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Chapter 177 - To the Police Station, Y’all

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 177: To the Police Station, Y’all

    Chen Xuyao snorted. “Relax, I’m just teaching two maniacs—a dog and a b*tch—a lesson!”

    Human life was nothing to Chen Xuyao. Since he was young, he had never cared for rules and laws.

    In a split second, the sound of the police siren resonated from a distance away and rapidly got closer and closer. The police cars stopped outside the hotel and a group of policemen barged inside and surrounded the four of them.

    “Don’t move!” Once the police saw two people crouching on the floor in pain, they swiftly turned their attention to the handsome man who was standing as straight as a statue. They were all professionally trained police officers, and they got a little anxious suddenly as they assumed Chen Xuyao was a soldier, either on active duty or retired.

    All the policemen at the station knew how troublesome it would be if the veterans caused a scene.

    “Police! Police! I am Zhang Xinan! Cuff that toy boy immediately! That b*stard attacked me!” As soon as the police arrived, the way Zhang Xinan saw them was if they were angels falling from the sky. He clumsily crawled up from the floor, tugged the captain of the police team, and commanded, “Shoot him! Shoot him! Get that woman into my room!”

    Zhang Xiqing coughed in pain as she lay on the floor, glaring at Zhang Xinan like she was looking at a lunatic.

    Upon Zhang Xinan’s remark, the captain even pushed his hands away disgustingly, trying to keep their distance. They wondered how on earth the Zhang family had managed to raise such an idiot. Did he hit his head or something? Not only did he order the policeman to shoot a guy in broad daylight, but he had also demanded them to get a woman into his room. Seriously? Even the police chief’s son treated them respectfully. Did he think that he owned the police force?

    “Take them all back to the station!” the captain waved his hands around and commanded. He stole a peek at the man in a gray shirt and sighed in relief when he didn’t resist the apprehension.

    The captain was not a dimwit. He could guess what had actually happened after listening to Zhang Xinan’s rambling. It had probably started with the rich brat tackling the pretty lady standing next to the man in the gray shirt, however, things took an ugly turn. Not only did he fail to get the girl, but his ass was kicked in the process.

    The captain threw a disgusted glare at Zhang Xinan, who even needed someone to help him up and support him after being kicked. Then, he turned his glare at the girl who was lying on the floor and frowned in dismay. What role did the pompous Miss Zhang play in this ploy? Was she an accomplice who was helping her cousin snatch the girl? How else could she be beaten up otherwise?

    “Jiang Yao, don’t be scared.” At this moment, Chen Xuyao took his hands out of his pocket and blocked the police officers who were approaching Jiang Yao and said coldly, “We have legs, we can walk on our own.”

    Jiang Yao gave an awkward sideways glance at him. What else should she feel instead of fear?

    However, Jiang Yao said nothing upon Chen Xuyao’s unconcerned expression. She followed him into the same police car and was taken to the police station.

    It wasn’t until Jiang Yao was finally in the police station that she felt everything was like a dream. She was just going to the lobby to meet Chen Xuyao, and unexpectedly, she was apprehended to the police station. Everything seemed to be like…

    Like a drama.

    The four of them were taken to the same interrogation room for questioning.

    Zhang Xiqing was not a fool. She insisted that Chen Xuyao had attacked them first, then urged the police to return to the hotel to investigate or check the surveillance cameras. Then, she proceeded to contact her parents and lawyer.