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Chapter 179 - Mu Zi, What’s Wrong?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 179: Mu Zi, What’s Wrong?

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    It was not an easy thing to maintain the same stance for two hours.

    Half an hour had passed and everyone was starting to feel stiff and tired. Keeping the same posture for too long would surely cause discomfort.

    Feng Yi went to Lightning and Crocodile’s side while trying to hold back his laughter.

    The two of them were standing still like a pole.

    To them, it was as easy as abc.

    “Not bad!” Feng Yi complimented them openly as his eyes glinted with concealed schemes.

    Crocodile and Lightning tried to warn him through eye contact to not do anything stupid.

    He walked around them and suddenly stopped.

    He turned around and looked at one of the freshmen, Feng Yi then said, “You moved!”

    The freshman was nervous as he prayed that Feng Yi would act as if he did not see anything.

    Tang Jinyu was sitting at the side looking at everyone. His sweeping gaze rested on Jian Qi.

    She was standing properly just like Lightning and the rest, and she did not seem pressured at all.

    Jian Qi made eye contact with Tang Jinyu and she winked at him.

    Surprisingly, Tang Jinyu reacted with a faint smile.

    The smile was a sight that was extremely shocking.

    Jian Qi was shocked.

    After that, Tang Jinyu shouted, “Since someone moved, the timer shall restart!”

    Everyone. “…”


    It was as if Tang Jinyu knew what they were thinking as he continued on, “You are a squad. You should have a collective sense of honor and dignity. When someone makes a mistake, everyone will be punished. Do I need to remind all of you again?”

    Everyone instantly felt pressured after listening to Tang Jinyu’s speech. They were afraid that their mistake might determine everyone’s fate.

    Feng Yi inspected one more round and stopped in front of Lightning and Crocodile again. This time he was smiling at them. “It seems like you guys did not set a good example to them.”

    Lightning and Crocodile glared at him in anger.

    ‘This asshole did it on purpose!’

    Boss had always been very strict toward them. He would always punish everyone together even if it were a small mistake and this guy here dared to openly report the mistake.

    Jian Qi had rather mixed feelings.

    ‘Little Tang Tang, you’re such a psycho. Are you sure you’re not just petty over that plate of rice?’

    Fortunately, nobody made a single mistake in the next two hours.

    “Everyone, a thirty-kilogram weight-bearing extreme marathon!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Everyone thought that the three days of survival assessment was the last stage. However, these few days of intensive training had given them no time to rest and everyone was exhausted. It was not something a normal human being could endure.

    Extreme marathons meant that there would not be any finishing line. They would only finish when they could no longer move another step.

    Jian Qi kept her speed at a normal pace to preserve her energy.

    Everyone that could be here had their own capabilities, hence they all had their own strategies to keep running. However, Feng Yi was chasing after them from the back with a gun and firing shots near their feet.

    Everyone was afraid of him and started running at a faster pace.

    “Feng Yi, you jerk!” Crocodile cursed at him when he almost got shot.

    Feng Yi was not afraid. He lifted his gun, aimed at Crocodile again and fired another shot.

    “Feng Yi, just you wait!”

    Jian Qi noticed that Mu Zi was utterly drenched in sweat next to her, she frowned and asked, “Mu Zi, what’s wrong?”