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Chapter 133 - The Break Before Exams

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 133: The Break Before Exams

    On the 3rd of June, all third year high school students in the district where Su Cha lived were released for break.

    The college entrance examinations were to be held on the 7th and 8th and a few high schools had switched around the exam venues. Since Su Cha’s was not in her own school, they were released earlier for break to prepare themselves adequately.

    After issuing the exam entry proofs, He Qun stood on the podium and briefed on all the matters to take note of for the exams, including the ban on electronic devices in the examination room and the standard dress code.

    After the college entrance examinations ended, Su Cha and the rest would still need to return and gather again in school for the third year’s graduation assembly.

    Students could choose whether to return.

    But this year there was an exciting matter, hence most students were likely to return.

    Su Cha and Yu Chuai’s bet was the only source of amusement for this batch of third year students.

    When they had finally been briefed on everything, the school officially released the students for break.

    After Su Cha packed all her things and walked out carrying her backpack, Le Anqi and Cai Ziya came up to her from both sides and patted her on the shoulders. “Su Cha, you mustn’t be nervous, you need to perform calmly during the exams!”

    “Yes, don’t get stressed!”

    Le Anqi whispered, “Even if you don’t surpass Min Chen, your score is enough to enter college, just leave directly.”

    Su Cha didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You’ve so little faith in me?”

    Le Anqi struggled to find words. “This is not a question of faith. What if, just what if … If kneeling would harm your self-esteem too much, just treat it as a joke.”

    Su Cha’s face fell. “I don’t joke. I made the bet. Whether I win or lose, I will bear the consequences.”

    After hearing this, Le Anqi stamped her feet. “Why are you so obstinate?”

    Cai Ziya sighed. “We can’t help it anymore …”

    After students left group after group, the three who had just walked to the bottom of the teaching block suddenly saw Yu Chuai walking straight towards them.

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya’s expressions changed upon seeing Yu Chuai, who walked straight to Su Cha, with unconcealable glee written on her face. “Su Cha, you better remember our bet, don’t be absent from school just because you lose. I even know you’re participating in “Dream in Progress”. Can you bear the shame when I break this news online?”

    After saying her piece, Yu Chuai stalked off.

    Le Anqi was so angry she was about to start jumping. “What’s with this crazy woman, she even threatens people!”

    Cai Ziya sighed and said with a consoling tone, “Okay, okay. Look at Su Cha, she’s not even worried, why are you? Isn’t the only thing we can do now to believe Su Cha?”

    Le Anqi took a look at Su Cha. Sure enough, Su Cha looked calm, and had no reaction towards Yu Chuai’s words.

    A mysterious smile lurked at the corner of her mouth. Furthermore, people around them had seen how angry Le Anqi was, and looked as if they were in for a good show, hence Le Anqi had to calm down no matter how impulsive she was.

    She looked at Su Cha indignantly. “Su Cha, you definitely need to win!”

    Even if there was only a glimmer of hope, even if Le Anqi herself didn’t have much faith.

    Su Cha smiled lightly. “Okay, I get it. Let’s go and grab some food together.”

    Getting enthusiastic was of no use, Su Cha could only wait for her own results to come out. Only she knew her own current standards.