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Chapter 175 - Oh My, So Touching

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 175: Oh My, So Touching

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    Chen Baichuan wiped his beaten face. “Forget it, I won’t bicker with you women. For our daughter’s sake, I’ll forgive you.”

    As long as he was shown his due respect, he was a man who was particularly easy to take down.

    “Then why did you go to the hotel?” Qianmo asked.

    Chen Baichuan took out a small box from his pocket and opened it in front of Mu Mianmian’s face. It dazzled brightly under the light, captivating the onlookers.

    Mu Mianmian covered her mouth.

    Based on what she saw, it was a diamond ring that was at least 0.8 carat. It glittered with various colors under the light. Any woman who laid her eyes on it would be moved.

    Chen Baichuan’s face was crimson red. He had intended to give this to her sneakily as he felt it improper to do it in front of the children. But now that things had come to this, with even a knife involved, if he continued keeping his mouth shut, something might really happen.

    “This… This… We’re about to get married, and since you don’t want to make it a big deal, I thought… The wedding banquet can be simple, but the wedding ring must be at least decent.” With Chen Baichuan’s character, it was not easy for him to say this.

    Mu Mianmian covered her mouth and cried.

    Women were just that emotional. Within a second, they could be so touched that they would become a complete mess.

    Whenever Chen Baichuan went out for dinner, he would always hear his friends’ female companions discuss diamond rings and whatnots. Although it was just a shiny rock in his opinion, it seemed that women really cared about it.

    When he thought about how Mu Mianmian was an honorable woman getting married for the first time—that too with a divorced old man—and how they were not even hosting a wedding banquet, he felt like it was an insult to her. Since the sea cucumbers had been shipped out and he had made some money, he thought about buying her a better diamond ring.

    He went to the mall to see a few types, wanting to surprise Mu Mianmian. He even asked his friend for recommendations. However, his friend warned him about local products; instead, he told him that those from foreign countries were both cheap and good. As Chen Baichuan was busy and could not go abroad, he requested the fox’s lover to help him bring back one from overseas.

    This photo was taken by someone when Chen Baichuan went to the hotel to get this ring.

    He came clean about the whole matter. In a split second, Mu Mianmian was wrapped around his little finger. Then, when she looked at Chen Baichuan’s face, which was full of scratches, deep regret overwhelmed her.

    “Mianmian, staying with me is an injustice to you. However, I promise to let you and Qianmo lead a good life. This… I’ll put it on you?” Chen Baichuan said after giving it a thought. Either way, he would be embarrassed, so he decided to go for broke.

    Mu Mianmian held out her hand, her chubby face full of tears from crying.

    At a time like this, there should be some touching background music. Qianmo also felt moved, but Black, who was sitting at the side, struggled internally for a long time before speaking up, “Uncle, I think that… Wait a moment.”

    Holding the ring, Chen Baichuan was about to put it on his wife-to-be. Mu Mianmian’s sausage-like chubby hand stretched out and stopped in mid-air. The whole family looked at Yu Changmo together.

    Such offensive words, Black had initially not wanted to say them.

    However, if he did not get it off his chest, Chen Baichuan would be suffering a loss. Furthermore, Momo would definitely be unhappy that her father got cheated. And if Momo was unhappy…

    The whole world was not worth her sorrow.

    “Uncle, can you let me take a look at the ring?”

    Chen Baichuan had no idea about what he was going to do, so he handed the ring to him. Black took two glances and was all the more certain.

    “Uncle, how much did you spend on this?”

    “Twenty-five thousand.”

    When Mu Mianmian heard this, a pile of sea cucumbers popped up in her head, a pile!

    “Why did you spend so much money? How many baby sea cucumbers did you have to sell?”

    “With VG cut, I color, and VS clarity, the market price of a 0.8-carat diamond should be about 4,000 USD. The price Uncle bought it at is not considered expensive.”

    Chen Baichuan was not familiar with diamonds. Scratching his head, he said, “Old Zhao brought this back for me. He said that it was on some promotion, and he happened to be on a business trip. With our years of friendship, he would not go so far as to cheat me.”

    Qianmo took the diamond ring from Black’s hand. She scrutinized it under the light for a long time, even fishing out a flashlight to shine on it.

    “Sorry, Uncle, but he really… tricked you. This is not a diamond; it’s a Mosang stone.”

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian chorused, “Mosang stone?”

    What… was that?

    After examining it for a long while, she also found it somewhat strange, but she could not pinpoint it. “Black, are you sure this is fake? The diamond fire and brilliance seems very good.”

    Chen Baichuan also chimed in, “Yeah, it’s impossible for Old Zhao to lie to me. He even gave me some pen that he said was specifically for diamond testing…”

    Qianmo was stunned.

    Wasn’t he… the man she met in the mall with a fake bag?

    “Diamond tester pen is also known as a thermal conductivity probe. In general, diamonds have the highest thermal conductivity amongst materials; hence, the pen can indeed be used to identify diamonds.

    “However, Mosang stones’ thermal conductivity is about the same as diamonds. You’ll not be able to distinguish them with just the diamond tester pen.”

    Yu Changmo gave all of them a lecture.

    “A natural Mosang stone can only be found in meteorite impact craters. Due to their rarity, most of the stones on the market are synthetic. What’s more, their appearances are exceptionally similar to diamonds.

    “All in all, it is difficult to differentiate the two with the naked eye. Besides, it is a gem with the closest physical characteristics to diamonds.”

    Qianmo took off the necklace that Sister Nuonuo had given her; it had a diamond on it. After making a comparison, she noticed the problem. “The fire and brilliance of this fake diamond seem to be shinier. Despite being good, it’s not clear enough.”

    Although it was shiny, there was something missing compared to a real diamond.

    “Diamonds are singly refractive, while Mosang stones are doubly refractive. Therefore, with the naked eye, the Mosang stone would appear more sparkly. However, under natural light, it would appear dull.

    “On the other hand, diamonds would remain clear under natural light. They are more likely able to withstand careful appreciation over time. In terms of price, Mosang stones cost one-tenth the price of diamonds.”

    Natural Mosang stones were one-tenth the price of real diamonds, not to mention the synthetic ones. On top of that, the artificial stones, even those that cost 180, were prone to wear and tear.

    Yu Changmo’s family situation was unique, to say the least. From a young age, he had grown up touching these.

    His maternal grandmother’s family had a mine with no one to inherit it. His mother was a criminal psychologist, his Sister Princess was only focused on using a knife to dissect corpses, and his father was engaged in scientific research every day. These people had no intention of taking over the family business. Hence, his maternal grandmother thought about the twins.

    Every so often, she would take these things out to teach him and his younger brother. At the same time, she would stare at the brothers’ reactions, her eyes sparkling with desire. Clearly, she wanted to get her hands on one of them to make him her heir.

    Black was usually honest, but at the critical moment, he could also be sinister. Back then, he had pretended to be silly and naive, unable to distinguish the diamonds. His brother, the bossy CEO, was taken away by his grandmother to become a capable heir.

    Therefore, Black could point out these things with just a glance, which were difficult for ordinary people to discern.

    “In recent years, the workmanship of Mosang stones is getting increasingly better. For those with better cutting, there have been frequent cases where they were faked as real diamonds to scam people,” Black said grimly. “Uncle, you’ve been cheated.”

    “One-tenth?!” The mountains of sea cucumbers that had popped into the head of Mu Mianmian, who knew how to live economically, just now instantly collapsed.

    This had gone too far!

    Although it was not easy for commoners to distinguish between diamonds and Mosang stones, people familiar with them could differentiate them at a glance.

    With jewelry, it was nothing more than a personal preference, be it wearing diamonds, or wearing Mosang stone. The fanciness and simplicity depended on a person’s budget. But selling Mosang stone at the price of a real diamond, that was a fraud.