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Chapter 247.3 - I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 247.3: I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

    But where was this lass here….. getting her confidence from?

    Even though she possessed an exceptionally captivating countenance, he was not someone that would succumb to beauty.

    As he was puzzling over that in his mind, he heard the woman laugh softly and said: “It is because I once saw you burrow into a mountain of corpses overflowing with blood to save a young little girl who was crying incessantly.”

    “Ever since then, rumours flew all over the place about how ruthless and venomous you were, not sparing even such a young child, not knowing that you did not kill her. That child had miraculously survived through the bitter battle between two mighty powers and you were the one who saved her, even going to great lengths to take care of her.”

    “Big Brother, you’ve come back!”

    As he spoke, a soft gushy voice suddenly sounded further up in front, the voice tinged with delight.

    Qing Lan Fei raised her eyes to look, and saw that it was a petite little girl, bundled up in thick clothes, which made her look like a clumsy little animal. Her face was exquisitely adorable and her eyes were filled with a naive innocence that were still ignorant of the ways of the world.

    When Xiu Yi Ran saw the girl who had suddenly appeared, he creased up his brows in slight displeasure. “Didn’t I ask you not to come out here so carelessly! ? Why do you just refuse to listen?”

    The man’s tone was not entirely happy and the expression on his face looked a little annoyed. The look of delight on the girl’s face then froze, before she then lowered her head timidly and said in a tiny squeak: “I’m sorry. Nuan Nuan heard Big Brother’s voice and could not stop myself from running straight out to see you. I won’t do it again next time.”

    Seeing the submissively obedient look on her as she admitted her mistake, no matter how angry Xiu Yi Ran was feeling, it immediately dissipated.

    Moreover, he was not angry with her at all but was just worried that she would meet with unnecessary danger by running out here like that.

    Seeing that, the ends of Qing Lan Fei’s lips curved up as she bent down to look at the little girl to say in a tender voice: “Is your name Nuan Nuan? It’s such a nice sounding name!”

    When the little girl saw the unfamiliar looking woman in that instant, she was initially rather timid and uneasy. But it was probably because Qing Lan Fei was just too affable and quickly puts people around her at ease, the little girl quickly forgot the unease she felt, and went on to smile shyly. “Mm. Big Brother gave me that name.”

    Hearing that, the smiles in Qing Lan Fei’s eyes grew warmer. “Why not Nuan Nuan go play and have some fun? Your Big Brother and I have some adult things to talk about and you might be bored listening to us talk.”

    Although Nuan Nuan was young, she had a highly perceptive and intelligent mind. Upon hearing Qing Lan Fei’s words, she immediately understood that the conversation was not meant for her ears. Always a meek and obedient girl, she nodded her head and went back into the house.

    Xiu Yi Ran was a little surprised to see that, as that little imp had always only listened to him and not anybody else.

    And as her entire family clan was annihilated, back when she had just been brought here in the beginning, she was like a prickly little hedgehog, wary and highly guarded against everyone around her. Fortunately she had slowly started to trust him as time went by.

    But with just a few words from Qing Lan Fei just now, she managed to get the little one to leave so docilely?