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Chapter 190 - Feeling Refreshed After Releasing Spite!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 190: Feeling Refreshed After Releasing Spite!

    Ning Meng entered and openly taunted, “I can smell your stench from eight miles away. I’m really proud of how shameless you are.”

    Liu Ying had revealed her true self, so she did not hide her emotions. “Lady Ning, you might as well just turn up here physically. What else do you have other than money?”

    This was the first time Ning Meng had met someone this reckless but she did not get angry.

    “But you don’t even have money.”


    The dispute attracted the other artists from the company to come over one after another to stand outside and watch the commotion.

    Liu Ying could not contain herself and shouted out, “That’s right, you have money, which is why you took great care of Lin Qingbei and threw all the resources onto him. Since you’re so biased, what’s wrong with me breaching the contract?!”

    Ning Meng noticed the people outside were whispering amongst themselves. She folded her arms and chuckled. “Biased? OK, let’s calculate in detail all the resources you have used up over the years in front of everyone now!”

    Her speaking pace was not rushed, as if she was trying to dully interrupt the other’s momentum. “Half a year ago, the company gave you the role of supporting actress in the TV series ‘Meteor Shower’. That TV series had helped several actors raise their ranks to the B-list and their fans increased by leaps and bounds into the range of seven or eight million. You, however, only had two million fans and so, the company helped you buy over one million zombie fans.”


    “Three months ago, we allowed you to join the reality show ‘Actor’. Your acting skills were so lacking that you were eliminated in the first round. Can you also blame the company for that?”


    “One month ago, we arranged for you to meet the critically acclaimed director, Li Dao, and yet, your role was snatched up by a student from the Film and Television Academy who had not even made her debut. Are you blaming the company for that too?”

    Ning Meng laughed after she said all these. “My mistake. Of course, you have to blame the company. How did we never realize that you don’t have the quality of being an actor? The company should have released you a long time ago and given that opportunity to many other newer-bloods.”

    “Tsk, tsk, look at you, Liu Ying. Wasting the air that you breathe when you’re alive. Wasting the soil that will bury you when you die. Wasting the company’s money while you’re half-dead yet not alive. How can the company survive if we don’t cancel your contract?”

    Her every word and sentence stabbed Liu Ying straight to the heart, so much so, she was too furious to even utter a single word.

    Ning Meng finally concluded, “CEO Li, let her sign the termination contract. Also, discuss the fees she needs to compensate us for due to reputation loss damages.”

    Manager Li from the Legal Department nodded. “Sure.”

    After releasing her spite, Ning Meng felt refreshed.

    She walked toward Liu Ying’s side and whispered, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Su Tiantian and Mr. Li have broken up. Do you think Su Tiantian will be able to fork out the money for liquidated damages which is worth eight thousand?”

    Although rather unconvinced, Liu Ying turned pale as she heard this. She asked in disbelief, “What did you say?”

    Ning Meng brushed her shoulders and walked off.

    Coincidentally, she bumped into Zhen Shanmei standing outside looking for her, and she took her Chanel jacket to wipe her hands.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I saw dandruff on Liu Ying’s shoulders. How dirty.”

    “?? Why did you not use your own clothes to wipe your hands?”

    Ning Meng replied straightforwardly. “Then wouldn’t I dirty my clothes?!”


    She lowered her head and quietly looked at her own jacket which was worth about sixty thousand. Ning Meng was about to leave with Zhen Shanmei when they heard a voice calling out, “Miss Ning…”

    She stopped in her tracks and turned to see a timid girl walk over. The girl nervously spoke up. “I… I’m Li Shiyao. I have something here which may help the company…”