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Chapter 189 - A Father’s Love is as High as a Mountain

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 189: A Father’s Love is as High as a Mountain

    Ning Meng pushed the door open and saw Ning Wentao standing there talking to Manager Huang from the Public Relations Department. When he saw her, Ning Wentao put up a wronged face. “Meng Meng, you’ve come just in time. Tell him, when have I ever done it in less than five hours?”


    Ning Meng massaged her temples. “Dad, now is not the time to talk about these things. Manager Huang, what’s your take on this PR crisis?”

    Manager Huang smiled. “No worries. CEO Ning’s office has CCTVs installed. We just need to release the related footages as a counterattack. We’re now discussing the liquidated damages that Liu Ying has to pay.”

    Papa Ning still could not understand what was going on when he saw Manager Huang explaining things in a relaxed manner. Ning Meng breathed a sigh of relief and her eyes turned cold. “Of course, we need to set the highest amount possible! We even need to sue her for this and make her compensate us for ruining our reputation!”

    Manager Huang nodded. “Then, Miss, how about you go and pay Liu Ying a visit. She has, after all, gone rogue. I’m afraid that Old Li from the Legal Department may not be able to handle her.”

    “Sure.” Ning Meng stood up and left.

    Ning Wentao trailed her from behind. After seeing that she had walked ahead for quite a distance, he turned back and his smile faded. He raised his brow and looked at Manager Huang. “Please continue.”

    Manager Huang nodded. He was not as relaxed anymore and respectfully replied, “Our opponent obviously made preparations for this matter. As far as I’m aware, Liu Ying and the three interns are just decoys. Their words are full of loopholes and it would be easy for us to foil their attempts. As for the aftermath…”

    Manager Huang glanced over at Ning Wentao and squinted.

    CEO Ning had managed the entertainment company for many years. He was anything but a fool. It was just that he had loosened up recently and did not care for the company as much anymore.

    As he thought about this, he respectfully continued, “According to a tip-off due to our good relationship with the media, someone anonymously sent over photos and videos of you bringing the company’s artists to perform for Miss.”

    The previous matter was just a battle of words, however, if the photos and videos were leaked out, it would be hard to turn things around. Ning Wentao furrowed his brows and sighed. He thought he had done it covertly enough and had not expected this to turn into a serious matter.

    He could only blame himself for spoiling his daughter. Seeing that she was unhappy every day, he had thought of such an unreliable method to cheer her up. Now, the consequences may turn out to be quite dire.

    As he mulled over the matter, his tone became heavy. “Put all the responsibility on me. Find a way to guide the public opinion in this direction. Make them think that all of this was just a guise for my own indulgence.”

    He instructed further, “Remember, the PR’s purpose for this company this time is to wash Meng Meng’s name clean.”

    Meng Meng was still young, but he had grown old. He had thick skin and was not afraid of being spat at. Manager Huang stood up and paused. He then bowed and replied, “Yes, sir.”

    Ning Wentao had the same facial features as Ning Meng. Even if he had grown old, he was still a handsome uncle. He used his seductive peach blossom eyes which had attracted many when he was younger, to coolly look at Manager Huang. “If this matter is not resolved properly, Manager Huang, you will take the blame and resign.”

    “Yes, sir.”


    Ning Meng arrived at the meeting room where the negotiation was taking place. As she went in, she heard Liu Ying laugh out in a rough manner. “CEO Li, the company gave all its resources to Lin Qingbei. I don’t want to say more about this. Let’s just proceed according to this contract. I will not pay you any less than stated in liquidated damages. Quickly put your signature on it!”