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Chapter 185 - What she was afraid of was how fickle his mind was (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 185: What she was afraid of was how fickle his mind was (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    With his long limbs and incredible strength, Xu Weilai couldn’t escape his grasp. The more she struggled, the more their bodies rubbed against each other. The temperature of the room instantly rose.

    Tonight, Gu Yu was acting unusually clingy. The way he kissed her deeply made it seem like he wasn’t forcing himself onto her. Instead, he was invading into her space bit by bit, the kind that made one gradually melt away, to the point where it made your head spin until you had no choice but to submit…

    Xu Weilai could only feel her clothes getting pried off one by one. The resulting slight coolness on her skin was quickly replaced with the feeling of scalding heat.

    In her muddled state, she seemingly heard the sound of a drawer getting pulled open at the very last moment. She wasn’t sure if she had just imagined it, but she no longer had time to think about it; Gu Yu had already barged into her world.

    Her consciousness was quickly robbed away from her as she became completely immersed in the man’s warm embrace. Outside the bedroom, soft pants and moans lingered in the air for a long while…

    When everything was over, Xu Weilai instantly fell into a deep slumber immediately with a slight tilt of her head.

    Gu Yu tilted his head and glanced at the flushed Xu Weilai as various emotions danced in his eyes. After gazing at her for a while, he then got up. Caressing her face slowly, he then lowered his head and planted a soft kiss between her brows.

    He treated her so carefully as if he was handling a gem that he was afraid to drop or break. He was also afraid that this sense of “bliss” would disappear before his eyes.


    Xu Weilai had only wakened up late into the afternoon the next day. When she had awoken, Gu Yu was no longer around.

    She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling as she laid in bed. The soreness that riddled her entire body made it impossible to stop her mind from wandering to everything that had happened last night. The thought of it made her blush uncontrollably…

    She couldn’t even remember just how many times she and Gu Yu had gone at it, causing her to almost pass out in the end.

    Additionally, there seemed to be something wrong with him last night. He kept pestering her as if he was a child asking for candy. It wasn’t as painful as it was before, but… she was so tired that she could drop dead!

    It felt like he dragged her along, to keep on running 800 meters non-stop!

    Was this the new method he had thought of to bully her with?

    Xu Weilai clasped the blanket as she got up. With her sore limbs, she made her way to the bathroom step by step. While washing up, brushing her teeth, and changing her clothes, she caught sight of the marks that littered all over her body. She almost snapped her toothbrush into two!

    That… that beast!

    After washing up, she once again dragged herself out of the bathroom painstakingly. She pulled open the drawer of the bedside table, ready to take the morning-after pill. However, the pills seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Instead, they were replaced with…

    Xu Weilai couldn’t believe her eyes. Afraid that she still wasn’t awake and was instead hallucinating, she rubbed her eyes again and again.

    No matter how many times she rubbed her eyes, she found that she wasn’t mistaken. The pills had become an entire row of condoms!

    She still couldn’t believe her eyes. Stretching her arm out, she took out one of the small boxes, inspecting the words on the box carefully. Indeed, the letters printed on the box spelled out the word “condoms”!

    There was a detail she had missed out on last night, that suddenly struck her. She seemed to have heard the sound of a drawer getting pulled open, and now… she didn’t just hear it, it truly happened!

    Gu Yu… He had always made her take the pill, so why would he suddenly begin using these?

    Did he still not trust her enough, afraid that she wouldn’t take the pill? Or maybe… did he change?