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Chapter 183 - Even If It Was Lie, He Would Believe It (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 183: Even If It Was Lie, He Would Believe It (1)

    Xu Weilai seemed to understand what he was thinking. She smiled at him again and said, “Zhanwang, not everything is black and white. Love isn’t as simple as you think. You might not understand it now, but you will once you meet someone you love in the future!”

    Zhanwang immediately rebuked unhappily, “Who says that I don’t have someone to love?”

    After he finished speaking, he suddenly realized what he had said. A tinge of red appeared on his cheeks. He wanted to take his words back, but it was too late to do so.

    Xu Weilai was surprised when she saw Zhanwang suddenly turn bashful. After a while, she smiled. “I didn’t expect you to say that. My younger brother has someone to love? Is she your classmate? What is her name? Is she pretty?”

    “Hey, sister! Are you trying to interrogate me about her?” Xu Zhanwang pouted in dissatisfaction. He pretended to be angry to cover up his embarrassment.

    Xu Weilai laughed and shook her head. “Okay, I won’t ask about her anymore. But… you can at least tell me her name, right?”

    Xu Zhanwang straightened his back a little and said in a serious yet sweet tone, “Yu Wen.” As he spoke, he couldn’t control his smile. “Her name is Yu Wen.”

    “What a nice name,” Xu Weilai complimented. “How much do you like her?”

    Xu Zhanwang twisted his body a little but in the end, he still nodded firmly. “I like her very much.”

    “If you like her so much, then you must treat her well. Do you understand?”

    Xu Zhanwang patted his chest and made his promise. “Sister, don’t worry. I won’t abandon her like what Gu Yu did to you. If I like someone, I will give my all in making her happy. I will only love her, and she will be the only woman in my life. I will treat her with only kindness.”

    Xu Weilai touched his head again. “If you ever get a chance, bring her over for me so I can see her.”


    Gu Yu changed his clothes in Xu Weilai’s room. He saw a photograph placed in her study table. It was a photo of the two of them when they were in university.

    Or rather, Xu Weilai was the one who came over and took the photo with him.

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    At that time, Xiao Chun just bought a new camera and started taking photographs with it all around the school campus. Coincidentally, she bumped into Xu Shuai and him, so Xiao Chun wanted to take a photo for them.

    Since the accident hadn’t happened yet, he didn’t have much of an impression of his fiancée, Xu Weilai. He only knew that there was such a person. He didn’t even know that they were studying at the same university.

    Xu Shuai even had to remind him. “Hey, it’s your fiancée!”

    He glanced at Xu Weilai with his calm and emotionless gaze. When Xu Weilai saw him looking at her, they exchanged glances for a few seconds. Her expression seemed a little dejected. Then, she shifted her gaze away.

    However, he didn’t care about how she felt. He wasn’t interested in taking photos, either. He raised his leg and wanted to leave.

    Xiao Chun blocked the path in front of him. “Brother Yu, look over here. I’ll just take one photo. Please?”

    As she spoke, she kept looking at Xu Shuai. Xu Shuai received her message and began persuading him as well. Irritated by them, he coldly nodded his head.

    Xiao Chun probably wanted to pair him with Xu Weilai, but she couldn’t make it too obvious. Thus, she asked Xu Weilai, Gu Yu, and Xu Shuai to take a photo together.

    Once she pressed the shutter, Xu Shuai jumped three meters to the side. Hence, only Xu Weilai and Gu Yu were left in the photo.

    After the photo was taken, he immediately. He didn’t care about this photo, thus forgetting about it. This was the first time he saw this photo.

    Xu Weilai stood beside him, careful and cautious. Her red lips were pursed slightly and her eyes were shimmering. She looked very nervous, but her body was slightly tilted towards him.

    The tip of Gu Yu’s finger brushed past Xu Weilai’s face in the photo slowly. After some time, he put down the photo frame and left the room.

    Upon asking the maids where Xu Weilai and Xu Zhangwang were, he found out that they were in the courtyard. He avoided the living room and walked out. When he was far enough from the two siblings, he happened to hear Xu Weilai speak.

    “I’m so happy. Being able to marry Gu Yu is the best thing that had ever happened to me!”