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Chapter 475 - I’m Not Convinced!

Medical Master
     10 meters away from the 30 test rooms in the factory, the director group sat at a long table with several computers on it, recording and monitoring what was happening in the 30 test rooms.

    “Beep! Beep! Beep!”

    Not long before the examination began, a beeping alarm went off.

    Hearing the sound, every one of the director group immediately turned their heads and looked at the monitoring screen on the computer.

    They noticed a sudden flash of red light on the second to last monitoring screen of the fifth computer.

    “It’s room 29!”

    Surprised, Director Li Huawen exclaimed, “Is that Fang Qiu?”


    The PD next to him, who had been following Fang Qiu, immediately nodded.

    He was the one who brought Fang Qiu into that room.

    “Why is he pressing the red button now?” asked Li Huawen.

    “It’s only been a little over a minute. Has he finished?” gasped the assistant director.

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    Director Li Huawen immediately shook his head and said, “There are 50 kinds of herbs. How could he finish identifying them in one minute? Removing the time of opening the package, he identified each herb with one second, how could he make it?”

    The others nodded in agreement.

    “Not necessarily.”

    At this moment, the three highly-skilled doctors who had been standing by came over. With a smile, Li Zhengtang said, “If he is familiar with herbs to a certain extent, it is possible to identify each of them in one second.”

    “Did he…”

    Li Huawen was surprised.

    “Fang Qiu is a person who is very serious about competitions, so he shouldn’t have pressed the button by mistake,” Li Zhengtang said.

    “Let’s go and have a look!”

    Director Li Huawen immediately got up and asked the assistant director to continue recording. Then he followed the three highly-skilled doctors and immediately walked towards Fang Qiu.

    No sooner had they left than there was a flash of red light in room 30.

    “Beep! Beep! Beep!”


    Soon, the four men came to room 29.

    Director Li Huawen pushed the door open and the three highly-skilled doctors entered.

    Following the rule that the director could not be in the video, Li Huawen stood at the door and didn’t enter the room.

    In the room, Li Zhengtang smiled and asked, “Are you done?”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “All right.”

    Li Zhengtang nodded and said, “We’ll have a check.”

    While he was speaking, the three highly-skilled doctors came to the table.

    “Here are fake herbs, and there are genuine ones,” Fang Qiu said, pointing to the bigger pile of herbs on the table.

    The three highly-skilled doctors began to check at once.

    As a result, after checking, the three immediately discovered that the pile of herbs were all fake.

    “31 kinds of fake herbs in total,” Fang Qiu said.


    The three highly-skilled doctors nodded in unison, looking at Fang Qiu with admiration in their eyes.

    “Correct!” Li Zhengtang announced.

    Director Li Huawen, who was standing at the door, stared at Fang Qiu with a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

    How, how was this possible?

    It only took Fang Qiu a minute!

    It took him just a minute to identify the 50 kinds of herbs, and he found all the 31 fake herbs.

    His speed and accuracy of the identification were too great!

    “You can go out now,” Li Zhengtang said to Fang Qiu, smiling.


    Fang Qiu nodded and turned to leave.

    When he left the room, Director Li Huawen, standing at the door, still stared at him.

    “Director Li, Director Li.”

    At that moment, the voice of the assistant director suddenly came from the intercom hanging on the director’s belt.

    Director Li Huawen took down the intercom and asked, “What’s the matter?”

    “The contestant in room 30 has finished, too. It’s Luo Jie,” said the assistant director.

    “Okay, I get it.”

    Director Li Huawen raised his eyebrows and nodded at once.

    These two guys were really not ordinary ones.

    “Three judges, please start grading.”

    After saying this to the three, Director Li Huawen turned around and returned to the director group to continue recording.

    Without hesitation, the three judges went to room 30.

    Although they had no communication equipment with them, they were filmed by a cameraman from the moment the recording began, so the three judges had a camera to follow them wherever they went.

    The cameraman who followed them would immediately tell the three judges which room to enter for the grading.

    It wasn’t long after Fang Qiu came out of the test room that Luo Jie came out.


    At the sight of Fang Qiu, Luo Jie started slightly and immediately said to Fang Qiu, “I didn’t expect you to be so quick. You really impressed me.”

    “I just got out, too,” Fang Qiu replied with a smile.

    10 minutes later, the test was over.

    The 30 contestants regrouped in the open space between the test rooms and the director group.

    The three judges stood against the 30 contestants.

    “Now, I declare the result of this competition!”

    Looking at all the contestants, the highly-skilled doctor Li Zhengtang said, “In this test, there are seven people who didn’t get it all right.

    “Of the remaining 23, the three who took the longest time will be eliminated along with the seven who didn’t get it all right!”

    At his words, 10 of the 30 turned pale at once.

    “I’m not convinced!”

    A great roar came suddenly.

    When people looked at the source, they saw that the one who shouted was a tall, thin young man.

    This person was Zhang Yalong, who took the initiative to choose Jiang Miaoyu as the opponent in the second episode, but was knocked out of the competition, and finally advanced through the second round of playoff.

    “Why aren’t you convinced?” asked the highly-skilled doctor Yang Juanyong.

    “I got them all right, too, and it just took a little longer. Besides, I don’t think it is long. Why did you eliminate me?” Zhang Yalong questioned.

    “The reason is very simple.”

    Yang Juanyong said with an indifferent look on his face, “Because it’s a competition and you’re not as good as the others in this competition!”

    “I’m not convinced!” snapped Zhang Yalong angrily.

    “For what?” Yang Juanyong asked again.

    “He and he!”

    Zhang Yalong pointed to Fang Qiu and Luo Jie and said, “They can make medicine which is a useless skill. How could they advance to the national top 15 depending on it? Compared with making medicine, identifying herbs is the real thing. I’ll have a competition with them.”

    “It’s a fact that you lost, and as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, you have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the gap between yourself and others,” Yang Juanyong said, shaking his head.

    “I don’t care!”

    Zhang Yalong snorted and said, “I won’t be convinced unless they compete with me!”

    “In that case,” Yang Juanyong raised his eyebrows and said, “then I’ll convince you!”

    With that, he led the group directly to the director group.

    In front of the director group, Yang Juanyong explained the situation and asked to show the video of Fang Qiu and Luo Jie to Zhang Yalong.

    Director Li Huawen had no objection and asked the staff member to do it right away.

    For him, it was an essential attractive point of the show.

    Pretty soon, the director group showed the videos that Fang Qiu and Luo Jie were identifying herbs.

    All the contestants crowded around.

    They were shocked by what they were watching!

    “My God, that’s so quick.”

    “Is this video accelerating?”

    “That’s their original speed. Time is shown in the lower right corner. The video is not accelerating at all.”

    “Are these two weirdos? How could they be so quick?”

    “Are they identifying herbs? Why do they throw the herb away after one glance?”

    While everyone was in shock, Fang Qiu in the video finished identifying all the herbs.

    Bypassing the table, he pressed the red button on the wall.

    On closer inspection, the time was exactly 60 seconds.

    Now everyone was startled.

    Not only the contestants, but the director group and the three judges were startled.

    Even though they already knew that Fang Qiu had done it so fast, they were shocked to see his amazing speed.

    Zhang Yalong, who had been specially arranged to stand at the front of the crowd, had his face turned pale for a moment.

    It took him nine minutes to identify the 50 kinds of herbs!

    However, Fang Qiu only spent one minute.

    That was nine times his speed!

    Then he looked to the side. Soon after Fang Qiu finished identifying the herbs, Luo Jie finished too.

    It was 70 seconds!

    Only 10 seconds longer than the time Fang Qiu spent.

    At this moment, Zhang Yalong’s face became extremely gloomy.

    He wanted to compete with Fang Qiu and Luo Jie with a confident look on his face just now.

    He even felt confident that he could defeat Fang Qiu and Luo Jie. At least he would win one of them.

    But now, seeing their speed, he realized how weak he was.

    Now, the request to compete with Fang Qiu and Luo Jie was so ridiculous.

    “They’re so great.”

    “They deserve to go straight to the national top 15.”

    “They even know how to make medicines, how can they not tell the true herbs from the fake ones?”

    “No wonder the director let them directly advance. That’s the reason.”

    “I thought after they got through, they weren’t going to take part in recording the episode. I didn’t expect them to be part of the recording. Their grades are too good to be true.”

    “Who can match them with such a speed?”

    “Yeah, I heard that out of those two, the best one of the rest of us spent 90 seconds. That’s 30 seconds longer than Fang Qiu’s record.”

    “Someone spent 540 seconds?”

    “540 seconds is nothing compared to 60 seconds.”

    The rest of the contestants were discussing this matter.

    Hearing the shock and praise, Zhang Yalong felt even more embarrassed.

    “He did it fast, so what?”

    Zhang Yalong gritted his teeth and said, “The fact that they’re fast doesn’t mean they did it all correctly!”

    “Fang Qiu and Luo Jie identified the herbs all correctly,” the highly-skilled doctor Yang Juanyong said.

    At his words, Zhang Yalong looked at Fang Qiu and Luo Jie in disbelief, as if he had gotten a heavy blow.

    The rest of the contestants were also in shock.

    At this extreme speed, they were able to get it all right.

    Their strength had not allowed them to be questioned!

    “All right.”

    Director Li Huawen came out timely and said, “This competition is over. Congratulations to the 20 contestants who have advanced to the next round. I also hope that the contestants who are eliminated in this round will not have too much pressure. You’ve done a great job. Keep trying.”

    As soon as the director finished speaking, the 10 who had been eliminated were led away by the staff.

    “That’s all for today’s recording.”

    Facing the 20 contestants who had advanced, Director Li Huawen said, “The next recording will continue tomorrow at the same time and place as today.”