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Chapter 132 - The College Entrance Examinations Are Approaching

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 132: The College Entrance Examinations Are Approaching

    Little Tiao’s behavior on WeChat was identical to her behavior on the Pet Cat Shopping Site. After returning home, Su Cha promptly mailed the dress and dropped Little Tiao a message to inform her.

    As the “Dreams In Progress” competition date drew near, Su Cha spent the rest of her time revising and practicing her singing.

    The “Dreams In Progress” competition gradually gained popularity as the audition phase came to an end.

    On its official website, the names of the 100 finalists were revealed, and online discussions about the competition became increasingly heated.

    Although Su Cha was well-known in Yonggu Town, she was not considered very popular.

    In every year’s audition, the focus is mainly placed on the competition among contestants in the top-tier cities. The best singers would even choose to directly enter the auditions held in the Imperial Capital or other top-tier towns in the nation. It was not only because of the popularity of the competition region but also the fame of the judges in these cities. The judges in popular cities were famous singers and celebrities who have significant influence.

    Contestants who managed to earn praise and admiration of these judges would have a considerable advantage in the competition.

    Across the different cities, there were also differences in the levels of popularity.

    In some cities, some contestants gained an advantage as their fan clubs started forming online. However, in Yonggu Town, such an occurrence had not happened.

    Among 100 contestants, only 10 would make it to the finals that would be held in the Imperial Capital.

    It would be challenging, but Su Cha was not worried. At that moment, her priority was the college entrance examination.

    Her relationship with Bo Muyi had stabilized. However, as he was about to leave Yonggu Town, Bo Muyi became extremely busy. He could not find time to visit Su Cha and could only call her.

    It was finally June. The “Dreams In Progress” audition had completed, and it was almost time for the college entrance examinations.

    It was a stressful time for everyone, even the usually carefree Le Anqi started to feel the pressure.

    Under such circumstances, everyone would naturally feel a sense of pressure unless they treated it with a calm mind.

    Su Cha was one of those people.

    Frankly speaking, she should have been more nervous than anyone else.

    After all, she had a serious bet on her head. She had to emerge first in her cohort. Otherwise, she would not only be the laughing stock of the school but also have to kneel in front of Yu Chuai.

    No one believed that Su Cha could surpass Min Chen in the exams.

    As the college entrance examinations date drew nearer, there were no more mock exams. Even the teacher-in-charge, He Qun, did not know Su Cha’s actual academic standard.

    He Qun could see that although Su Cha had been working hard, she did not share the same sense of urgency as the other students. Su Cha remained calm and was unhurried, and that made He Qun worried for her.

    Not only did the students know about the bet, but the news also spread among the teachers in school.

    Class Seven’s Chang Wugui even mocked Su Cha’s arrogance and ignorance in front of He Qun. At that time, He Qun blushed and said, “Even if Su Cha cannot surpass Min Chen, that’s alright. But, if she manages to attain the same score as her mock exams, you can no longer accuse her of cheating!”

    That statement rendered Chang Wugui speechless.

    After all, all the teachers believed that Su Cha’s mock examination scores were the result of cheating. As soon as Su Cha publically set an unrealistic goal, everyone quickly forgot about the vast improvement she made in the mock exams. Everyone in school was focused on whether she could surpass Min Chen in the college entrance examinations and completely forgot about her unbelievable improvements in her last test.

    But, it seemed like everyone had determined that the key now was whether Su Cha could surpass Min Chen.