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Chapter 173 - What Do you Want to Do

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 173: What Do you Want to Do

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    Chen Baichuan rubbed his hands together and looked at Qianmo and Black.

    In the face of Mu Mianmian’s accusations, he tried to be stern and retorted, “I didn’t do anything.”

    It was still alright to be embarrassed in front of his daughter, but to be embarrassed in front of his daughter’s boyfriend, that was a little…

    “Black, get me a peach.” Ignoring her father’s plea for help, Qianmo dragged Yu Changmo and sat down on the sofa.

    Black was truly a man. He understood the psychology of men, whereby they would go through hell for the sake of keeping up appearances. Seeing Chen Baichuan’s awkward state, Black did not hesitate in the slightest. He promptly decided…

    To cast Chen Baichuan a helpless look, before obediently picking up a peach and cutting it for Qianmo. This was how to raise a fat girl.

    Qianmo turned back to look at him. Yu Changmo immediately stopped making eye contact with Chen Baichuan and put on a righteous stance, not glancing sideways and shamelessly drawing a clear line between himself and Chen Baichuan.

    “You still don’t want to talk! What are you looking at the children for? If you were scared of being humiliated, what were you doing before?!” After Mu Mianmian turned threatening, her aura became aggressive. Just one Chen Baichuan was nothing to her.

    Knowing that he would definitely not be able to escape tonight, Chen Baichuan could only force himself to face it head-on. “I just drank some alcohol, maybe a bit too much. Do you have to go so far as to start shouting?”

    “Drank too much?! Drinking till your memory becomes fragmented and letting a black-hearted substitute driver drive you back? Did you go drinking with the woman in the photo? How long have you two known each other? How far have you two gone?”

    “What photo?” Getting up beaten for a long time, Chen Baichuan still thought it was because he had drunk too much. Yet after all the ruckus, it turned out that was not it?

    Mu Mianmian pulled out her phone from her pocket and found the photo to show Chen Baichuan.

    Chen Baichuan stared at it hard and abruptly became angry. “Who is so immoral, trying to stir up trouble by taking a photo of such a thing?”

    “You did this, and you’re still afraid of someone photographing you?!” Mu Mianmian was unwilling to forgive him.

    “What did I do? I didn’t do anything!”

    He felt wrongly accused. Chen Baichuan thought that it still made sense for him to be beaten up for drinking too much, but it was an injustice for something so groundless!

    “You really didn’t do it?” Mu Mianmian stared at him intensely.

    “Hah! I really didn’t! I didn’t do anything!” Chen Baichuan was close to kowtowing to this woman.

    “Then what’s going on with this picture?” When women argued, it was like a repetitive loop in their brains. They would go back and forth, just grabbing onto that one point and focusing on it. “Why would there be a photo if you didn’t do anything? Did you go to the hotel?”

    Seeing that he could no longer hide it, Chen Baichuan started to explain wholeheartedly, “We indeed went to the hotel, but it’s not… It’s not what you’re thinking!”

    “Then what is it? Spit it out!”

    Mu Mianmian was also skeptical about the photos after Qianmo’s guidance on “seeing is believing”.

    She had intended to have a good talk with Chen Baichuan, but in the end, when she saw how he had come home drunk, she became furious.

    She had reminded him many times to consume less alcohol and be more aware of things. To drink till his memory became fragmented, he would be easily susceptible to mistakes. He had turned a deaf ear to her advice time and again, however. So now, she took advantage of the photo to kick up a fuss and show him her formidability.

    “We met at a drinking table. She and one of my friends are on pretty good terms—”

    “What pretty good? She’s just a f*cking loose woman!” Mu Mianmian felt bitter and hateful.

    She thought that the previous incident of borrowing money would have made him recognize the real face of his group of bad friends. It was only a month from then, and he was back to his old ways.

    “I already warned you not to mingle with those filthy men. They’re even unfaithful to their lawful wives; how can you count on them to be good to their friends? The most sincere relationship in this world is between husband and wife. Not even able to defend their bottom line, what principles do they have to speak of?” Mu Mianmian despised men who fooled around outside despite having a wife.

    Qianmo nodded her head.

    Black also followed her action.

    “I have nothing to do with her at all. We just drank a little together. At that time, more than two of us were at the table. Big Liu and Little Meng can testify.”

    Chen Baichuan tried hard to explain. From the corner of his eyes, he saw his daughter and her boyfriend sitting next to each other on the sofa. In an instant, the sweat on his forehead threatened to trickle down.

    Qianmo was eating the peach that Black had passed to her. She ate one slice and fed Black the other. Watching this family drama while eating fruits, she had absolutely no intention to help her father.

    Chen Baichuan was heartbroken!

    Then, he looked at Yu Changmo, who was sitting upright, his head still lowered. Besides moving when giving Qianmo fruits, he remained as still as a wax figure the rest of the time, pretending not to hear anything. Naturally, he also could not help Chen Baichuan.

    At first glance, he could tell that this boy was under her girl’s thumb. Chen Baichuan knew he could not count on him. When push came to shove, he could only rely on himself. Unfortunately for him, though, Mu Mianmian was not listening.

    “Those bad friends of yours would give false testimonies for each other. If their words were trustworthy, even an old sow would be able to climb a tree! Momo, which law does a false testimony break? Teach this father of yours, who drinks with female entertainers, the law!”

    Facing Little Aunt, who had turned menacing, Qianmo maintained a firm stance.

    “In criminal cases, if you deliberately give false testimony, according to the severity of the circumstances, the sentence could be imprisonment of three years or less, or detention. For serious cases—”

    “Chen Qianmo! Have you already forgotten your family name after a few days at school? Children should not interrupt when the adults are talking!” Chen Baichuan flew into a rage out of humiliation.

    Nonetheless, Mu Mianmian was even fiercer than him. “Why are you angry at the kid? You still think you have the right after you did something wrong?”

    Qianmo and Black nodded their heads at the same time.

    Chen Baichuan found himself fighting all alone. The two women in the house were on the same side. On top of that, there was a henpecked man who pretended to be air…

    “Little Yu, tell us what you think. We’re both men. If I really did something wrong, will I be so calm?” Although Little Yu was henpecked, it seemed that only he would be able to say a few words.

    Yu Changmo immediately sat upright, even though he couldn’t be straighter than before. “From a theoretical point of view, no—”

    Before he finished his sentence, Qianmo cleared her throat quietly.

    “From a theoretical point of view, anything is possible.” The guy changed sides without any principles.

    Obviously, Chen Baichuan was as pissed off as he could be.

    Yesterday, he was still lighting cigarettes for him, being at his beck and call to run errands for him, calling him ‘Uncle’ and all sorts of bootlicking. Yet today, he abandoned his comrade and joined the unreasonable camp of these two women?

    While Qianmo was not paying attention, Yu Changmo gave Chen Baichuan a helpless expression.

    “Dad, just come clean. What’s going on with you and that woman?” Qianmo behaved justly.

    Black glanced at her. In terms of the ability to spout nonsense with dead earnestness, the first person he admired was his mother, and the second would be his girlfriend.

    “The people have sharp ears and keen eyes! You don’t want to talk? Fine, Chen Baichuan, if you don’t talk… This is what you forced me to do!”

    Seeing Chen Baichuan hemming and hawing, Mu Mianmian took a quick step forward in anger and seized the fruit knife in Qianmo’s hand. Chen Baichuan became terrified on the spot.