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Chapter 534 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 21)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 534: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 21)

    “Luo Yi is Luo Yi, she is her.” Ning Wei Han took a breath and said, “She was never treated as a normal person in the Luo Family.”

    That day, he was passing by the Luo Manor and jumped onto the roof to take a look when he heard the commotion.

    At that time, he felt that the girl holding the strange thing in her hand was…..very special.

    The Luo Manor wasn’t good to her, so he was clear that Luo Yi’s plan had never included her!

    His royal father could kill everyone from the Luo Family, but why didn’t he spare her!

    “In the past she wasn’t, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t involved after the banquet…..” Ning Yuan knit his brows and walked over to him as his eyes revealed a look of love.

    He stroked his head and said, “Silly son, do you not know that after you approached her, Luo Yi’s expectations of her were different?”

    Luo Yi had indeed treated her differently and at first he thought it was because she would become the crown princess.

    But it turned out it was because she was a powerful tool in reclaiming the country.

    “Royal father…..” His voice trembled a bit as he slowly put the sword down.

    But there was a faint sparkle in his deep eyes.

    Three days later, Ning Yuan collapsed.

    He called all the ministers and the crown prince before dying, passing the throne to Ning Wei Han in front of everyone.

    Everyone bowed to him and no one dared to disobey.

    This was because even though the South Pacifying King had power in court, Ning Yuan had used the best method to protect his favourite crown prince and his throne.

    He owed him this much…...

    Because he knew what it felt to love someone and he had killed his son’s beloved person.

    Only that person couldn’t become the crown princess or the empress!

    He had defeated the Luo Ying Country, there was no chance it could be restored!

    Seven days after Ning Yuan died, he went into the grave.

    The first thing Ning Wei Han did after ascending was bringing his mother from the mass grave to the royal tombs.

    All those who disobeyed lost their positions and were sent back to their hometowns.

    He was very effective in doing things, cutting down trouble while quickly building his own power.

    In less than a month, the royal court was stabilized.

    After that, a new batch of maids and harem members were recruited.


    A hut at the foot of the mountain.

    Under the careful care of the old woman and old man, Luo Qing Chen’s wounds had been pretty much healed!

    Other than her face!

    After taking off the bandages, she felt that her face didn’t look as good as when it was covered in bandages.

    This face really was…...

    System, I can’t finish the mission with this face. Don’t you feel uncomfortable looking at it?

    [Un, quite uncomfortable…..] The system honestly replied!

    Then you have to think of a way for me! That damn emperor wants to kill me, see if I don’t go back to his imperial palace to mess things up!

    [The host has a Beauty Pill, which not only stops your face from aging, it can give you a beautiful face!]

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! Excellent, excellent! I feel that it has been in my storage space too long with the iPhone999, bring it out!

    After saying goodbye to the old woman and old man, Luo Qing Chen headed out on her own.

    When she was halfway there, she had the system restore her appearance! After all, she couldn’t scare the old folks, she would feel unsettled if something happened to them!

    [Ding, successfully exchanged for Beauty Pill in storage space (Can only be used in this world.]

    But Luo Qing Chen never imagined that after returning to the familiar capital, everything would have changed so much.

    The Luo Family had all been beheaded and the Ning Country’s emperor had changed.

    The emperor was no one other than Ning Wei Han who said he wanted to run away with her.