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Chapter 192 - Li Shiyao’s Evidence!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 192: Li Shiyao’s Evidence!

    Seeing Shanmei’s face filled with the freshness of spring, Ning Meng suddenly felt that reality was quite cruel. She put down her phone and noticed Li Shiyao who had been feeling embarrassed sitting on the sofa ever since she came into the room. She was sitting up straight with both her hands cutely atop her legs. She was looking in front while in a daze.

    Ning Meng realized that she had momentarily abandoned the future top actress. She walked over and asked, “What did you say you wanted to give me earlier?”

    Li Shiyao was fidgeting while her slender fingers, which had turned blue, was holding her skirt tight. When she heard her question, she took out her phone and showed Ning Meng a recording. “It’s this.”

    Ning Meng raised her eyebrow and played the recording.

    Liu Ying’s voice was first heard.

    “Li Shiyao, you’ve been called to CEO Ning’s office before. What did he do to you?”

    “We talked about Miss Ning’s glory days ever since she was young.”

    “Only that?”


    “Are you afraid to say it? Li Shiyao, you’ve been eliminated. You don’t need to fear them. You just need to follow what I’ve planned for you and I will introduce a new management company for you. How about that?”

    “…To do what?”

    “In the next two days, I will be exposing the evil of this company on Weibo. You just need to follow what I say. Mention that CEO Ning is up to no good and that you rejected him. You will have no loss doing this anyway. How about that?”

    Li Shiyao was flustered. “All those are just rumors. Everyone in the circle knows that CEO Ning has always been a pure-hearted widow ever since his wife passed away. You cannot do this…”

    “Li Shiyao, it’s not that you cannot do it. You just don’t have the guts to do it, don’t you? And you’re still thinking of joining the entertainment world with this kind of cowardice? You’d best get out of this field soon! I’m telling you, if you dare to leak out what happened today, I will not let you go!”

    The recording ended.

    Li Shiyao raised her apricot eyes. “Miss Ning, when the whole thing erupted, I kept trying to get in touch with CEO Ning and the rest, but they refused to see me. I’m not sure if this recording has any value especially when it comes to the law…”

    As soon as she said this, Ning Meng grasped her shoulders in excitement. “There’s value! There’s so much value! Li Shiyao, you are the company’s hero!”

    Even if they released the CCTV footage from Ning Wentao’s office, a few people could still retort against it. That alone did not pack as much of a punch as compared to Li Shiyao’s recording!

    Ning Meng got busy arranging to bring Li Shiyao to meet Papa Ning and had put her phone on the office table, so she did not see the WeChat text that was sent through: [Are you awake yet? What do you plan to do today?]

    Since she did not reply, another text came in: [?]


    At the office on the top floor of Huo Group.

    Huo Beichen calmly sat down and stared at his phone. When he went back yesterday, he had returned the WeChat account to Fei Bai and was clueless about what had happened in the chat group. However, it was 10 am now and she had still not woken up?

    As he thought about this, he opened the “How Should Boss Court a Lady?” group and sent a text.

    Huo Beichen: [How to invite a girl out for lunch?]

    Su Ye: [Just send a text.]

    Huo Beichen: [If she does not reply?]

    Fei Bai: [Kill.]

    Su Ye: [… Fei Bai! This is a date with a girl! Don’t just think of fights and killing! How about Qi Shan? Help the boss think of a solution! @Qi Shan]

    Qi Shan: [I’m having a headache!]

    Su Ye: [?]

    Qi Shan: [Today I was training at the beach. Some sand got into my shoes, and while I was carrying the wire bars, my shoes came off. So, I was wobbling, and someone thought that I was electrocuted and hit me with a stick!!]