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Chapter 187 - On What Basis Are You All Scolding Ning Meng For?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 187: On What Basis Are You All Scolding Ning Meng For?

    Ning Meng stared at the post for quite a while before she could muster any reaction. This President Ning that was referred to was Ning Wentao? Her eyes turned slightly cold and the sleepiness she had vanished in an instant. She got out of bed and washed her face with cold water. After she was completely awake, she sat on the sofa and logged into Weibo.

    After logging in, she saw that she had been tagged in many posts and private chats. Ning Meng ignored all of them and went straight to the hot search engine. As expected, the status that Liu Ying posted had triggered further repercussions. Three of Lemon Entertainment’s interns had posted on Weibo subsequently.

    [Intern Liu Rui: Never thought that Sis Ying would describe it so aptly and help to speak up for invisible small fries like us. When CEO Ning requested me to go and have a “chat”, I refused to do so. Soon, I was kicked out. This is the reality and the truth. @Liu Ying]

    [Intern Su Mei: It was indeed embarrassing to have to speak up about this matter. But since he has the guts to do this, then I’m not afraid of what might ensue. A certain CEO is omnivorous, he eats both men and women. When I rejected him, he even slapped me. Afterward, he even offered me a confidentiality fee, but I rejected that too.]

    [Intern Fang Li: As far as I’m concerned, the remaining interns were all called for the “chat”. Of course, they would not admit this. If these incidents are exposed, it would not benefit them anyway. I’m grateful that they did not keep me.]

    After the testimonies from these three, the matter had shot up to the top three spots on the hot search engine. In fact, because of the nature of Fang Li’s Weibo update, the remaining interns could not retort and explain.

    The influential bloggers had started to share this incident and the whole matter was hyped up.

    There were more supposed exposés: A certain President Ning was a playboy when he was younger. It looked as though old habits die hard and he was still as promiscuous as ever. He even handpicked little fresh meat as presents for his daughter. Father and daughter share the same men.

    And even more supposed exposés: The daughter of the Ning family was the currently trending Ning Meng who was being associated with Lin Qingbei. Lin Qingbei had been looked after by Ning Meng. Although we’re not sure how close their relationship is, it is clear that Lin Qingbei’s confession on stage was to please his “gold provider”. Looks like Lin Qingbei’s reputation is now on the brink of collapse.

    All sorts of gossip, true and fake ones, had caused an uproar on the site. Weibo had almost crashed because of this. The entertainment circle had always been like a cyclone. Every small matter would cause the whole scene to erupt. Such a big topic only brought more joy to the ‘watermelon eating spectators’.

    @theprettiestontheinternet: [Wow, I’m really full from eating all these melons. I really admire this certain lady so much that I would like to hug her. Even my parents approve of this!]

    @mycalories: [This incident is making me sick. How can a company like Lemon Entertainment even still be around? They should close down right now! I support Liu Ying! We need to protect a heroine like her!]

    @whereismyknight: [I initially had a good feeling about Lin Qingbei. He can indeed sing very well, but he has now turned to the dark side! Also, I totally respect the sister who spoke up!]

    @liuyingmygoddess: [I really pity my goddess. No wonder there was a claim that there were not enough resources and the company was not promoting her. It’s because she knew about their shady business! Ning family’s father and daughter, you both are cancers to the society! Get out of the entertainment circle!]


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    Sandwiched among all the anger, there were some posts of reason which did not get any upvotes.

    @imgongziyan: [Cyberbullying is not a commendable act. Let’s all calm down and use our reason. I just feel that there is a catch behind all of this. Sit back and see what happens.]

    @brightlikeaball: [I feel like this matter has been organized and premeditated. Something doesn’t add up somewhere.]

    Suddenly, a familiar ID posted.

    @kindandcute: [On what basis are you all scolding Ning Meng for? She is still a virgin!]