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Chapter 129 - The Word Had Spread

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 129: The Word Had Spread

    In the morning, Su Cha was awakened by the movement beside her.

    She peered open her eyes and saw that Bo Muyi had gotten up and was putting on his coat.

    She subconsciously observed his movements. Bo Muyi noticed that Su Cha had woken and reached out his warm palm to cover her face, “Cha Cha, there is still some time, go back to sleep.”

    Hearing that, Su Cha obediently closed her eyes. Bo Muyi felt the girl’s long lashes glided on the surface of his palm when she closed her eyes.

    It was ticklish, but he could not stop himself.

    The man lowered his eyes, he was reluctant to leave, but he had no other way.

    For their happy and comfortable life in the future, he needed to work hard now.

    After quickly washing up in the bathroom, Bo Muyi gently closed the door when he left.

    After Bo Muyi left, Su Cha sat up from the bed.

    When she was with Bo Muyi, she could fall asleep very quickly. However, slight movements could also easily wake her up.

    After training her body, her physiques had gradually improved.

    She rubbed her eyes and took a look at the time. It was only five in the morning, which was an hour earlier than her usual waking up time.

    No wonder Bo Muyi let her sleep a little longer.

    It was difficult to fall back asleep now that she was wide awake. Su Cha got out of bed and put on some clothes before she washed up. After that, Su Cha took a video and some photos of the embroidered garment before uploading them onto the Pet Cat Shopping Site.

    The rose design was not simple. Su Cha had used multiple threads to create the star-like rose pattern.

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    This time around, it was not a simple t-shirt. Su Cha made it into a strapless dress. With the intricate rose design, the dress was eye-catching.

    It was a very labor-intensive process to create such an elaborate pattern. Besides, the market price for a white cotton shirt was more than 400 to 500 yuan. After considering the time and effort put into this product, Su Cha priced the dress at 2000 yuan.

    Pet Cat Shopping Site did not have special requirements and guidelines regarding the pricing of products. If items are priced unreasonably at a few thousand yuan, no buyers would be interested.

    If buyers were unsatisfied with the product, refunds and returns could be made quickly without disputes. Hence, these online transactions were safe.

    If the seller threatens the buyer, the buyer can lodge a formal complaint. After the Pet Cat Shopping Site confirmed the facts, the buyer would be banned for some time.

    With such guidelines in place, this was a safe platform for both buyers and sellers.

    After listing the dress online, Su Cha uploaded the timelapse video of her embroidering the shirt onto Meiyin.

    Her first embroidery video did not attract much attention. To date, it only received two likes, and there were no comments.

    Su Cha did not get discouraged. After uploading the second video, she did not bother checking on it.

    After she settled these errands, Su Cha went on a morning run before heading to school.

    The morning air was crisp and refreshing. On her way to school, Su Cha was in a good mood. On the other hand, Le Anqi’s facial expression was gloomy, as she had some dark rumors to share.

    As soon as she saw Su Cha, Le Anqi pulled Su Cha over. Together with Cai Ziya, the two heads huddled close to Su Cha. Le Anqi immediately said, “Do you guys know, a male student from the university next door died yesterday. I heard that he was murdered in a neighborhood, and the murderer has not been found!”

    Yonggu Town was not big, but it was not considered small either. It was appalling to have a murder case. Moreover, the university was very close to Su Cha’s high school, and this gossip spread at the speed of light.

    As soon as Su Cha heard the description, she immediately knew that it was about Li Dongfeng.