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Chapter 130 - You Are A Cold And Ruthless Person

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 130: You Are A Cold And Ruthless Person

    As Le Anqi did not know Su Cha’s address, she was unaware that the incident had occurred where Su Cha lived.

    Le Anqi had only vaguely heard about the incident. As the case occurred outside, the university did not try to suppress the news. Hence, the story was widely spread.

    Cai Ziya was shocked, “Is it a murder?”

    Le Anqi seemed eager to see the world in chaos, she replied, “It looked like it was a murder. But, the murderer had not been apprehended. I don’t know why someone would kill a university student in a residential area. It’s good that we stay on campus. Su Cha, be careful on your way home from school. I remember that you stay in a similar residential area?”

    The topic turned to Su Cha. Su Cha would sense Le Anqi’s concern, she did not mention that the murder occurred right outside her window. Su Cha slightly nodded, “I know.”

    Cai Ziya was also filled with worry, “Then, Su Cha, please be more careful…”

    The duo recalled how Su Cha beat a group up with a wooden rod, but that was nothing compared to murder. In essence, Le Anqi and Cai Ziya still considered Su Cha a “weak” girl.

    Seeing that Cai Ziya was genuinely worried, Le Anqi brightly smiled, “It will be okay. It might just have been a misunderstanding between the murderer and the victim. Su Cha will be safe, let’s not be too worried.”

    While two girls continued talking about the matter, other students in the class were also exchanging opinions about the incident. Su Cha remained silent.

    Soon, the teacher-in-charge, He Qun, entered the class for the morning self-study session. She made a special announcement to remind students to be cautious on their way home and not to loiter outside.

    When she said that, she directed her gaze to Su Cha.

    Although no one in the class was aware, He Qun knew that the murder had happened in Su Cha’s neighborhood as she knew Su Cha’s address.

    He Qun did not know what to say. She was afraid of causing the girl unnecessary worry, but at the same time, she wanted to appease the girl’s fear.

    However, judging from Su Cha’s calm expression, He Qun was relieved.

    During an afternoon class, Su Cha received a notification from the Pet Cat Shopping Site.

    Visit our comic site

    [Meow, hello storeowner, a customer had placed an order at your store…]

    After class, Su Cha logged into the Pet Cat Shopping Site APP. Indeed, someone had purchased the dress. Su Cha noticed that the familiar ID had left her a few important messages.

    I am a flying pig: This new dress is beautiful. I will have to eat toast now, you are pricing the clothes more expensive than before. But what can I do? I am willing to buy them.

    I am a flying pig: Oh, you use Meiyin too? I saw your video on Meiyin!!

    I am a flying pig: You are so talented! I can’t see how you embroider through the video! I shared your video with my classmates! They said the design is stunning. How did you even embroider that? I only know people who can, at best, knit a sweater…

    I am a flying pig: Please reply to my messages when you are online, you can add me on WeChat. That would make it more convenient to purchase clothes in the future~

    Store owner: Thank you for your support!

    As the other party was online, Su Cha soon got a reply.

    I am a flying pig: Hohoho, from your tone, I can tell that you are a cold and ruthless person. I asked for your WeChat, but you ignore that!

    Store owner: …