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Chapter 535 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 22)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 535: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 22)

    She squeezed through the crowd and when she stood in front of the red list, she revealed a faint smile.

    It was like life was restarting, but in the selection of maids and harem members, there seemed to be a short test.

    But it was just a short test.

    In the end, she applied to be a maid since there were too many people to deal with as a harem member. The imperial palace was too big, she didn’t have the mind to play with politics.

    It went very smoothly because the good looking eunuch in charge had specially asked about her.

    When she was certain that she was to become a maid, the eunuch had looked at her with a gaze of incomparable disdain.

    Like he was saying: Truly no future!

    “These thirty three will be brought in by this maid, the other twenty three harem members will be brought in by minister Huan.” The eunuch’s high voice rang out. Luo Qing Chen looked at the twenty three concubines standing on the side and gave a soft snort.

    That fellow Ning Wei Han didn’t know to come find her after she fell off the mountain, didn’t he know that falling off wasn’t enough for her to die?

    Moreover, what about moving the world for her!

    Minister Huan looked around and carefully looked over each person’s face. Then she turned to the eunuch in charge and said, “There’s no one else who came today other than these people?”

    “Reporting to miss Huan, these are the most beautiful and talented women left after the serious selection.” The eunuch replied.

    Minister Huan knit her brows and said, “Should you have a list of everyone who came to the red list enrollment today?”

    “There is……” The eunuch said with a bit of difficulty, “But the records are a bit messy……”

    Minister Huan looked at him and he quickly changed his tone, “Yes, I’ll personally send it to minister Huan later.”

    “Un.” Minister Huan nodded before looking at the twenty three harem members and saying, “Come with me.”

    At the same time, in the imperial study.

    “Reporting to the emperor, I have followed the image you gave me and I didn’t find a girl that you mentioned.” Minister Huan stood in front of Ning Wei Han and seriously reported.

    “Impossible…..” Ning Wei Han slightly knit his brows and said, “Imperial doctor Lin and this one’s wet nurse saved her from under the mountain and I was certain that she left, so I sent the imperial decree…..”

    Could it be that she didn’t want to come since she was blaming him…...

    That day, he really didn’t think that his most trusted Liu Xiao would betray him, but he still performed that heartbroken play for Ning Yuan because at that time, he had secretly sent people under the mountain to find her.

    He wanted to go find her right away, but he couldn’t do it.

    His royal father collapsed and the court filled with chaos. Some people working with the South Pacifying King kept trying to find chances to make things hard for him.

    But each time, he skillfully dealt with it, suppressing their momentum and making them retreat.

    “Eunuch Liu who was in charge sent a list of portraits and names. Most of them were daughters of merchants and there aren’t any girls from unknown origins.” Minister Huan handed the list over as she said this.

    Ning Wei Han took it and a dark look appeared in his eyes.

    She must have come to the capital, she must have known about the royal decree, he had placed it in such an obvious place so it was impossible she didn’t know about it.

    But why didn’t she come find him…...

    “Could it be that she’s blaming this one…..” He knit his brows as he muttered to himself.

    Minister Huan thought about it before bowing her head and saying, “Based on what the emperor said before, her face has been ruined. This minister thinks that girls treat their face as their life, so perhaps she has thought about never coming to the palace.”