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Chapter 176 - Do you need my help

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 176: Do you need my help

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Qianlin was a former member of the special force and was highly trained and extremely skillful. As she quickly relieved the mobster of his iron pipe and was now armed for battle. She was fearless and brave as a lioness, but her responsibilities as a police officer discouraged her from being ruthless. Her techniques were flawless, and she sought only to knock her opponents back and disarm them, but they took the blows and kept coming back at her.

    The Dragon Gang members, however, were no mere street fighters. They were relentless and attacked her incessantly like a pack of jackals. Within a short time, they had gotten through her defenses several times and drew blood. Gu Qianlin has been stabbed and sustained lashes on her back and lower torso. She looked powerless in the face of the concerted attacks, like a cornered tiger fending off a wolf pack.

    Gu Qianlin’s warning to the Dragon Gang to disarm had drawn all their attention and made her the sole target of their attack. No one took notice of Xiao Luo, who was seated at a nearby gaming table, somehow doing an excellent job of keeping him unnoticed. He was enjoying himself to a glass of orange juice he took from a tray left by the fleeing staff workers. He did not show any urgency nor inclination to go to Gu Qianlin’s aid, seeming quite blasé about the goings-on.

    At this point, Gu Qianlin had sustained multiple wounds that were sapping her energy levels, and with it her fighting spirit. The exhaustion and pain were beginning to tell on her, and she couldn’t help feeling a sense of regret for being merciful to the gang members at the start. How quickly they overpowered her with their ruthlessness and relentless attacks.

    She was faltering, and her resistance being overwhelmed. Her only option was to retreat to safer ground. Her clothes were now in shreds, and she was soaked in blood.


    Two senior members of Dragon Gang broke through and struck squarely on her upper body.

    These two were well-trained pugilists and regularly practiced their combined techniques for close street combat. The power and force they could unleash with their coordinated attacks were unparalleled. Gu Qianlin stood no chance. Her body was thrown back in the air, crashing heavily on the ground. She was in extreme pain as if her body was broken.

    “Officer Gu, do you need help?”

    Xiao Luo put down the empty glass and walked up with a smile.

    Even in her state, Gu Qianlin was terribly infuriated, she only moved her eyes and stared at Xiao Luo clenching her teeth. She was silents, but her eyes burned with extreme hate.

    “Don’t have to show mercy to these people, the situation you’re in now is the result of mercy. I’m forced to attack now, and you’ll be my best witness. Who else could prove my innocence, right?” Xiao Luo smiled innocently.

    To Gu Qianlin’s eyes, his smile just seemed inappropriate for a time like this. It looked creepy.

    Xiao Luo turned around and dropped his smiling countenance instantly. He took on a cold and ominous bearing, as he faced the group of armed Dragon Gang members. It sent a shiver down their spines.

    “It’s this son of the bitch, what’re you guys waiting for? Charge, slash him into pieces!”

    Geng Qiuxing roared. His casino was as good as gone, and Lord Long would never him go. Having to lose his fingers would be considered a light punishment, and all he could for. But he was afraid that would not be the case, expecting worse punishments and perhaps even slow death through decapitation, multiple stabs, or gunshots. As he thought about that, his hatred towards Xiao Luo grew, and he could not wait to witness Xiao Luo’s death.

    The men from the Dragon Gang pounced on Xiao Luo with murderously and with flashing blades they charged.

    Xiao Luo did not retreat and instead advanced towards the mob. In a flash, he was in the air, and before anyone could move, a man was sent flying off like a missile from a single kick. The man crashed on the floor just before Geng Qiuxing. He let out a howl before fainting from the blow. The broadsword he wielded had fallen into Xiao Luo’s hands.

    With sword in hand, Xiao Luo gave out a haughty, murderous aura as he stared at across the hall. The Dragon Gang took a step back.

    “Kill him, kill him at once!” Geng Qiuxing’s roared loudly with his fists clenching tight.

    Five men with long knives charged in, their blades slashing towards Xiao Luo in a frenzied manner.

    Without any hesitation, Xiao Luo flicked his wrist and slashed horizontally with speed and balance.

    The slash was swift, sharp, and precise. The five men only sensed a flashing arch of light before their eyes, before they realized their right hands had been decapitated cleanly at the wrist. The stumps now left behind had turned a bright red as blood was spurting out before the pain could even reach their brains.

    Chopped off?

    These were their hands, how could it be possible?

    As with all fearsome fighters, the pain would not come immediately. The need to survive in a fight kept their minds numb to the pain and alert for new dangers. Then, after a moment, would the realization hit…


    They broke out in shrill screams of sheer pain, dropped to their knees, and holding onto the bloody stumps in agony.

    Xiao Luo intensified his attack, slashing the broadsword in precise attack patterns without respite. He struck hard the nearest man in a single stroke, immediately putting him on the backfoot.

    Taken by surprise at the speed of the attack, he raised his metal pipe to parry the next blow.


    The metal pipe was sliced into half the broadsword came down hard and swift. As the blade cut through it was brought across horizontally and cut through the man’s right wrist. Just like that, another hand was taken.

    Spinning around, his sword in the high ready position, he charged into the mob as his blade slashed intricate patterns in all directions. Where he passed, hands were taken, and the sword had become a “hand reaper.”

    His techniques were flawless, and his execution fierce and unrelenting. Stronger than Gu Qinglin and undoubtedly more vicious – there could be no mercy in this fight.

    The mob from the Dragon Gang was beaten. They were retreating in disarray and cowering from his advance. There was no way to retaliate, so complete was his dominance.

    Gu Qianlin swallowed hard as her expression changed from anger to relief and then to terrified. She was first a pawn in Xiao Luo’s scheme when he destroyed the reputation and the very survival of the casino. Then he allowed her to be the bait for the Dragon Gang’s vengeance, where she nearly paid the price. Saving her at the eleventh hour only for her remain incapacitated, leaving her able to observe but not able to act. He finally exacted his revenge on the Dragon Gang by making them pay a bloody price, and he had done that in front of her. He had deliberately made her a witness of his act of self-defense against the Dragon Gang mob.

    Step by careful step, he had cracked down on the casino, countered Long Sankui’s aggressive attacks on Luo’s Workshop assets, and escaped from the jurisdiction of the law.

    Such shrewdness and scheming had her trembling, witnessing Xiao Luo slashing the Dragon Gang members like chopping cabbages, convinced her that Xiao Luo was that cold-blooded and cruel killer.

    Ten minutes later, there was not a single standing member of the Dragon Gang. They were all moaning on the ground in pain, their right hands were chopped off and lay scattered across the halls. It was a shocking scene, and even Gu Qianlin, who was used to seeing bloody scenes, was Mortified.

    The only standing person was Geng Qiuxing, who was now pale with fear and rooted to his spot.

    Xiao Luo walked towards him with the bloodstained sword in hand, he looked just like an evil Asura [1] emerging from hell at this moment.

    “You… you…I’m the Dragon Gang…” Geng Qiuxing could not even complete a sentence.

    “Rest assured, I won’t do anything to you. If I harmed you, then wouldn’t it be excessive self-defense?”

    Xiao Luo gave a soft smile and turned towards Gu Qianlin, “Am I right, Officer Gu?”

    Gu Qianlin’s entire body trembled, she was stunned by Xiao Luo’s cruelty.

    “Eighty million. I’ve won eighty million here in total, and your casino cannot repudiate this sum. You have to transfer the money to my account, understand?” Xiao Luo rested the sword on Geng Qiuxin’s shoulder suddenly and said coldly.

    “Understood, understood!”

    Geng Qiuxin had lost his arrogance and kept nodding his head, nodding without stopping.