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Chapter 172 - Don’t Offend Momo

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 172: Don’t Offend Momo

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    Intoxicated men were not logical; it was a fact everyone knew. Chen Baichuan was on the brink of death, but he still had not grasped his situation. Hearing him say that she was like a fat pufferfish, she was so furious that she almost fainted.

    Reaching out her big claws, she scratched his face. What followed was Chen Baichuan’s blood-curdling scream. “Ah!”

    “I’ll let you stay out all night! I’ll let you drink alcohol! I’ll let you tangle with a vixen!”

    Three consecutive scratches!

    At this time, Qianmo, who was watching the drama, and Black, who had been dragged along, seemed to have the same sounds popping up in their heads simultaneously.

    First Blood!

    Double Kill!!

    Triple Kill!!!

    Chen Baichuan was usually arrogant, but at this moment, he actually had no power to fight back. Although he raised his hand, wanting to symbolically struggle a little, it was to no avail. Mu Mianmian had exploded into a combat state with an additional 50% power boost. He was no match for her!

    As a result, he could only hug his head and protect his vital parts.

    “If you don’t explain clearly to me today, I’ll crush you!” Mu Mianmian made an eighteen-palms-dragon-striking move towards Chen Baichuan’s heart and hit it with a pow! Chen Baichuan stumbled backward. Step, step, step, and smack, he sat on the ground.

    Looking up again, he saw a large heap… Glancing from the bottom up, it was a mountain-like woman standing in front of him while cracking her knuckles, her face filled with fury.

    What drunken state! He sobered up in an instant as his scalp tingled. “Mianmian, Mianmian… listen to my explanation!”

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    “Explain, you a*shole dung ball! Chen Baichuan, you’re dead, you hear me!!!”

    Mu Mianmian’s roar resounded throughout the entire second floor. Black was not sure if it was his imagination, but he felt like the crystal chandelier on the ceiling actually shook twice.

    Qianmo had seen enough. She knew it was time to make her escape, so she grabbed onto Black’s arms. “Go, go, go. Let’s go upstairs first. We can come back when my mom’s vented enough.”

    Black swallowed his saliva.

    “Why are you standing here foolishly? If we don’t leave, what if she flies into a rage and scratches us as well?”

    Black had intended to display his fearlessness in the face of death, but he first glanced at Mu Mianmian, who was in a violent state, and then at Chen Baichuan, who had been scratched till he became a tame lamb with no power to retaliate. Chen Baichuan’s face seemed to have been branded with large grey words: Defeat.

    Hence, his unflinching righteousness receded like a tide, and he obediently followed Qianmo upstairs. When the door closed, it slightly reared its head again. “Will there be any trouble?”

    “My mother’s temper is just like that. When she’s provoked, if you don’t let her vent that anger, she might fall sick easily from suppressing it.”

    Qianmo dragged her lazy-person beanbag sofa over and motioned for him to sit down. She was going to make tea for him. Swiftly, Black stood up and took over her job. Qianmo then relaxedly sat down on the sofa in his place to analyze the situation.

    “My mom’s quite a contradictory person. She likes to watch Korean dramas and is full of emotions and cries easily. When you look at her, she has the face of a submissive wife, right? But don’t rub her the wrong way; she’ll beat up whoever annoys her. In this family, only I won’t get into trouble with her. I’ll be fine even if I provoke her.”

    In her past life, she had caused trouble to that extent, but Mu Mianmian could not bear to do anything to her. When she met Qianmo in prison, she had wanted to beat her up. But in the end, when she saw how despondent Qianmo was, she could not bring herself to hit her and even cried. She was just such a contradictory person: gentle, yet shrewd and capable.

    “I don’t think Uncle is the kind of man who would womanize. The investigation on my end is also almost done. We’ve found the ID of the socializing app that sent the message; it’s the fixed IP of the hotel that Uncle went to. We’re now checking the guests’ data.”

    This issue was too coincidental and contrived. Chen Baichuan was photographed entering the hotel with a woman, and the person who posted the photo was also there at that time. These two coincidences seemed too weird.

    It seemed very much like a premeditated badger game.

    “I also think it’s too unnatural.” Qianmo nodded and took the teacup that he had passed to her. “I believe my dad is innocent. If he had the IQ to have an extramarital affair, our farm would have been finished already.”

    Listening to her, Yu Changmo felt like something was amiss. “The IQ of people who have extramarital affairs is not high. All the men in our family despise cheating. Even if my brother fools around now, it’s only before marriage. I believe that he’ll be well-behaved after his wedding.”

    “You’re not him; how do you know?” Qianmo had always heard him trampling on his brother. She did not expect him to defend his brother at a critical moment.

    “I just know. He is not that kind of person. If he’s still like that after marriage, my mom will probably command my dad to castrate him before burying him alive—Isn’t the main point Uncle here?”

    Qianmo nodded.

    “My dad is going to get married soon. It’s not good for married men to socialize every day, mingling with their friends. Last time, I asked him to borrow money from these people, but each one of them fled faster than the other.

    “I thought he had learned his lesson. Just when things become fine for a few days, he gets together with these people again. If he doesn’t suffer some physical pain, this time, he might be wronged, but next time, it might become a reality.”

    The environment had a significant impact on people. Chen Baichuan liked to have a good reputation. He was not a man who would let his family down, but he was surrounded by rogues. If these people just said some things to push his buttons, who knew what big trouble might happen.

    Yu Changmo listened to the anguished wailing downstairs and then looked at Qianmo. Keeping a straight face even if a mountain collapsed before her and not batting an eyelid even if a deer ran out in front of her, it was as if the person getting beaten up was not her father.

    Black secretly made a decision.

    In the future, he was determined never to make her angry. He was not afraid of her beating him. His body had become strong from all the training. In fact, if she were to hit him like Mu Mianmian, it would probably hurt her hands instead.

    “Chen Baichuan! You bastard! I’m going to hit you till you break!”

    Mu Mianmian’s roar penetrated the door and distinctly entered their ears.

    “Stop her when it’s more or less enough; don’t let her really break him.” As a man too, Black sympathized with Chen Baichuan.

    Qianmo calculated that it was about time, so she led Black downstairs. The war had already turned tides.

    Mu Mianmian was sitting on the sofa, wiping her tears like a female lead out of a tragic drama. It was as if what they had just heard upstairs were all hallucinations.

    Chen Baichuan stood on the ground, completely sober. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw his daughter bringing her boyfriend over. He quickly sucked in a breath and reprimanded Mu Mianmian, “Ridiculous! Woman, you’re just ridiculous!”

    If it weren’t for the scratches on his face, Qianmo would have almost believed him.

    Um, so, this was a henpecked cock recovering his pride in front of his chicks.

    Mu Mianmian only cared about sobbing, though, not paying him any heed. Chen Baichuan quickly tried to smooth things over. “I have a headache after drinking. I’m going to go back to the room and lie down first.”

    “Don’t you dare!” The female lead out of the tragic drama turned sinister.

    Chen Baichuan… really did not dare.

    Although he tried his best to hint to Mu Mianmian with his eyes, pleading with her to save him some face in front of the children, his bitter wife could not be bothered after the whole debacle.

    Mu Mianmian thundered, “Explain yourself clearly in front of the children. What shameful things have you been doing outside?!”