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Chapter 174 - Seeking Trouble

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 174: Seeking Trouble

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Dressed in a white T-shirt and cropped skinny jeans, with a pair of white sports shoes to match, and an orangish-red cardigan draped over her, Gu Qianlin looked nothing like the fearsome, angry police inspector in her stiff uniform. Instead, she was trendy and had the fresh, raw beauty of a feminine young woman.

    “Xiao Luo, what the heck are you trying to do?” Gu Qianlin asked assertively as she headed towards Xiao Luo in quick, urgent strides

    Giving her nonchalant shrug, Xiao Luo said, “I’m worried that I might get beaten up after winning too much money, so I asked you to come over and protect me.”

    “Ask me to protect you?” she repeated his words.

    What a joke! Gu Qianlin couldn’t help a sneer, “Pah! You still need someone to protect you?”

    Xiao Luo replied, looking very serious, like he meant it, “Yes, I do.”

    Having said so, he turned and walked into the Yellow Skies Casino.

    Gu Qianlin stood contemplating, she had a bad feeling about this, as if being led into another of Xiao Luo’s schemes. She glared at the two plainclothes cops in the black car, cringing as her eyes sending them angry messages, then turned and headed towards the Yellow Skies Casino. What on earth is Xiao Luo up to?


    Xiao Luo exchanged cash for five million dollars worth of chips and headed for the dice games area directly.

    “You ask me to come and watch you gamble?” Gu Qianlin snorted.

    “Is there a problem?” he replied.

    Xiao Luo eyes her with a raised brow. “I didn’t say that I was going to stir up trouble. If you feel bored, you can go, but I might start stirring up trouble immediately after you leave? Don’t regret it if you miss getting the evidence.”

    Gu Qianlin hissed through gritted teeth, “Enough of your tricks. Sooner or later, I will personally arrest and handcuff you.”

    “Officer Gu, why are you always prejudiced against me?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “I don’t think I need to answer your question. If you really are a law-abiding citizen, I think we can be friends. But it’s hard to ignore your murderous qualities, and they have given you away. I was in the special forces and had personally subdued many despicable criminals, so I am confident of my intuition and judgment. So, I am sure that I am not misjudging you. You have definitely killed before.” Gu Qianlin looked at Xiao Luo with scathing eyes.

    Xiao Luo gave her a cynical smile. “I have indeed killed someone before, have you forgotten that I was the one who accidentally killed the mercenary you all were after? However, that does not constitute a crime, but on the contrary, I’d thought that the police should’ve awarded me a banner and prize money.”

    “Don’t be so pleased with yourself. You will be monitored constantly until you give yourself away someday.” Gu Qianlin snickered coldly.

    “Fine, I’ll be waiting then.”.

    Xiao Luo replied, nodding with a slight smile.

    Before they knew it, the two were already standing in front of a gambling table. As always in casinos, the house was the dealer. Before casting the dice, the dealer would look at the gamblers around the table and wait for them to place their bets.

    Without a second thought, Xiao Luo bet all five million dollars’ worth of his chips on “Big.”

    Usual bets are worth a thousand or two, or at most fifty thousand. The fact that someone had suddenly put down such a large sum shocked not just the dealer and the gamblers gathered around them, but also Gu Qianlin. She had personally witnessed Xiao Luo pay for the chips with his card. What he threw down was not just the plastic chips they seemed to be, but actually five million dollars.

    “You are really betting that?” she couldn’t help asking.

    “Surely, there isn’t such a thing as a fake bet?” he shot back.

    Gu Qianlin asked again, “You’re throwing down five million dollars just like that?”

    Xiao Luo nodded and repeated her words in affirmation, “I’m throwing down five million dollars just like that.”

    “Sorry, I had forgotten that you are a big shot, and you are rich enough to be extravagant.”

    Gu Qianlin retorted coldly in derision. She was determined that Xiao Luo was culpable of the unsolved crimes, and she could only feel enmity towards him. She was obsessed with finding the evidence that would finally expose him for what he was.

    Xiao Luo did not answer her. He turned, his gaze on the dealer who had already shaken the dice, and urged, “Why haven’t you showed us the dice? What are you waiting for.”

    The croupier looked horrified, in Xiao Luo’s mind, he looked as if he had “eaten a pile of sh*t.” On seeing Xiao Luo’s face, he suddenly dared not to reveal the roll of the dice, as a deep sense of apprehension got to him. Xiao Luo’s face was instantly recognizable as it was ingrained in all the croupiers’ minds. He had come here a while back and won two million with just a capital of one hundred thousand dollars. Whenever he bet on “Big,” that would be the outcome, and the same goes for when he bet on “Small.” To them, Xiao Luo was a freak. Now that Xiao Luo had placed five million in a single, the croupier was shaking so hard that his legs trembled.

    But, heckled by the gamblers around him, he had to reach out and lifted the top lid of the large bowl slowly. He was clinging on to a thin shred of hope and hoping that Xiao Luo wouldn’t possibly make the correct judgment one hundred percent of the time. However, it was one thing to not believe, but the truth was another matter altogether. After lifting the lid, the three dice showed four-five-six.


    Xiao Luo’s five million had now become ten million in the blink of an eye! The excited crowd began mumbling and gesturing around him, creating a deep, droning sound as more gathered to watch. It fed to the growing awe of the intrepid gambler.


    “Manager Geng, we are in trouble, that fella from the last time is here again.”

    Upstairs, in the Yellow Skies Casino, a waiter burst into the manager’s office, causing Geng Qiuxing, busy with a lady and fondling her all over, to startle and jump.

    Geng Qiuxing, enraged, picked up the ashtray on the table and threw it hard at the waiter. “F*ck, why didn’t you knock before coming it!”

    The ashtray hit the waiter on the forehead, and he fell onto the floor, seeing stars. It was so throbbing with searing pain, and he almost teared up.

    “Baby, leave us for a moment, I need to deal with some matters first.” Geng Qiuxing sniggered lewdly at the lady.

    “Alright, Manager.”

    The lady kissed Geng Qiuxing on the cheeks, then adjusted her wide-open collar, drew up her knickers from around her thighs, straightened her dress, and walked out. When she passed by the waiter, she stomped her feet and snorted angrily to express her annoyance at him. As she did so, the poor waiter couldn’t help thinking about how she gave off incredibly sexy vibes.

    Geng Qiuxing coughed dryly for a couple of times and glared darkly at the waiter lying on the floor after the door to the office closed. “Stop playing dead on the floor, get up now!”

    The waiter hurriedly got off the floor, picked the ashtray, and put it onto Geng Qiuxing’s table deferentially.

    Geng Qiuxing put a cigar in his mouth, lit it, inhaled deeply, and said, “Go on, what’s the matter?”

    “Manager Geng, the fella who had won more than two million in our casino, is here again. At the moment, he had won almost 40 million,” said the waiter.

    “What?! 40 million?”

    Geng Qiuxing shot up from his chair. The net profit of the casino over three months barely hit 40 million.

    How could he possibly remain calm? He quickly strode out of the office to the corridor and looked down from the balustrade. At a glance, he immediately recognized Xiao Luo, who had a crowd gathered around him. Many gamblers and onlookers were loudly cheering him on and calling him the God of Gambling.

    “F*ck, it really is him! I heard Master Long said that the gang had recently smashed up the shops belonging to Luo’s Company. From what I see, he intends to get his own back from our casino.”

    “What should we do, manager, this guy is a freak, whatever he bets, comes out. If we let him continue betting, our casino would go bankrupt over one night,” the waiter said, his face anguished.

    “Follow the old rules, change the dealer, and change the dice, faster, go!”

    Geng Qiuxing was anxious and became even more nervous when he saw that the chips in front of Xiao Luo had piled up into a small mountain, and it was at least 50 million as far as he could tell. If they allowed him to continue winning, the casino would face severe cash flow constraints, making it challenging to maintain capital turnover in the short run. Master Long would not show him any pity after knowing about it.