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Chapter 131 - Little Tiao

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 131: Little Tiao

    What a funny girl, Su Cha thought to herself.

    As this girl was Su Cha’s first customer, Su Cha decided to give the girl her WeChat ID.

    Soon, Su Cha received a friend request.

    The other party’s ID was “flying pig.”

    She must be obsessed with pigs, even her WeChat handle had the word pig in it.

    The profile was the image of an anime character. Su Cha did not plan on looking into her circle of friends, and she did not take the initiative to send a greeting message.

    The flying pig initiated a conversation.

    Flying pig: Hello~

    Cha Yi: Hello, I am going to class now. Talk to you after school.

    Flying pig: …

    No matter how the party reacted, Su Cha logged out of WeChat.

    Su Cha saw that the other party had talked about Meiyin, and she quickly clicked into Meiyin APP.

    As soon as she logged in, she received many red digital notifications. The notifications represented the number of @ or comments Su Cha’s account received.

    There were hundreds of them.

    Su Cha was surprised at the numbers. She checked her post and saw that the video had received 500 likes and more than a hundred comments. Most of the comments praised Su Cha’s fantastic embroidery skills.

    2998429: It looks incredible, but I cannot clearly see how you embroidered it!

    Araco Tech: When I saw the final product, I continuously hit the like button! If I didn’t know that you stitched it thread by thread, I would have thought that the pattern was printed…

    Yun Meiyao: May I know what embroidery technique you use? I feel like you did not use the cloud embroidery method.

    Craigo: This isn’t the cloud embroidery method. The owner of the video has superb skills!

    Grass on the Wall: Another talent has emerged on Meiyin!!


    Most of the comments sang high praises for Su Cha. No matter if it was a professional in the field or an amateur, everyone expressed their admiration for Su Cha’s embroidery skills after they watched the video.

    After the final review of the design, the vivid star-like rose made the viewer gasp in approval.

    In one short afternoon, Su Cha gained hundreds of fans on Meiyin. Even her previous Meiyin video became more popular.

    Su Cha did not know if her newest video brought about the popularity, or if it was thanks to the flying pig’s promotion. Su Cha believed that it was mostly the latter.

    Su Cha was grateful that her Meiyin videos had become more popular. Although it is the other party’s ID handle, Su Cha cannot possibly continue addressing her as the flying pig, right?

    It seemed like the other party was a lively and cheerful girl.

    It was time for class. Su Cha decided to message the other party after all the lessons for the day were over.

    Cha Yi: Thank you for promoting my videos.

    It was as if the flying pig was always online. Right after Su Cha sent the message, she received a reply.

    Flying pig: You’re welcome. Some of my classmates are small influencers on Meiyin. It is easy to promote your channel. You can recheck it later tonight.

    Flying pig: Based on the time you end school, I’m guessing that you are in high school?

    Cha Yi: Yes, in my senior year.

    Flying pig: You are too amazing!!! How can you juggle studying and embroidery in your senior year, that’s really cool!

    Cha Yi: Thank you, but how do I address you?

    Su Cha had asked politely, and the flying pig probably knew what was going on.

    Flying pig: Haha, I have used this username for a game account in the past. I’ve been using it for a really long time and was too lazy to change it. You can call me Little Tiao.

    Cha Yi: Okay, Little Tiao.

    Flying pig: Hmm, the dress is really gorgeous, I really love it!! I hope I can quickly wear it out! My classmates were really envious of the dress I bought the previous time!