best not to stay together for now.

    When she had made up her mind, Ning Meng weakly looked at Huo Beichen. His expression was rather icy, so she quickly said, “Also, we cannot stay together for now.”


    Ning Meng continued cheerfully, “Because I would lose my immunity when I see you. When the day becomes colder, I will easily catch a fever!”


    He closed his eyes halfway and felt slightly disappointed.

    Ning Meng felt as though she had just done something wrong and coaxed him. “Wait until I’m used to you and have built up my antibodies. Then, I will move in with you, OK?”

    The word “OK” was said carefully, and Huo Beichen smiled bitterly.

    His heart was being pampered, how could he force her?

    He looked up and sighed. “Fine.”

    When he said this, she immediately relaxed. The unwillingness he had initially felt faded. All was good as long as she was happy. About her not wanting to move in yet… that was because he could have done better.

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    When the car arrived at Yuxiu Garden, Ning Meng happily said her farewell to Huo Beichen. She alighted from the car and proceeded to her apartment, but two seconds later, just as she was about to enter the lobby, she turned back.

    Huo Beichen wound down his window curiously. “Yes?”

    Ning Meng gestured at him and Huo Beichen lowered his head. Before he knew it, she pecked him on his cheek. “Goodnight~”

    She then ran away embarrassed.


    He froze in his seat and slowly touched his cheek which had just received a kiss. This was his third kiss of the day. He smiled faintly.


    When Ning Meng arrived at her apartment unit, she immediately went into her room. She turned on the lights and could feel that her face was still flushed red. She went to look out her window and saw that he had alighted from the car. He seemed to have felt that she was looking at him, so he looked up and waved at her.

    She knew that she was on the 30th floor and he would not be able to see her, but Ning Meng foolishly replied with a wave. When he had gotten back into the vehicle, the car slowly left the compound. Ning Meng took out her phone and saw that he had sent her a text: [Sleep earlier, goodnight.]

    She replied: [Goodnight.]

    After Ning Meng had her shower, she came out and saw that Zhen Shanmei had sent her a WeChat text: [?]

    Ning Meng: [?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [I turned my phone around and repeatedly read your text but I still don’t understand your sentence!]



    The next day, Ning Meng was woken up by the notification sound from her WeChat. She groggily picked up her phone and saw that Lin Qingbei’s agent had sent her a text: [CEO Ning, something serious has happened!]

    She opened the link attached to the text. It was a post by Liu Ying.

    [Liu Ying: I know I might be hit by an avalanche for this but there is something I would like to say. I cannot stand looking at the evil that is going on in Lemon Entertainment! There is an unspoken rule for interns set by President Ning. Every intern will personally be called to meet CEO Ning in his office. When that happens, it can last up to two hours! What an evil company!]