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Chapter 174 - Coincidences do not Exis

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 174: Coincidences do not Exist

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    She looked on with relish. Even without a fruit knife, it was also quite enjoyable to just bite into the fruit.

    Seeing that Mu Mianmian had seized the knife, Yu Changmo subconsciously wanted to get up and stop her. In a family fight, small arguments could be pleasant, but big ones could turn life-threatening.

    But when Black looked closely, he relaxed and sat down again.

    Mu Mianmian held the fruit knife against her neck, frightening Chen Baichuan till his legs trembled. “Mianmian, what are you doing? put it down…”

    “Since you don’t want this family anymore, what’s the meaning to me living on? Are you going to talk? Are you?” Mu Mianmian threatened him while sobbing.

    To deal with this kind of horrible man who regarded his face as all-important, it was necessary to tuck away whatever values she had at critical moments. Talking and advising him nicely would only be of use if he listened to her in the first place.

    Chen Baichuan was utterly horrified. He was shocked and rooted to the spot.

    Why did Qianmo and Black not have any reaction?

    Because with these two people, one had discerning eyes and astonishing observation skills, while the other was a veteran special forces soldier who had received training involving real knives and guns every day. Chen Baichuan did not understand what was going on, but both of them saw it clearly.

    Mu Mianmian was pressing the back of the knife against her neck. She would not bleed at all.

    Only Chen Baichuan was frightened and did not dare to look carefully. He really believed that Mu Mianmian was going to commit suicide.

    Qian Mo nodded in satisfaction at Mu Mianmian.

    Yep, a warm and virtuous woman would die fast. Since ancient times, it was not possible to keep a womanizer in check, and only tricks would help one win his heart.

    Mu Mianmian had finally stood up for herself!

    In the face of Mu Mianmian’s aggressive gunfire attack, Chen Baichuan could no longer withstand the pressure. He came clean about everything in full detail.

    Today, he had asked the woman’s lover to help him do something. According to the unspoken rules of society, after the matter was handled, he had to treat him to drinks. Without realizing it, he had drunk too much.

    Seeing that Mu Mianmian still did not believe him and she was more or less done watching the drama, Qianmo finally made her move.

    She asked her father about the time, place, and who he passed by. Based on his microexpressions, she inferred something. “He didn’t lie. Everything he said is true.”

    Mu Mianmian did not believe in Chen Baichuan, but towards Qianmo, she took all her words for it.

    “Really?” She lowered the knife bit by bit. Chen Baichuan wiped the sweat on his forehead. Oh dear, this fat wife of his was really scary when she got ferocious.

    “Yep, his expression tells me that everything he said is true.”

    Chen Baichuan finally felt that it was still a bit useful to have raised his daughter. Quickly, he nodded his head like a chicken.

    “But… Although the meetup is real, who knows what happened before that? What happened before drinking?” Qianmo’s turnaround was like a knife slicing through his flesh.

    Chen Baichuan’s heart broke into pieces. He decided to take back his previous naive thoughts.

    Once Qianmo mentioned it, Mu Mianmian immediately recalled.

    “Chen Baichuan! You bastard!” She pressed the knife against her neck again. It was still the back of the knife, though.

    While enjoying the show, Yu Changmo wanted to laugh but dared not.

    Momo’s habit of never being at a disadvantage at all times, it probably took after Mu Mianmian?

    Chen Baichuan was at a loss for words. Right now, even if his body was full of mouths, he would not be able to resolve this matter clearly.

    Giving up in despair, he sat on the ground, grabbed his hair in his hands, and said, “Think whatever you like!”

    Men had a different brain structure from women; they were especially unskilled at debating—Black was an exception, though. The majority of men were like Chen Baichuan.

    Once they failed to explain themselves, it would easily give rise to a rebellious mentality. To put it bluntly, they would feel like they had nothing to lose and act recklessly.

    Fearing that things would really spiral out of control, Qianmo stopped Mu Mianmian before she continued exerting pressure on him.

    It was fine to give men an appropriate amount of pressure. But if it was too much, it would hurt their relationship. The current intimidation was just right.

    “Dad, was you going to the hotel related to the favor you asked your friend for?”

    Lifting his head up, Chen Baichuan glanced at Qianmo in despair. She knew that she had hit the mark. “What’s going on exactly? I think you should talk about it now.”

    “Will all of you believe me if I say it? Didn’t you already label me as a womanizer?” Chen Baichuan was in a terrible mood.

    For a man who liked to look good in the eyes of others, everything that happened tonight had made him very uncomfortable. He felt out of sorts from head to toe, and he found everybody he looked at irritating.

    “The problem now should not be our family having internal strife. Don’t the two of you find the whole affair suspicious? It feels like someone is deliberately setting a trap for us.

    “Of course, if you husband and wife want to continue fighting and causing trouble, that’s your choice. But at the end of it, it’s somebody else who’s laughing.”

    Once Qianmo analyzed, not mincing her words, Mu Mianmian put the knife down. Chen Baichuan’s eyes went blank for a few seconds before he reacted.

    He sprung up from the ground and questioned Qianmo, “You mean someone is plotting against us from behind our backs?!”

    Mu Mianmian did not flare up this time. Instead, she put up a united front with Chen Baichuan as they looked at Qianmo together.

    Qianmo shrugged her shoulders. “In any case, I don’t believe in too many coincidences. Oh, out of so many hotels, so many people, why was it photographed at that precise moment when you entered with someone? Why didn’t somebody else send you back after you drank too much?”

    “Send him back? Wasn’t that woman just a substitute driver?” Mu Mianmian found Qianmo’s words a bit odd.

    Qianmo waved her hands to signal for her to stay calm and said, “This is not the main point.”

    Real life was not a soap opera where the more conflicts and contradictions, the higher the ratings would be. In an ordinary person’s life, if there were too many coincidences, it was fishy.

    Chen Baichuan pondered about it and agreed. He took Mu Mianmian’s mobile phone and looked at the photo over and over again.

    Indeed, the angle of the photo was enough to cause people to misunderstand.

    There was another person behind the duo, but the photographer seemed to deliberately exclude them. He simply took a photo of Chen Baichuan and the woman at the hotel in the same frame.

    “This kind of photo is taken out of context. It’s not just my mom who will feel sad after seeing it. Whoever sees the photo would think that something was going on between you and that woman. You have to believe my mom; her reaction was so big because her feelings for you are deep. If she acted indifferently, you should be crying instead.”

    “Your mom…?” After hearing her use that term for so long, Chen Baichuan finally noticed.

    In an instant, happiness flashed on his face. Qianmo had acknowledged Mianmian?

    When Qianmo saw his expression, she was even more confident. “Mom, put the knife away. He was wrongly accused.”

    Her father still had feelings for her mother. Otherwise, he would not be so delighted to hear her change the way she addressed Mu Mianmian. Microexpressions would not lie.

    “Someone set a trap for us. I think the top priority is to find out the truth. You two better keep yourselves in check. Dad, don’t be angry at Mom. She is concerned about you and cares a lot for you.”

    While Qianmo led her family to end the dispute, she did not forget to whitewash Mu Mianmian, in case the old man pondered on it later, felt aggrieved, and picked a fight with Mu Mianmian.

    Black quickly seized the opportunity to take his side. “Yep, it’s wrong if there’s no response.”

    His father-in-law had calmed down, so it was time to curry favor with him.

    Qianmo’s mouth twitched.

    Chen Baichuan also gave it a thought.

    “Are you mad? I’m really…” Mu Mianmian immediately gave Chen Baichuan a way out of this embarrassing situation. Knowing that he was a proud man, she instantly reconstructed her image of a mistreated wife and looked at him pitifully.