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Chapter 838 - You’re Drooling All Over the Ground

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 838: You’re Drooling All Over the Ground

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    It was the middle of May, the season of bloom for roses. The roses in the garden of Lishan Mansion had bloomed into vibrant and colorful flowers, appearing extremely vivid.

    Wen Xinya sat beneath the roses and read through her revision materials. There was a wide array of fruits and snacks on the table beside her, and she munched on them while studying.

    Si Yiyan was dressed in a green shirt and light gray sweatpants. He walked on the stone pathway slowly towards her, appearing refined, classy and graceful.

    Wen Xinya gazed at Si Yiyan, whom she found to be incredibly attractive. No words could describe his beauty.

    He had the elegance of a Tang poem, though he was also refined and exquisite like a melody. He was also inexplicable like a novel. He was undoubtedly Si Yiyan.

    Yes! She preferred calling him Ninth Young Master!

    It was so formidable!

    Si Yiyan walked towards her and caressed her lips gently. “Your drool is all over the ground.”

    Wen Xinya pouted and said, “Don’t make me sound like I’m crazy over boys.”

    Si Yiyan did not bother saving her any face at all. “Sure, you’re not crazy about boys. You were so smitten and distracted by me that you didn’t even realize you dropped the fruit in your hand.”

    Wen Xinya retorted self-righteously. “I was just admiring you. Admiring, alright? That’s a very noble word. Don’t make it out to be so tacky and uncultured.”

    Si Yiyan rubbed her hair affectionately and said, “I heard from Mrs. Tan that you asked about me. What’s the matter?”

    Previously, he had been involved in a video conference and, as soon as he was done, Mrs. Tan informed him that Wen Xinya had asked about him several times during the call. She kept wanting to find out when his video conference would end.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and answered, “Nothing! I just wanted to tell you that I have already successfully acquired that plot of land belonging to the Xia Family, and I wanted you to celebrate with me.”

    She was obviously over the moon about her success, because that plot of land played an important role in the future expansion of her business empire.

    Si Yiyan picked Wen Xinya up in his arms and sat down on the rattan chair before placing her on his lap. Holding her by her waist affectionately, he exclaimed, “Congrats! You’ve been planning for this for such a long time and you finally got what you wanted.”

    Wen Xinya had previously bought several plots of land in the Western district and this plot of land belonging to the Xia Family happened to be near the other pieces of land that she owned. If she were to acquire the Xia Family’s plot of land, she would be able to build her business. Once the bullet train tracks were built in that area, it would become a business district and the greatest one in the city, all thanks to her. The mere thought of it was amazing enough. It was little wonder that she was so overjoyed.

    Wen Xinya kissed him on the cheek and looked at him before saying solemnly, “A while ago, Lanxin Company and Lanxin Investments Firm have been transferred to me after some procedures handled by Qiu Yifan. Si Yiyan, I’m already an adult now. It’s time for me to start building my business empire.”

    The investments company was only the first step of her life, and it was her gateway to building connections, gaining capital and accumulating her wealth.

    The cosmetics store was only the second part of her plan, and it was the pathway for her to advance towards acquiring power.

    Now, the second step of her life plan had already been completed.

    The third step of her plan was to hire students from the discussion forum and overseas student association. It would also be completed soon!

    It was time she started building her business empire.

    Due to the fact that she was underage, it used to be rather inconvenient for her to do anything and she would have to rely on others, thus causing her plans to stagnate. Now that she had already become an adult, she possessed the rights to take on responsibilities and her decisions would be legally recognized.

    Si Yiyan peeled a red grape and placed it into her mouth. “Don’t worry, rest assured and expand your business. I… will stay by your side and guide you along.”

    Wen Xinya stuffed a red grape into Si Yiyan’s mouth and exclaimed, “Here’s your reward!”

    Si Yiyan nibbled her ear gently before saying, “Forget what I said. I prefer it when you reward me in bet.”

    Wen Xinya cocked her head towards the side and chided. “How indecent.”

    Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “Wen Xinya, look… the grapevines are extending outwards and they’re beginning to intertwine around each other, just like the rose vines that are already tangled up. The roses have bloomed and come into fruition. Companionship and love are the greatest things in life.”

    Wen Xinya was reminded of the time when Si Yiyan showed her around the large yard during her first official visit to Lishan Mansion, during which he had said the same words.

    She still remembered how she got a nosebleed because of what he said.

    Si Yiyan casually plucked a rose and stuck it in her hair. He then kissed her hair gently and said, “Xinya, from now on… I’ll pluck the most beautiful flower in this yard and stick it in your hair. It shall accentuate your beauty and complement you while showing you my romance, alright?”

    The beauty of the roses could not compare to hers at all. In fact, they made her look even more ravishing.

    Wen Xinya touched the rose beside her ear gently and said smilingly, “You shouldn’t ruin flowers so cruelly! Everyone has a part to play in conserving botany.”

    It was a beautiful image, though it was a pity that it was too cruel.

    Chuckling, Si Yiyan said, “Flowers are meant to be plucked. We shouldn’t wait until they’re withered. They should be plucked when they are at the peak of their beauty.”

    He sounded rather deep and profound.

    Wen Xinya gritted her teeth. Si Yiyan had been by her side ever since she was a puerile teenager. Once she bloomed, he deflowered her when she was at the peak of her beauty.

    Si Yiyan kissed her cheeks, which were as rosy and vibrant as the roses. She looked sultry, ravishing and alluringly gorgeous.

    Si Yiyan began to feel a little aroused, though he quickly held his urges back and changed the subject. “Now that the matter involving the Xia Family has come to rest, is it time for you to deal with the Xiao Family next?”

    He understood Wen Xinya’s personality very well. He knew that she wouldn’t let the Jiang family and the Xiao Family off, especially since they had plotted against the Wen Family. She laid low for the past few days simply because she wanted them to let their guards down.

    Wen Xinya’s smile vanished and she looked rather cold and menacing. “Yes! It’s time I let the Xiao Family have a taste of the Wen Family’s power.”

    Too much had happened to the Wen Family lately and, although the product launch was successful and the Wen Family managed to turn the crisis around seamlessly, they had still embarrassed themselves and suffered damage to their reputation. It was not a good thing for the Wen Family.

    Hence… she had to make use of the Xiao Family to warn everyone else and make them be wary of the Wen Family. She had to assert the Wen Family’s dominance and power.