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Chapter 836 - Asking for Gu Junling’s Forgiveness

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 836: Asking for Gu Junling’s Forgiveness

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    It was eight in the evening when Wen Xinya received some good news from Yan Shaoqing. Wen Xinya stared at the contract that Yan Shaoqing had given her and her lips curled into a smile. With the contract, she would be able to get Qiu Yifan to settle the rest of the title deed transfer procedure.

    The Xia Family would never think that Wen Xinya was the one who really wanted to buy their land and that Mr. Li was just a service staff member of Celestial Detective Agency who had disguised as a tycoon. Not only did he manage to pull it off well, but they had also left no stones unturned. Hence, the police would definitely be unable to find out his actual identity.

    Of course, it all had something to do with Yan Shaoqing.

    Wen Xinya called Gu Junling and asked him out for dinner.

    She was bent on acquiring that plot of land and, since she had already put in so much effort into plotting against the Xia Family in a bid to get them to sell the land, she would definitely not let someone else snatch it away from her. Although the Xia Family was willing to sell the land to the Gu Family, who was also interested, she still managed to ruin their transaction. However, she owed Gu Junling an explanation and couldn’t keep the Gu Family in the dark.

    She had already ordered a table full of dishes and alcohol by the time Gu Junling arrived at Jiayuan Club.

    Gu Junling giggled and walked towards her. “Hey, what day is it today? Did the sun rise from the West? The busy Miss Wen actually has time for dinner and drinks with me?”

    He stared at the dishes on the table to see that there was a sumptuous spread. It was practically a feast.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “This meal is me thanking you and apologizing to you. Please allow me the honor, Mr. Gu.”

    Ever since she met Gu Junling, he and his family gave her plenty of help and, if it weren’t because of the various help, she wouldn’t have been able to get to where she was today. Hence, she was extremely grateful to them and did not wish for her friendship with Gu Junling to be ruined because of that land.

    Gu Junling stared at the dishes on the table and giggled. “Oh? What do you mean?”

    He was rather puzzled by how formal she was behaving. He wondered,

    Wen Xinya did not wish to beat around the bush any longer. She decided to get straight to the point. “I know your family is interested in that plot of land, but the Xia Family has already sold it to me.”

    Gu Junling got a great shock and looked at Wen Xinya.

    The Gu Family had long been interested in that plot of land. They had also sent their people to get in touch with the Xia Family. However, they gave up after the Xia Family vehemently refused to sell the land. Later on, the Gu Family began to get tempted again after the Xia Family sunk into the doldrums, and hence, they contacted the Xia Family again. Yet, Wen Xinya managed to beat them to it.

    Wen Xinya explained everything to Gu Junling, including the method she used to plot against the Xia Family and made use of them to deal with Xia Ruya. She did not hide any details at all. “Junling, I had been considering that plot of land to be mine. However, the Xia Family and Gu Family then formed a tacit agreement to have the Xia Family sell the land to the Gu Family, but I used a dirty trick to ruin the deal. It was my fault. I hereby apologize to you.”

    Wen Xinya downed the three glasses of liquor without hesitation.

    Gu Junling frantically said, “Xinya, you don’t have to do this. From a business perspective, you have every right to buy the land if you’re able to. No matter how close our friendship is, we can’t let monetary benefits or interests affect it. Otherwise, it would really be ruined. Of course… the Xia Family would have to give in and sell the land to you after what you’ve done to them. Strictly speaking, we were the ones who almost shortchanged you. So… don’t bring this up again.”

    After hearing Wen Xinya’s explanation, he could understand the reason behind her insistence on acquiring that plot of land. Besides… he ought to draw a line between friendship and his family’s interests. Hence, he had been helping Wen Xinya to the fullest while also considering his and his family’s interests.

    Moreover, he also understood Wen Xinya’s personality and hence, would not get angry at her because of that. Besides… the Gu Family’s real estate business was progressing so rapidly all thanks to Wen Xinya’s clout.

    “Thank you, Junling. Here’s a toast from me to you.” Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief. Of course… she did not think that she had let the Gu Family down, though she felt a little guilty because of how much Gu Junling and the Gu Family had been taking care of her.

    Gu Junling admired Wen Xinya for her frankness. “Xinya, since you’re willing to be honest with me, that just means you treat me like your friend. I’m not a silly person, so you’ve belittled me.”

    Wen Xinya understood what he meant. He was just trying to tell her that he was not a petty person who could not differentiate right from wrong. “Junling, I don’t mean anything else. Since you’re sincere about our friendship, I ought to do the same.”

    That was the real reason behind her decision to tell Gu Junling about the matter.

    Gu Junling was naturally pleased about it. He raised his glass and gulped it down at one go.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “I received some news a while ago. In the near future, the government will be implementing a new policy for the environment and they’ll be actively promoting the tourism industry of A City. I reckon that A City will become the most popular tourist attraction in the nation within the next three years.”

    A City had always been a popular tourist spot in the nation because of its close proximity to the mountains and sea. It was also full of culture and heritage, and had the best air quality in the nation. It was ranked fifth in the world amongst all the cities with the cleanest air.

    Two days ago, she casually chanced upon the report about the city’s air purity, which instantly reminded her of A City’s success in the tourism industry in her previous lifetime.

    Hence, she planned to inform Gu Junling about the insider tip as a form of compensation to the Gu Family.

    Gu Junling looked at Wen Xinya and said smilingly, “This piece of news is much more valuable than that plot of land. As you know, the Gu Family has been very interested in opening a holiday resort in A City. However, there were restrictions and we had been delaying the plan because we weren’t sure if the tourism industry in A City will continue to boom.”


    He was actually very curious about how Wen Xinya seemed to be able to predict the future. It was as if she had a channel for insider news. However, he had no plans to probe. After all, the Gu Family had already gained a lot from Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya smiled and answered, “From what I’ve heard, the government is going to place emphasis on developers who are interested in expanding tourism businesses. You’ll definitely receive lots of incentives from the government.”

    This piece of news was truly valuable.

    Feeling a great sense of relief, Gu Junling raised his glass and said, “Xinya, I shall toast to you.”

    Wen Xinya understood his gratitude towards her even though he did not explicitly mention it.