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Chapter 176 - It Was No Wonder

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 176: It Was No Wonder

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    Chen Baichuan’s surprise quickly turned into shock. After all, he had lost twenty-five thousand in a short moment.

    “This Old Zhao is simply too much. No, I have to go find him!” Having gone from euphoria to anguish, Mu Mianmian was furious.

    Chen Baichuan, however, was still in disbelief. “Is it possible that Old Zhao was deceived by someone else?”

    Old Zhao traveled overseas a lot because of his work, so people would ask him to help them buy things on his return. Besides, Chen Baichuan was not the only one who bought the diamond. A friend had purchased one before he did. His little wife was so happy wearing it—Why was she his little wife?

    Because the real wife was a thrifty and frugal housekeeper. She didn’t know that her man had spent the money she saved on a vixen outside.

    Chen Baichuan would occasionally encounter this type of thing while doing business. Nonetheless, he looked down on these men who fooled around out there. His money would only be kept for his wife to spend. Therefore, he made himself buy a ring for his chubby wife, whom he was going to marry shortly.

    But he was cheated, cheated…

    Yu Changmo took out a small stack of paper from the box and took a quick look. Although the others couldn’t understand the English on it, Qianmo could.

    It was the receipt from a famous foreign departmental store.

    “If this is the real receipt of this company, there will be an insignificant mark at this spot as anti-counterfeit. The printing will be clearer too. The receipt he gave you is all fake, so he has done it on purpose.”

    “How do you know this much?” Chen Baichuan was crushed by his repeated analysis.

    Besides, he also had shares in it. How could he not recognize his own family’s business?

    He had held the shares before he joined the military. Accurately speaking, he had them since birth.

    Black would never say all those out, of course. The first reaction Chen Baichuan had after the whole incident was to go argue with Old Zhao.

    Mu Mianmian also wanted to get the money back as soon as possible. They were cheated on the wedding ring he bought to signify her everlasting marriage. How inauspicious!

    Along with her parents, Qianmo was enraged too.

    She had this feeling that her territory was being invaded. They cheated her dad’s money first, then attempted to cause trouble with the photo. If she took this lying down, they would think that there was no one capable in her family.

    Old Zhao. It was no wonder!

    The sales assistant had told Qianmo in the mall that the Louis Vuitton that Old Zhao carried was a fake. Qianmo was still perplexed then because of his position that her dad told her about. Why would he be carrying a fake Louis Vuitton if he was indeed the leader of that certain department?

    “We need to think about it for a moment,” Qianmo said.

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian were both furious. They couldn’t wait to go over there to beat the lights out of the culprit.

    However, they couldn’t understand why Qianmo stopped them.

    “He cheated us out of a diamond ring that costs tens of thousands. You can’t be thinking of just letting this go, Momo?” Mu Mianmian felt heartache whenever she imagined the pile of sea cucumbers.

    “What will happen after you two go over?” Qianmo waved the diamond ring box. “Are you going there to tell him that this is fake, and he swindled you? Do you think he will admit it?”

    He had been doing the procurement service for a while now, and most of the clients were his friends. The sum of money that exchanged hands was not small either.

    They had already accepted the ring, so he wouldn’t admit even if they went to look for him.

    “He would say that you guys had made the switch and changed the receipt and ring. Had this dispute happened with a reputed jeweler, it would have been easy to settle with a receipt and an authentication certificate. But you asked an acquaintance to buy on your behalf, so you have no proof at all. The other party has all the advantages.”

    They had suffered a tremendous loss and had no way to get back at the other party. Chen Baichuan felt he should go over there personally. He could beat him up even if he couldn’t get the money back.

    “The sum involved in the case is not small; we can make a police report.” Black suggested.

    Qianmo nodded. They should be using the law as a weapon to protect themselves at this time.

    The other party would definitely not confess. Therefore, they should throw a long line to catch a big fish now. Qianmo asked her dad to lie low first and call the friend tomorrow to tell him that Mu Mianmian liked the ring a lot. At the same time, request him to bring one more back for Qianmo.

    It didn’t need to be expensive, just around ten thousand would do.

    Black did a mental calculation.

    A case could be opened as long the amount involved exceeded two thousand, and it would be considered huge once it crossed thirty thousand. The sentence for a “huge” amount was different from the bare minimum.

    Qianmo had done two preparations in advance. She guessed since the other party had sold most of the fake diamonds to “rich” men’s mistresses, they were most likely not going to pursue even if they knew they had been duped, as they wouldn’t want their wives to find out.

    Thus, she decided to raise the amount herself, so it didn’t matter if anyone would join Chen Baichuan in the testification. The other party was not going to escape the punishment.

    One should be prepared to be “taken care of” once they dared to cheat.

    She also began to suspect that the other party wasn’t who he said he was, a civil servant. He was most likely a professional swindler. They should make a police report first.

    Promptly acting on her plans, Qianmo went out with Black to file a police report after she settled her dad. As expected, the police also used a wait-and-see approach, biding their time for the right opportunity to catch the criminal.

    Everything was under control.

    At last, Black had his wish of stargazing with her fulfilled after they sorted the matter. Contrary to what he expected, though, seeing stars in the night sky in the city was a daunting task. A pity that they were purely looking at stars now. Both of them had lost the mood to do whatever they had planned after the upheaval.

    Still, it was also quite nice to gaze at stars together side by side. Their shadows intertwined, signifying their ties and melted hearts that couldn’t be broken.

    The city lights reflected in his bright eyes. Nevertheless, all the brilliance and glamour of the city couldn’t be compared to her radiant beauty. He gazed at her as she gazed at the stars.

    This was just like that sentence: ‘You are looking at the scenery; the person looking at the scenery is looking at you from the window.’

    Wang Xiaoyao put one of his arms on the window sill and looked at the pair of lovebirds a short distance away. They were not far from the Chens’ home. Besides, the couple had no intention to be discreet. They were sitting together and feeding mosquitoes in the square where the old uncles and aunties did their folk dance.

    Wang Xiaoyao looked at the Lego box, preparing to throw it away. He wouldn’t be interested in something like this. He wouldn’t have touched this stuff if he wasn’t finding an excuse to get close to her.

    He was about to dump the stuff away when he saw a change in the lovers’ position in front. Chen Qianmo, who was passive the entire time, suddenly hugged the man’s neck and kissed him gently.

    In Wang Xiaoyao’s impression, she was never the type of woman that would lean on a man. Yet she made this kiss seem so gentle and alluring. Although he couldn’t see their expressions clearly, he could still sense the immense happiness that the man must be feeling now.

    Wang Xiaoyao’s heart, which was at peace, suddenly skipped a beat.

    That night, Wang Xiaoyao’s dream was occupied by the person in his heart. He suddenly woke up while feeling a chill. He pulled open his curtains, but only an empty square greeted him.