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Chapter 244 - Summoning Xiao Tao

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 244: Summoning Xiao Tao

    Night came quickly. It was a quiet night, starless and moonless, and the forest was pitch black. Jun Yichen sat on the ground cross-legged. A buzzing sound came from his abdomen, which constantly moved.

    After a while, a pink thumb-sized shadow shot over like lightning and stopped in front of him. It was Baili Moyun’s Xiao Tao.

    “Chirp, chirp, chirp!” Xiao Tao flew in a circle around Jun Yichen and Ye Jiuge then landed on Ye Jiuge’s shoulder.

    Although Ye Jiuge’s Queen Parasite had not yet hatched, the scent it emitted was very alluring for Legendary Venomous Insects.

    Despite its cute appearance and feminine behavior, Xiao Tao was still a roaring male parasite.

    “How have you been? Has Baili Moyun been treating you well?” Ye Jiuge stroked Xiao Tao’s head.

    “Chirp, chirp, chirp!” Xiao Tao replied cheerfully.

    Baili Moyun treated it well. He had even specially purchased Spiritual Beast Pills for it at the market.

    Jun Yichen rose and gave a psychic order to Xiao Tao, “Cut the crap. Now, tell us about the situation with the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance in detail.”

    “Chirp, chirp, chirp!” Xiao Tao suddenly burst out loudly.

    It accused them of being unreasonable, trying to find out details about its master. It declared that it would not betray its master even if it died.

    Ye Jiuge had never imagined that Xiao Tao would be so loyal. In that instant, she felt ashamed for using the innocent Legendary Venomous Insect to do something dishonest.

    She was about to return Xiao Tao to Baili Moyun when Jun Yichen calmly took out a Cherry Pill. He looked at the Legendary Venomous Insect coldly. “A pill for a piece of information. Deal?”

    Xiao Tao smacked its beak and hesitated, but it was unable to resist the temptation of the Cherry Pill. It flew over and snatched the pill away.

    Once it had swallowed the pill, Xiao Tao’s eyes immediately widened. It started chirping loudly.

    “What did you want to know? Ask quickly. Hurry!”

    Its change in attitude made Ye Jiuge, who had felt moved a moment ago, start sweating.

    “When will the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance arrive? And how are they planning on dealing with the Bloodthirsty Sect?” Jun Yichen asked methodically.

    Xiao Tao vomited up everything it knew.

    The Spiritual Practitioner Alliance would reach the vicinity around noon the next day. The current plan was to send a few scouts to assess the situation at Bloodcloud Peak before commencing their attack.

    Ye Jiuge also took the opportunity to ask about Wan Haoqiang and Lin Yanxi.

    “Those two are very annoying.” Xiao Tao relished this chance to complain and diss the duo.

    Wang Haoqiang was like a clown, creating trouble in front of its master. He’d even started challenging its master secretly and was very annoying.

    Lin Yanxi wasn’t great either. She looked pretty and gentle, but whenever her hand touched Xiao Tao, she was always looking for ways to kill it. Thank goodness Xiao Tao was intelligent. Otherwise, it would not be able to escape death.

    The green praying mantis that followed Gong Honglei was so pitiful. Its master was so thick-headed that he never noticed Lin Yanxi’s evil intentions. Many times, it had almost been killed.

    Thanks to Xiao Tao’s advice to the green praying mantis, each time Lin Yanxi came by, it sprayed a green substance. Soon, Lin Yanxi became so disgusted that she stopped appearing.

    The small eagle that followed Nangong Li was the best. Its master was an icicle who ignored everybody. Even if Lin Yanxi had bad intentions, she had no chance to strike.

    “Did your Master realize that they were acting oddly?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    Xiao Tao and Baili Moyun were bound together by a contract. In a way, they were able to feel each other’s emotions.

    “Master cannot understand what I say. But after finding out that I hate that bad woman, he does not allow her to get close to me.” Xiao Tao was still delighted with its master.

    “With Baili Moyun’s smarts, he should have realized something.” Ye Jiuge still had a good impression of the swordsman with the seductive eyes.

    As soon as someone suspected something, she was confident about exposing Lin Yanxi and Wang Haoqiang as spies.

    “Eldest Miss, we should just inform Gong Xifan directly. Why do we have to make things so complicated?” Ye Yu could not understand.

    “Without concrete evidence, accusing them of being spies would only cause people to doubt what we say. Especially since we are not on good terms with Wang Haoqiang. The people from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance will think that we are trying to seek revenge.” Ye Jiuge shook her head.

    Accusing them without concrete evidence would only put them on guard. By then, dealing with the two spies would be difficult.

    “Then, what should we do now?” Ye Yu asked with worry.

    “Naturally, we should meet up with Gong Xifan. No matter what, they are the main force against the Bloodthirsty Sect.” Ye Jiuge flashed a reserved smile that conveyed a thousand words.

    Once Ye Yu saw her smile, he knew that someone was going to suffer.

    He could not help but think that it was a good thing they were on the same side.

    “You’ve done well, Xiao Tao. You can go back now!” Ye Jiuge gave the insect half a bottle of Cherry Pills. The creature was obviously in a good mood. Then, she released it.

    The next morning, Ye Jiuge disguised herself with a disheveled look and went alone to meet up with Gong Xifan and the others.

    “What happened to you guys?” Gong Xifan saw Ye Jiuge looking a sorry sight and was shocked.

    “Do we even need to ask? Obviously, they were defeated and ran for their lives.” Yue Lingjun smiled, delighting at the thought of Ye Jiuge’s group’s defeat.

    “Great Master Gong, let’s talk alone!” Ye Jiuge did not even spare Yue Lingjun a glance. She looked straight at Gong Xifan.

    “Alright.” Gong Xifan nodded. He led Ye Jiuge to a cozy corner and asked, “Do you bring news of the Bloodthirsty Sect?”

    “That’s right.” Ye Jiuge relayed the information about the Yin Corpse Sect.

    “The Yin Corpse Sect?” Gong Xifan was stunned to hear the name of the infamous Devilish Sect.

    Although the Gong clan was mighty, it still paled in comparison to the larger Devilish Sects.

    No wonder the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was so audacious. He had the backing of a giant.

    “You have no cause for concern, Great Master Gong. The Yin Corpse Sect has only sent over a Flawed Spiritual Master female envoy and a demonic corpse. They still have not dared to declare war on the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance,” Ye Jiuge explained in detail and analyzed the situation for Gong Xifan.

    Gong Xifan’s brow creased, and he asked silently, “Then what are your plans?”

    “I have a simple idea. First, let Ye Zi keep the demonic corpse occupied. While the demonic corpse is distracted, we will cooperate to defeat the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and the Yin Corpse Sect’s female envoy, Si Youyue. Then, we will work together to kill the demonic corpse,” Ye Jiuge relayed her plans without much flourish.

    “Are you sure that Ye Zi will be able to keep the demonic corpse under control?” Gong Xifan was on high alert ever since hearing that the demonic corpse was at the level of a Mid-leveled Spiritual Master.

    “Of course,” Ye Jiuge laughed, then continued, “I fear death too.”

    “Then where is he now? What about your companions?” Gong Xifan asked.

    “My companions are near Bloodcloud Peak. Along with Ye Zi, they are waiting to meet up with us,” Ye Jiuge lied boldly to Gong Xifan with a straight face.

    Ye Yu and Luo Tian were indeed near Bloodcloud Peak waiting to meet up with the group. However, Zi Shang was her trump card. She would not let him appear until the most crucial moment.

    “The attack is a grave matter. You should let me think it through.” Gong Xifan’s face was dark and severe.

    He had thought that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was only at the level of a Low-leveled Spiritual Master. His disciples were disorderly and scattered. That was why he had dared to lead the team here to attack the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    Now, with the addition of a Flawed Spiritual Master Si Youyue and a Mid-leveled Spiritual Master demonic corpse, he had to think twice about whether he would be able to complete the mission.