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Chapter 181 - Two-Men-Team Cannon Fodder

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 181: Two-Men-Team Cannon Fodder

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    As time passed by, there were fewer and fewer people left. Those who were left behind were pale and looked terrible to say the least.

    Lightning and Crocodile were also feeling rather depressed.

    Running was not a big deal. However, extreme marathons meant that they were not supposed to stop until their last bit of energy had run out.

    With that said, why did they laugh at the canteen?

    Why did they make a joke out of their Boss?

    It was all too late to regret now!

    However, they were surprised that Jian Qi was still running even after most of them had already collapsed.

    “Not bad, Big Sister Qi!” Crocodile smiled.

    Jian Qi forced out a smile. She did not have any extra energy left to talk to him.

    Lightning ran over to them and made eye contact with Crocodile, their eyes glinted with hints of mischievousness.

    “Big Sister Qi, since you are so strong, you wouldn’t mind helping us out right?” Lightning started teasing her.

    Jian Qi shot warning signs through her glare in response. She kept quiet and continued running.

    The both of them made eye contact again and chased up to her, one on each side. They reached out their hands and wrapped their arms around Jian Qi’s shoulders.

    They then put their own body weight onto Jian Qi’s body.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn it, these two are crazy!’

    “Let go!” Jian Qi warned them and glared at them.

    “Big Sister Qi, we can’t run anymore. Will you take care of us?” Lightning smiled.

    Crocodile nodded in agreement. “Aren’t we comrades? Teamwork makes the dream work, helping others out is a good virtue!”

    Jian Qi smirked, her smile was rather malicious. “You sure you want my assistance?”

    They did not notice her smile and nodded.

    “Here, let me help you both.” Jian Qi smiled gently just like a kind and loving sister.

    They were both shocked. That was easy!

    She supported them each with one hand. Then, Jian Qi gave each of them a kick when they were not looking.

    They did not expect that kick from Jian Qi and were immediately doubling over on the ground.

    Jian Qi glanced at them with a crude smile.

    Suddenly, she turned around and looked at Tang Jinyu who had just arrived in a car. “Instructor Tang, the both of them said that they cannot carry on and they want to give up!”

    Jian Qi then turned back to the front and continued running.

    Tang Jinyu looked at them emotionlessly. He did not say a single word, took a gun from the backseat and aimed at Lightning and Crocodile.

    Bang bang bang…

    He did not stop firing at them.

    Crocodile and Lightning were so shocked that they rolled around on the ground frantically. There were bullet shells all around the ground where they were lying.

    They immediately climbed to their feet and continued running.

    Feng Yi looked at them as he took out a grenade and threw it at them.

    They sensed that something had just fallen right in front of them. They were terrified when they saw what it was and immediately lunged to the side to take cover before the grenade exploded.

    “Feng Yi, you assh*le!” Crocodile and Lightning shouted in anger.

    It was fine when Boss did it, but now even Feng Yi was throwing grenades at them.

    They both did not dare to stop running anymore and immediately started running again.

    Feng Yi could not help himself and started laughing. He could finally get his revenge after being teased by them multiple times. How would he let them off so easily?

    Feng Yi did not dare to make it too obvious. Hence, he stopped after they were finally a distance away. However, Tang Jinyu seemed to have been staring at them the whole time. A bullet was shot every time they slowed down!