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Chapter 193 - The Speechless Huo Beichen

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 193: The Speechless Huo Beichen

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    After Qi Shan had sent that text, he finally realized what was going on. Soon, he sent another text.

    Qi Shan: [Boss, maybe it’s not such a good idea to ask her out for lunch today?]

    Huo Beichen was slightly stunned when he saw this: [?]

    Qi Shan: [After all, that stupid woman’s family is going through such a crisis. It would be best if we don’t meddle in their affairs. If you’re going to ask her out for lunch, I reckon she will go mad?]

    When he saw this, Huo Beichen’s eyes grew dim. He immediately pressed the bell for Su Ye who was standing in for Qi Shan for the time being. Su Ye pushed the door open. “What’s the matter, boss?”

    Huo Beichen held his chin and asked, “What happened to the missus?”

    Su Ye was a qualified gossip informant. When he was asked this question, he related all the happenings to Huo Beichen. Finally, he concluded. “This matter is obviously premeditated. Someone is trying to mess up Lemon Entertainment. As far I’m aware, many media and some ‘Big V’ microbloggers have privately received the photos and videos. They’re waiting for Lemon Entertainment to rebuke the claims so that they can release these and disturb CEO Ning’s private life.”

    After saying this, he added, “I believe CEO Ning should have received this news and is currently discussing plans on how to resolve this issue, so, they’re not in a rush to rebuke the claims.”

    Actually, if they rebuked, they would have fallen into the trap.

    In reality, Lemon Entertainment could just use money to suppress the issue and withdraw the topic from the hot search engine. They could also bribe the microbloggers to not release the photos. However, this matter had been blown out of proportion and they could not afford to bribe hundreds of people.

    Huo Beichen coldly instructed. “Tell Qi Shan to delete all the photos and videos before they are released.”

    Su Ye bowed respectfully. “Yes, sir.”

    Huo Beichen then lifted his head slightly and looked toward him. “Find out who’s behind all this.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    After replying, Su Ye went out and gave Qi Shan a call.

    Qi Shan instantly picked it up. “My good brother, have you called to comfort me? I have a huge lump on my head now and it’s so painful. Tell me, why am I so unlucky?”

    Su Ye gave it some thought. “You’d better not get depressed and start cheering up…”

    Qi Shan was about to feel touched upon hearing this, but the sentence ended differently from what he had expected.

    “You have to believe that you’re going to be even more unlucky from now.”


    He then complained. “My cute little angel Ye, you have been misled by that stupid woman! Oh yes, what did the boss say?”

    “Boss asked you to help immediately.”

    Qi Shan spat out another complaint. “Crap, how uncompassionate. I’m a patient now! He’s not even allowing me to rest and has even asked me to work? And to help that stupid woman of all people? Why do I feel so reluctant!?”

    He did not wait for Su Ye to respond and started hearing static sounds from the other side. He started complaining again. “Fine, the boss has a new interest anyway, they will need to divorce sooner or later. Since she came in clean, she can leave clean as well.”

    Su Ye had still not managed to respond but he could hear that a computer was being turned on. Qi Shan continued to grumble in a low voice, “It’s not that I don’t empathize and don’t want to help her. I just feel that she is the boss’ wife. If her reputation goes down the drain, that will affect the boss as well.”


    Huo Beichen did not hear their conversation and took up his phone to log into Weibo. He was not sure how mad he would be since his girl was under attack.

    He had never really played with Weibo and did not know how to go about the platform, but just as he was about to type something into the search section, he noticed a fresh hot topic: #A certain Miss Ning’s husband from her hidden marriage suspected to not be able to perform with his X#

    Huo Beichen was shot straight through the heart.