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Chapter 247.4 - I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 247.4: I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

    “Hey, you are rather great with kids.” Xiu Yi Ran laughed and said.

    “If my memory serves me correctly, I seem to remember you had a twin sister called Nuan Nuan in the past.” Qing Lan Fei said with an indiscernible smile on her lips. “A person who has such a tender heart, I really do not feel that such a person could possibly be all that bad. Rumours are merely rumours and they can’t be taken to be the truth entirely.”

    A corner of Xiu Yi Ran’s mouth twitched. “What a terrifying woman. I really don’t know anything that could escape that pair of eyes of yours.”

    “Do you know….. If my twin Nuan Nuan had been just as lucky to have been rescued, she might be about the same age as you now, and have a soulmate to treat her with a sincere heart, living happily after.”

    Xiu Yi Ran’s voice was tinged with a hoarseness for an instant. He was staring off into the distance, seemingly deep in thought, his mind drifted far away into the past.

    Qing Lan Fei looked at him and hesitated for a good while before reaching out to gently pat the man’s tensed straight back. “She is definitely living safely and happily in another world, and it’s for your sake as well.”

    “Moreover, didn’t the Heavens take pity on you and sent this little Nuan Nuan to keep you company?”

    Nuan Nuan had not gone too far away from there and even though she was unable to hear their conversation, she could still see them. Her two small hands were casually packing a snowball and she seemed to feel the woman’s gaze on her when she raised her head up and turned to look at her.

    Qing Lan Fei smiled and waved at her. The little girl’s eyes immediately flashed with a bright sparkle and she came tottering over as quickly as she could over the snow.

    She first cast a careful glance to see the expression on Xiu Yi Ran’s face before asking Qing Lan Fei timidly: “Has Big Sister finished talking to Big Brother?”

    “Mm.” Qing Lan Fei nodded with a smile. “Your Big Brother said earlier that he hates himself, because he is a nefarious and evil villain whose hands are stained with blood.”

    Her voice had just fallen when the weak and timid little girl before her suddenly seemed to change into a completely different person, her face becoming extremely agitated, her voice coming out of her throat in a scream like an uncaged beast.

    “He is not nefarious and evil! Big Brother is the goodest person in the whole wide world!”

    It was probably Xiu Yi Ran’s first time seeing the little girl get so angry and he was stunned in that one rare moment.

    Qing Lan Fei held her lips tightly pressed together and held back her laughter. With a serious face, she nodded and chirped in: “Mm. I think that he is a good person as well.”

    Hearing the woman agree with her, little Nuan Nuan then retracted that ferocious look of an angry little beast on her face, and started to play happily with the woman once again, exactly like a young child.

    Xiu Yi Ran as silent for a long while before he lowered his head and muttered in a self mocking tone: “It’s just impossible to anyone to detest you.”

    On another side of the realm, Mo Jing Yu was able to find his way easily from memory to that familiar place, a complicated feeling rising up in his heart as he slowly made his way inside.

    Along the way here, Xiu Yi Ran had told him that ever since he left this place, that person had never once stepped out of this place before.