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Chapter 533 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 20)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 533: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 20)

    There was a strong medicinal scent in the air, causing Luo Qing Chen to knit her brows and open her eyes with difficulty.

    What entered her eyes was a square room that was simple, but clean.

    “You…..You are?” Her face was filled with pain….like it would hurt just from twitching it.

    She could feel the thick bandages on her face, it can’t be that her face was injured, right…...

    No, it wouldn’t be that ruthless!

    The system’s clear voice rang in her mind.

    [The host’s face is so ugly…..]

    ?! Am I disfigured?

    [Yes! So ugly, the system can’t keep watching!] The system had a disgusted look, although its face didn’t exist.

    Why, dammit! Liu Xiao was a traitor, right!

    [Yes! Or it could be said that he did it for the Ning Country.]

    What does that mean? I forgot to ask you before, the emperor didn’t let Ning Wei Han marry me not because my status was low, right?

    In the beginning, she thought that her status was low so the emperor wouldn’t let her enter the eastern palace.

    But thinking about it, it didn’t seem right.

    [Does the host remember when Murong Xiao Xiao went to meet Luo Yi?]

    Yes! All sneaky like, I remembered this in my heart, but I still can’t think of how it is related.

    [The Luo Family’s identity is the descendant of the Luo Ying Country……]

    Luo Ying Country…...It’s the Luo Ying Country that was destroyed sixteen years ago?

    [Yes! Luo Yi’s real goal wasn’t for you to marry Ning Wei Han, rather it was to restore his country. Of course, there is nothing absolute in this world and Ning Yuan moved faster than Luo Yi imagined.]

    My god! Why didn’t you tell me earlier! I don’t want to restore the country!

    [The host never asked the system!]


    “Old man, look, this girl is awake.” The old woman saw her fingers moving and her eyes filled with excitement.

    An old man who looked like a doctor came over and sat down on a wooden stool, carefully taking her pulse.

    After a while, he stroked his beard and said, “Girl, you can keep your life!”

    This treasure doesn’t care about life, this treasure wants her face!

    Luo Qing Chen really wanted to shout out, but her vocal cords didn’t seem to work.

    “You can say what you want in a few days. You were in a coma for a long time before we found you, so the blood has congested in your vocal cords for too long.” There was a sharp look in his eyes as he said, “Rest for now and do what you want once you are rested.”

    Luo Qing Chen felt his eyes were very strange, but since the other side had saved her life, she didn’t pay much attention to it.


    Imperial palace.

    Ning Wei Han’s eyes were bloodshot as he stood in the imperial study with a sword in his hand.

    Sitting on the high platform was his royal father Ning Yuan.

    “Royal father, the Luo Family is unrelated to her!” He bit his lip as his hand holding the sword trembled, “Why did you have to kill her?”

    “The Luo Ying Country was destroyed by me that year, Luo Yi being able to be a minister for all these years was my mistake.” Ning Yuan’s voice was a bit weak. He had been in this position for close to twenty years and now his hair was completely silver, so he knew he didn’t have much time left.

    If it wasn’t for Ning Wei Han asking to marry Luo Qing Chen, he wouldn’t have investigated the Luo Family.

    No one knew that this investigation would uncover a shocking secret.

    Luo Yi was actually a king of the Luo Ying Country!

    When the Ning Country defeated the Luo Ying Country, when he had ascended the throne and gone out to war, taking the entire country.

    He never would have thought that Luo Yi as a wandering king would actually survive.