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Chapter 191 - Does He Like Me?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 191: Does He Like Me?

    Ning Meng scanned the girl standing in front of her. Her body was thin and her skin was fair. The most beautiful of all her facial features were her apricot eyes. They were sparkly and made her look particularly cute. She did not have the stunning features that would attract others with just one look but she did have some exquisite features which were pleasing to look at. The outline of her face profile was sharp and distinctive, giving her a sense of elegance.

    Ning Meng smiled. “Yes?”

    Li Shiyao was very timid, so she lowered her head when Ning Meng looked over. She did not dare to meet her eyes and felt embarrassed. “Liu Ying actually looked for me before…”

    Before she could finish her sentence, Zhen Shanmei became furious. “Are you of the same feather as them, too?”

    Li Shiyao was shocked and waved her hands in panic. She could not string her sentence together properly. “No, I didn’t… I…”

    Due to panic, her eyes started to flush red and well up with tears.

    Ning Meng immediately replied, “I believe you.”

    She looked around the area and said, “Come with me!”

    Li Shiyao breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. She trailed Ning Meng from behind as they returned to Ning Wentao’s office. Ning Meng quickly pushed the door open to enter. Ning Wentao was not around when they went in. He might have gone to the Public Relations Department.

    Ning Meng gestured for Zhen Shanmei and Li Shiyao to sit on the sofa. She looked at Zhen Shanmei.

    “What are you doing here?”

    Zhen Shanmei replied in a fawning tone. “Um, it’s about the Weibo status that I posted. I was trying to stand up for you but I did not expect a scolding match to follow suit…”

    “Scolding match?” Ning Meng was stunned. “Let me check it out.”

    She picked up her phone, opened her Weibo, and logged in using her ‘sourandsweet’ username. She found Zhen Shanmei’s Weibo and read the comments… and she almost exploded.

    Ning Meng always knew that there were many keyboard warriors on the internet. Even in her real world, she had seen how people waged war against each other on Weibo, so she understood that the internet did not bode well with her. Thus, she rarely checked out her messages and private chats. She had prepared herself for this today but her eyes still turned red when she saw the anger being spewed out.

    She started throwing her own spite at these people.

    [A high-ranked prostitute is still a virgin? Haha, this is the biggest joke I’ve heard today.]

    –@sourandsweet: [All you do is open and close your mouth the whole day spewing nonsense. Even the toilet bowl in my house is cleaner than your mouth! Also, your existence is a joke!]

    [Why do you protect her so much? Does she feed you her scraps?]

    –@sourandsweet: [The representative has no grapes to eat yet she’s saying that the grapes are sour. She’s not a straw boat, don’t forget to pay your debts!]

    [Both of you are disgusting. The failures of the wealthy society. Scums!]

    –@sourandsweet: [Don’t speak on behalf of the wealthy. Because you’re not even a human person.]

    Ning Meng was engrossed on her phone throwing spite out for half an hour when suddenly, she heard someone exclaim, “Ah!”

    She lifted her head, feeling perplexed, and saw Zhen Shanmei staring at her phone with her eyes lit up. “There’s a boss who is helping me scold these people! How refreshing!”

    After saying this, she stood up and showed her phone display to Ning Meng. “Take a look at this! This ‘sourandsweet’ is my friend.”

    She continued with her face flushed red. “When I broke up with Li Haojie, he came to my rescue. He’s also the first person who ran over to help me fight back against the others. Ning Meng, since he cares for me this much… Do you think he likes me?”


    Ning Meng quietly looked at her own phone and subtly swiped Weibo out of her screen. “Who said that it’s a guy?”

    “With how he notices the details, of course he’s a guy! Also, he gives me the feeling that he’s a humorous and handsome kind of guy!”

    Ning “handsome guy” Meng was rendered speechless.