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Chapter 172 - Forgetting Pain

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 172: Forgetting Pain

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    In the sickroom, Sun Yu laid recuperating on the hospital bed, had her eyes shut. Her face was chalky and pale, and even then, she appeared like a tranquil sleeping beauty. The oxygen mask she had on did not, in any way, hide her exquisite beauty.

    Xiao Luo was sitting by the side of her bed, flipping through the pages of a pink covered notebook, a page at a time.

    This was Sun Yu’s secret diary that Mr. Sun and Mrs. Sun had found at her house.

    “I am finally heading off to the big city. I’m both so excited and exhilarated. Movie theaters, big shopping malls, beautiful parks…here I come!”

    “I came to Jiangcheng filled with bright hopes for the future, but I didn’t expect that this place would be so cold and vile. In the past half-year, not a single good thing has happened to me. It is like I have been falling into a bottomless pit. I’m struggling, and I’m fighting back… but more and more I feel that I will never be able to get past this.”

    “Filth is gradually filling up my body and corroding my soul. It is like there are thousands and thousands of ants crawling across my body, tearing and biting at my skin, and causing me so much pain that I want to die. I want to be rid of the devil’s control, and yet every time I yield to this torment, I sink deeper… this is worse than death.”


    It was a large stack of paper, filled with the words of struggle, rebellion, and of drowning. Until, a page that is reached where the ink seemed a little fresher.

    “I am very happy today. I’ve met a really cute guy, his name is Xiao Luo. He is Sister Ruyi’s brother, and also my Big benefactor. He is clean, handsome, mysterious, like a bright ray of sunlight that’s now shining through my dark life.”

    “I feel that I’m falling in love with him…”

    “For him, I have to escape from the devil’s control. I can do it, Big benefactor, you have to wait for me.”

    “Big benefactor finally confessed to me, but why did he have to be the owner of Luo’s Workshop? He is so outstanding, and I am, on the other hand, so tarnished…Big benefactor, forgive me for rejecting you, but I don’t deserve you!”

    “The feeling of being bitten by bugs is swelling back up. What should I do? Big benefactor, what should I do?”

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    The journal came to an abrupt stop here, leaving Xiao Luo in an unusually dour mood.

    He turned his head and looked at the ailing girl who was silently lying on the hospital bed. It was now clear to him that he was the main reason why Sun Yu had jumped off the building. If it was not for his rash confession and her knowledge of his true identity, even though she had not been able to escape from He Ruanliang’s grasp, she would not have come to the ultimate decision of suicide.

    Looking at her now, she seemed like a flower that was withering away, and Xiao Luo could not help the feeling of guilt.

    “I never thought that my presence would have brought you so much pain. I just knew that, whenever I was together with you, I felt no pressure. In my eyes, you will always be a beautiful, kind, and tender girl. The dance that you performed at the Mid-Autumn party. It was lively, charming, and elegant, and you were like an angel that had descended to earth. At that very moment, my heart was captured, and it belonged to you. I wanted the whole world to know that you were my woman.”

    Xiao Luo, who was generally with a man of few words, suddenly flowed with expressions in that instant, as he sat alone with Sun Yu. They were all words from his heart.

    But there was no response from Sun Yu, not even with the slightest twitch of her fingertips. She had sunk into a state of suspended animation. While her bodily functions were all working well, her consciousness continued to die. This was a natural instinct of self-preservation in human beings. When faced with unbearable realities, choosing to fall unconscious, to lie in a coma forever.

    “Everything happened because of me, so I should also be the one to finish everything!”

    Xiao Luo closed his eyes then came to a painful decision. The only way to save Sun Yu now was to have her forget about what happened in Jiangcheng. Everything, including himself.

    “DING! Congratulations. You have redeemed the hypnotic master talent for 8000 points!” In his head, the system notification announced.

    Xiao Luo gently pressed on Sun Yu’s forehead with his index finger between her eyebrows and closed his eyes. Clearing his mind, he began feeling out for Sun Yu’s subconscious world, the Id.

    “Forget this pain. Return to the bright hopes for the future that you had, movie theatres, big shopping malls, parks…they are still things you can look forward to.

    Everything that you have experienced was but a dream, and by the time the sun rises tomorrow, you will wake up from this dream. You will forget everything that happened in this dream. Those people and those events will slowly become blurry and blank, and your life will once again be filled with meaning!”

    Xiao Luo used a deep, soulful voice to penetrate through Sun Yu’s subconsciousness, causing significant parts of the memory in her subconsciousness to reform. This continued for a time, allowing her mind to slowly heal, removing those painful experiences of her past struggles.

    It was a long process!

    It was not until midnight that the hypnosis finally completed. Due to the long period of concentration, Xiao Luo was exhausted, feeling as if he had just recovered from an illness. He stood up, picked up Sun Yu’s diary, and walked with slow, heavy steps to exit the sickroom. It was like he had lost a part of his soul.



    “President Xiao!””Brother!”

    In the corridor outside, Sun Jiannan, Xiao Ruyi, and Tang Ren hurried forward to support him.

    Xiao Luo waved a hand gesturing for them to not worry about him, then turned towards Mr. Sun and Mrs. Sun, “When she wakes up tomorrow, transfer her to another hospital. Leave Jiangcheng, don’t let her come back here ever, and don’t ever mention anything about Jiangcheng.”

    After saying that, he turned and left without a second glance.

    Zhang Dashan and Feng Wuheng were already waiting outside the hospital.

    Xiao Luo got into the car without saying a word.

    Adjusting his seat to lean farthest back, he laid down and closed his eyes. He was slowly recovering his strength, but at the same time, suffering through heartwrenching grief.

    Although hypnosis would allow Sun Yu to forget about everything that happened in Jiangcheng, she could also never meet anyone she had seen in Jiangcheng again, especially him. Otherwise, the hypnosis would quickly lose its effect, and Sun Yu would once again remember everything.

    Which meant that they could never meet ever again. This goodbye was an eternal one.

    “Lao Xiao, are you alright?” Asked Zhang Dashan worriedly from the driver’s seat.

    Xiao Luo said, “Drive.”

    “Where are we going?”


    Zhang Dashan let out a long sigh. It was the first time that he had seen Xiao Luo in such a depressed mood. He knew that it had something to do with Sun Yu, but there was nothing he could do. After hearing about what happened to Sun Yu, he could only offer his support and sympathies.

    “Brother, you have to get yourself together,” Feng Wuheng advised from the backseat, frowning.

    “Yeah, the Dragon Gang is running rampant right now. They keep coming to destroy our Luo’s Workshop storefront; you can’t fall right now.”

    Xiaowu’s words were like an elixir shot right into Xiao Luo’s veins, making him sit up with a jolt.

    “What are our losses right now?”

    “Around 50 million.”

    Although he didn’t know what state Xiao Luo was in and what he was thinking, Zhang Dashan still reported the total losses truthfully.