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Chapter 477 - Friday, Battle Starts!

Medical Master
     Chapter 477

    Friday, Battle Starts!

    Although there were many famous scenic spots in Jiangjing, which were well-known in the whole country, there were not many tourists on weekdays.

    This week, however, the normally quiet city had suddenly become lively.

    For some reason, every day a large number of people came here by high-speed trains, trains, planes, and buses.

    As soon as they arrived in Jiangjing, they rushed to the suburb.

    Their destination was Elder Yi’s manor in the suburb of the city!

    Apparently, these people were here to watch the big battle between the mysterious man John Doe and Qingfeng Jian Li Chengtian.

    That was why Elder Yi had been so busy in recent days.

    Martial arts practitioners and Martial Superiors from all over the country, no matter whether they were experts or not, went to his manor as soon as they arrived in Jiangjing.

    In order to greet these martial arts practitioners, Elder Yi especially drew a map and posted it on the Wulin online forum for everyone to watch in case they got lost.

    He had expected only a few dozen people to come from other provinces.

    But to his surprise, dozens of people came on the first day, dozens more on the second day, more on the third day, and more on the fourth day.

    By a rough calculation, hundreds of people from other provinces had come.

    Most of them were Martial Superiors, and few were martial arts practitioners.

    As the owner of the manor, Elder Yi naturally had to take care of these people.

    But these people did not care at all about Elder Yi’s reception of them; when they met Elder Yi, they all asked him to save a place for themselves; some even asked Elder Yi to give them a room and let them live in the manor.

    Of course, Elder Yi would not allow them to live in the manor, and he dared not give anyone a place.

    Everything would be determined by the order in which people arrived on the night of the battle.

    Of course, Elder Yi mentioned the conditions of the entry into the manor.

    In addition to being strong enough, these people had to pay an entrance fee each.

    There was no hard rule for the fee.

    But the demand for strength was much higher than before.

    Only the Martial Superiors could enter the manor.

    After all, only Martial Superiors could be enlightened by the two men’s battle, and the martial arts practitioners could not see anything; even if the latter got into the manor, they would not have any harvest.

    Eventually, after Elder Yi issued the rules, everyone settled down in the suburb.

    Then, almost all of the hotels in the suburb were fully booked.

    Under such circumstances, some people went to the manor to have tea with Elder Yi and exchange their thoughts on cultivation every day in order to get closer to Elder Yi and thus get a fixed position.

    But Elder Yi was selfless and gave them no chance.

    This made these visitors very helpless.

    Many of them were angry with Elder Yi, but on second thought, they knew Elder Yi was not someone they could offend. After all, it was from Elder Yi’s manor that the mysterious man John Doe became popular, and now John Doe had set the battle site in Elder Yi’s manor. Apparently he was closer to Elder Yi.

    Thinking of this, many indignant people could only suppress the anger in their hearts and didn’t dare to fall out with Elder Yi.

    After all, if they fell out with Elder Yi and created a disturbance here, the mysterious man John Doe was sure to pick on them. Then they would be in trouble.

    After all, right now on the Wulin online forum, everyone was terrified of the mysterious man John Doe.

    Although John Doe was a good man who had done a number of things to punish the bad guys and eliminate the evil ones, everyone clearly remembered that all the people John Doe had dealt with ended up losing their kung fu.

    This kind of punishment was too cruel and terrible for martial arts practitioners.

    As a result, few people dared mess with John Doe.

    Naturally, few people dared to provoke Elder Yi.

    Time passed quickly.

    In a flash, Friday came.

    In advance, all the local Martial Superiors gathered in Elder Yi’s manor and began to wait.

    The martial arts practitioners from other provinces were all shut out and told that the time had not yet come.

    By five o’clock in the afternoon, about one hundred people had gathered outside the manor.

    These days, in order to receive these people, Elder Yi specially asked professionals to transform the manor; some unnecessary vegetation, rocks, etc., were taken away from the manor, and a large space was left for all the tables and chairs.

    Therefore, as the Martial Superiors of Jiangjing all entered the manor, they still felt that the manor was very empty. After all, there were few Martial Superiors in Jiangjing.

    At seven o’clock in the evening, the gate opened.

    The people officially entered the manor!

    This time, Elder Yi himself stood at the gate to greet them.

    People lined up to get in.

    Soon the manor was full of people.

    Finally, thanks to the transformation, the manor was able to accommodate all the experts at the Martial Superior Level from other provinces.

    Although it looked crowded, it didn’t disappoint many people.

    The big tables in the manor were changed into rectangular tables for two and four.

    When all the tables were filled, the waiters of the manor began to move about to collect the entrance fees.

    It was just the entrance fee, not a bet!

    After all, it cost Elder Yi money to renovate the manor.

    Because there were no hard rules, some people gave 10 yuan, some 50, some 100, some a few hundred, and some even more than 10,000.

    Unwittingly, everyone in the manor was competing for giving more money.

    The waiters were overjoyed.

    After collecting the entrance fees, Elder Yi asked the waiters to serve these people with good food and wine.

    Each table had a pot of wine and several dishes.

    Food and wine could even be ordered, but the price was expensive.

    At the same time, there were some graceful beauties in the arena, ready to perform, for everyone to kill the boring time.

    At half-past six, just as everyone watched the show happily, a whistling sound rang.


    Like a bullet from a gun, a beam of white light burst from the distant night sky, and in an instant, it was over the manor.

    As everyone took a closer look, they found that it was a middle-aged man of about 50.

    “Qingfeng Jian Li Chengtian!”

    At the sight of this man, the whole audience was surprised.

    “He is worthy of being an eighth-class Martial Superior with an opened meridian. His ability to move in the air has reached such a level! He can stay in the air for so long.”

    Everyone gasped, staring at Li Chengtian floating in the air.

    At this point, Elder Yi got up, asked the performers in the arena to leave, and cupped his hands to greet Li Chengtian.



    Without saying anything, Li Chengtian rushed down and landed on the arena.

    Now the audience could see him clearly.

    He wore a white embroidered ribbon tied to his head, a white silk robe, and an old sash about a handbreadth across his waist. At first sight, he seemed ethereal, as if he was not a person in the secular world.

    In addition to his clothes, Li Chengtian had a square face with dashing eyebrows, a Roman nose, and sharp eyes.

    Now he had a very strange sword in his hand.

    The sword was all green, but it was certainly made of iron; there was a faint wind around the scabbard, with a trace of rather sharp energy Qi.

    “Is that Qingfeng Sword?”

    “What a terrifying sword! It can draw energy Qi even in the scabbard.”

    “No wonder he’s the best among equals. Since he has the sword, today, the mysterious man John Doe will probably lose!”

    Various arguments were heard one after another.

    In the arena, Elder Yi cupped his hands and said to Li Chengtian, “Senior, please wait a moment.”

    At his words, Li Chengtian glanced at Elder Yi, nodded slightly, and sat cross-legged.

    He laid his sword flat on his folded legs, then closed his eyes and waited quietly.

    Around the arena, those outstanding figures from different places were constantly talking.

    The appointed time was seven o’clock in the evening, and it was already six forty-five.

    As the time approached, the chatter under the arena grew louder.

    “It’s almost time for the battle. How come John Doe hasn’t come yet?”

    “Yeah, Li Chengtian’s already here.”

    “The mysterious man John Doe is too arrogant. How dare he let Li Chengtian wait for him?”

    “I mean, would John Doe be hiding in the darkness, seeing Li Chengtian and Qingfeng Sword in his hand. Knowing he was no match for Li Chengtian, he was scared off?”

    “Oh, that is possible.”

    “That’s right. John Doe already took the 10 million. Even if he suddenly changes his mind and doesn’t fight with Li Chengtian, he’ll be sure to make the 10 million.”

    “My God, John Doe isn’t like that, is he?”

    “Who knows? Think about it, now that John Doe has sold Earth Treasures for money, he must be short of money. Maybe it’s all a hoax. He’s going to swindle the 10 million and run away with it.”


    There was a great deal of discussion.

    While everyone was talking, they looked around for the mysterious man John Doe.

    As a result, the mysterious man, John Doe, did not appear when it was 6:55 p.m.

    At the moment, everyone grew anxious.

    Had the mysterious man John Doe really escaped?

    Time was still passing.

    At 6: 57, the mysterious man John Doe didn’t show up.

    At 6: 58, he still hadn’t.

    At 6:59, the mysterious man John Doe hadn’t shown up yet.

    It was almost the appointed time, and the mysterious man John Doe hadn’t shown up yet.

    There was a sudden uproar in the manor.

    However, compared to the audience, as one of the protagonists of the battle, Li Chengtian still sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, without showing the slightest anxiety.

    Anyway, if the mysterious man John Doe didn’t show up, he would wait here until he showed up.

    Then it was seven o’clock!

    It was the time.

    Everyone frantically looked around for the mysterious man John Doe.

    At that moment, there was a sudden whistle.


    They looked towards the source of the sound.

    As they turned their heads, they saw a dark figure rush into the arena.

    When he landed, there was no sound, like a ball of cotton.

    The crowd looked closely and saw that the man was wearing a black tracksuit and a black mask. Only his eyes were visible.

    “John Doe!”

    “Haha, he’s finally here.”

    “I thought he’d run off with the money, but here he is.”

    “How could John Doe run off? As long as he has an engagement to fight, he is sure to come, even if he has to go abroad, let alone at home. For instance, didn’t he go to Outer Mongolia last time?”

    “Well, he has come, but so what? He puts on airs!”

    “I admit that the mysterious man John Doe is strong, but when they’ve made an appointment, he had Li Chengtian waited for him for 15 minutes. Is he too arrogant?”

    “He’s not a celebrity who’s going to walk on the red carpet. What’s this about putting on airs? The appointed time was at seven o’clock, and now he has arrived on time. Why did he have to come early? Does it mean he’s putting on airs when he didn’t come early? Why don’t they race to see who comes early?”

    The chatter spread.

    In the arena, Li Chengtian, who had been sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, finally opened them when Fang Qiu landed.