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Chapter 248.1 - Another Plot Arises

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 248.1: Another Plot Arises

    In her mind, that man had been like a father, an existence who was also like an elder brother to him.

    He had never ever played the role of a villain, but he knew in his heart, that the man was no angel as well.

    “You’ve returned.”

    His thoughts had drifted far far away when a man’s voice sounded in his ears.

    He was suddenly pulled back to his senses and that was when he discovered that he had unconsciously walked his way into the palace that man resided in.

    A man sat with his back facing him, his hand holding a teapot raised high up in the air, as he prepared tea. Hidden behind a screen, the man’s figure could not be seen clearly but just the wisps of steam rising up into the air from the hot tea.

    “Aren’t you coming over here? Ha, you’ve been away so long that everything feels distant and unfamiliar doesn’t it?” That man said slowly with a soft chuckle.

    Mo Jing Yu face became startled and he suppressed the emotions that were coming to show in his eyes. He made his way around the screen and when there was no screen blocking his view of the man, Mo Jing Yu’s eyes immediately flared wide when he laid eyes upon him.

    “Big Brother…..”

    The man sat there cross legged as he prepared tea, and his head then slowly turned to look at him. A smile slowly rose at the corners of his lips, and he then acknowledged Mo Jing Yu’s call with a simple “Mm.”

    That gently handsome countenance had his head of white hair bound up with a jade crown, exuding a kind of beauty that transcended time.

    Mo Jing Yu took a few steps forward, crouching down as he held a lock of the man’s white hair draped over his shoulder, his voice in disbelief as he asked: “Big Brother, your hair….. How did it become like this…..”

    For a man who had surpassed the big thousand year mark, he would not show the slightest sign of aging even over another thousand years. So what is going on….. with his full head of white hair?

    The man smiled and swept Mo Jing Yu’s hand away. “It’s nothing. It has merely turned white. I won’t die from it.”

    “What happened to you? How did your hair turn into this! ?” Mo Jing Yu asked in a grave voice, his brows deeply furrowed. “I merely paid a small price in order to preserve your fragile iced up heart. As long as your heart does not die, then you would continue to live.”

    Hearing that, Mo Jing Yu’s raised hand then fell limply beside him.

    He just knew it. Even though Fei Er had sacrificed herself and their children back then, that wouldn’t be enough to allow him who was so severely injured to be resurrected that easily.

    No one knew it better than him. The core of his lifeblood, was this unique heart of his that was completely one of a kind.

    No matter how gravely injured his body was, it would not pose to become that great of a threat to his life, because his ice core heart possessed self healing powers, so he did not fear shedding blood nor was he afraid of injury.

    But back at that time, that venomous woman had caught him off guard and laid a curse on his heart without him knowing anything, wrecking him right at his core. His core vitality was severely damaged, making him incredibly weak.