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Chapter 478 - Refusing to Sell the Treasure Book for 100 Million

Medical Master
     Chapter 478 Refusing to Sell the Treasure Book for 100 Million

    “Have you taken the treasure book with you?” asked Li Chengtian, sitting cross-legged on the floor and looking at Fang Qiu.

    At that moment, Fang Qiu pulled the treasure book he got from the Ling Family’s Old Ancestor out of his trouser pocket, held it up in front of him, and said, “If you defeat me, it will be yours!”

    Li Chengtian squinted at the treasure book.

    Meanwhile, everyone outside the arena was also staring at the treasure book.

    This was a unique treasure book in the world, the only one that had ever been discovered that could sense the Heaven and Earth Treasures.

    So it was natural that everyone became eager when they saw the treasure book.

    Li Chengtian stood up and asked, “Is it the genuine treasure book?”

    “Yes, of course,” Fang Qiu replied.

    “How do you prove it’s genuine?” Li Chengtian asked again.

    “I’m the proof,” Fang Qiu answered.

    “I don’t believe it.”

    Li Chengtian shook his head and continued, “If this treasure book is fake, I will come here for nothing, and everyone here will be fooled by you.”

    “How do you want me to prove it?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Let me have a look first.”

    Li Chengtian reached out his hand and asked for it.


    Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled. “I don’t need to tell you how valuable this treasure book is, do I? What if I give it to you so easily, but you take it away?”

    “I won’t do that!” Li Chengtian said.

    “I don’t believe it.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head, then reached into his trouser pocket and found a leaf-shaped item.


    Seeing what Fang Qiu was holding, Li Chengtian squinted again.

    All the audience around the arena was instantly attracted by the thing in his hand.

    “It is the One-leaf Flower.”

    Fang Qiu explained, “The stamens have been hollowed out by me, leaving only this, and this One-leaf Flower is the one I found with this treasure book.”

    Everyone was shocked at his words.

    Li Chengtian was slightly stunned.

    It was a well-established fact that the mysterious man John Doe had many Earth Treasures.

    However, the Earth Treasure was not something that ordinary people could find at will; it was good enough for some people to encounter one in a lifetime, and it was pretty lucky for a martial arts practitioner to meet two or three in his life.

    But how many Earth Treasures had John Doe had since he became well-known?

    The audience casually recalled that with this incomplete one and the ones that had been sold, this guy had more than five in all.

    Good heavens!

    Without the treasure book, it would be impossible for him to encounter so many Earth Treasures, except that he was incredibly lucky.

    For everyone, it was a lifetime thing.

    It was lucky to have met so many Earth Treasures in the whole life.

    What was more, the mysterious man John Doe had met so many Earth Treasures in just one year.

    “Do you have any questions now?” Fang Qiu asked Li Chengtian as he put away the incomplete One-leaf Flower in his hand.

    After he got the One-leaf Flower, he went back home to clear away the hidden diseases for his parents. Since his parents were ordinary people and could not bear the strong medicine efficacy, he only used the essence in the middle and left the fragment on the edge.

    Unexpectedly, this fragment actually played a key role at this time.


    After hearing Fang Qiu’s words, Li Chengtian thought about it, nodded, and said, “I trust you now.”

    Fang Qiu put the treasure book away.


    Li Chengtian’s voice rang.


    Fang Qiu yelled too.

    However, just as the two were brewing for a fight, a shout came from off the arena.


    The two men in the arena turned to look at the sound source and saw that the person shouting was an expert.

    “John Doe.”

    The guy looked at Fang Qiu and asked, “Do you sell your treasure book? You can make an offer at will. You can ask me for anything as long as you’re willing to sell it to me.”

    His words caused immediate confusion in the audience.

    “Yeah, do you sell it?”

    “You can sell it for as much as you want!”

    “If you sell it, I can trade with you now.”

    “You can ask for as much as you want, I’ll buy it!”

    A lot of people echoed, hoping to buy Fang Qiu’s treasure book that could sense and detect Heaven and Earth Treasures.

    Li Chengtian in the arena scowled, a little unhappy.

    He had paid 10 million to get the mysterious man John Doe here to fight. To his surprise, these people actually wanted to buy the treasure book halfway.

    It made him very unhappy!

    At that point, Fang Qiu just shook his head and said, “No!”

    Of course, he wouldn’t sell the treasure book.

    Apart from the fact that no one could learn anything after it was sold, because there was no recorded method of cultivation in the book, the value of the treasure book could not be measured by money.

    And, most of all, Fang Qiu needed to use this treasure book to attract people to challenge him. If he sold it, how could he find so many experts to practice with to improve his strength?

    “I’ll give you 100 million!”

    When Fang Qiu refused to sell his treasure book, the expert made a direct bid.

    His words shocked everyone present, including Li Chengtian in the arena.

    He was rich but only had tens of millions.

    It was quite good to be able to offer 10 million for the right of the challenge.

    Unexpectedly, someone could pay such a high price!

    Would Fang Qiu be tempted?

    Li Chengtian was worried.

    However, in the face of the offer, Fang Qiu shook his head slightly and said, “No!”

    It was like a joke.

    He actually wanted to buy this treasure book with 100 million?

    Was he dreaming?

    Fang Qiu was not a fool.

    The entry fee for challenging him had been announced—10 million at a time. So if he took 10 challenges, he would get 100 million.

    Besides, Fang Qiu didn’t say it had to be 10 million for each challenge.

    In the face of a basket of fish and a fishing rod that could catch any fish, Fang Qiu would definitely choose the latter!

    His refusal sent gasps through the audience.

    Everyone thought that Fang Qiu was very composed because he could resist the temptation of 100 million.

    What they didn’t know was that compared to the 100 million, Fang Qiu wanted more!

    In the crowd, after the expert was rejected by Fang Qiu again, a sneer actually flashed in his eyes.


    In the arena, Fang Qiu turned around and said to Li Chengtian, “Let’s start.”

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    Li Chengtian raised his right hand, held the Qingfeng Sword in front of him, and asked, “If you want, I can wait for you to find a suitable weapon.”

    “I don’t need a weapon.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head.

    He knew that the Qingfeng Sword in Li Chengtian’s hand was a divine weapon.

    But he had no divine weapon against it.

    If he used a regular weapon, it would be useless. It would be cut off anyway!

    “Then, start!”

    Li Chengtian let out a loud cry.

    He grabbed the sword hilt with his right hand and suddenly drew it out from its sheath.

    As the long sword came out of its scabbard, the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy suddenly went restless.

    But there was something strange about this restlessness.

    As if affected by the long sword, the Heaven and Earth energy in the restlessness actually began to surge, forming flows of energy around it and even producing a vortex.

    Li Chengtian’s long sword, on the other hand, had a sharp surge of energy Qi near it, and it looked extremely frightening.

    The audience was all shocked.

    “How strong the energy is!”

    “The energy Qi is horrifying.”

    “It is worthy of being a divine weapon. It can arouse the Heaven and Earth energy.”

    There were cries of surprise.

    Fang Qiu frowned in the arena.

    When he exerted his mental power slightly and made it connect to the Heaven and Earth energy around him, he immediately noticed a strange magnetic field on the sword.

    It was not the sword but the magnetic field on it that had activated the Heaven and Earth energy.

    “It’s really a wonderful sword!”

    Thinking of this, Fang Qiu clenched his fist and urged all the internal Qi in his body.

    Obviously, in strength, Li Chengtian was stronger than the Ling Family’s Old Ancestor. Plus the existence of the Qingfeng Sword, he had been able to completely suppress the Ling Family’s Old Ancestor.

    In this case, Fang Qiu had to go all out in the first place.


    He moved without hesitation.

    Fang Qiu knew that before the opponent could wave his sword, he must get close to him as soon as possible to deal with his swordsmanship.

    However, as Fang Qiu charged forward, Li Chengtian remained motionless and swung his sword with his right hand.

    Rays of sword light made of energy flashed out and sprinted straight at Fang Qiu.

    “The internal Qi is so fierce!”

    Fang Qiu started.

    From the sword light, he felt an extremely sharp aura, as if the point of a needle was right before his eyes. He was nervous at the aura.

    He dodged the light as it approached him.


    But at the same time, there was a piercing sound in the air.


    Li Chengtian brandished the long sword and was already in the air over Fang Qiu’s head before Fang Qiu knew it. He cut down mercilessly towards Fang Qiu’s forehead.


    With a snort, Fang Qiu ducked out of the way.

    As he dodged, he looked for opportunities to counterattack.

    But as he avoided the sword and prepared to strike back, Li Chengtian’s figure suddenly flashed out of his sight, disappearing into the distance with terrifying speed.

    “Is that?”

    Fang Qiu was startled!

    He could clearly see the energy swirling around Li Chengtian. Like a vortex, it helped him speed up as he swung his sword.

    “Qingfeng Sword, (Qingfeng) Breeze…”

    An idea hit Fang Qiu.

    “I see!”

    He had a glint in his eye.

    “Qingfeng Sword. Isn’t it a breeze?”

    “Leading the Heaven and Earth energy to become wind; turning his internal Qi into the wind; using his internal Qi to activate the Heaven and Earth energy; then condensing the wind into sharp sword Qi of energy. The powerful sword Qi is something that he could not get with his own power!”

    “That is to say, he can only threaten me if he attacks from far away!”

    “But all I need is a threat!”

    With this in mind, Fang Qiu took two steps back.

    “Your sword Qi is really powerful. I wonder which one is stronger when it compares with my Dragon’s Claw.”

    As he spoke, Fang Qiu made his hands in the shape of dragon claws and hit Li Chengtian from a distance.

    With the attack of the Dragon’s Claw, the strong internal Qi moved between his bones and the sound waves converged together, exploded, and condensed into a huge dragon claw of energy to attack Li Chengtian.


    Li Chengtian squinted and swung his long sword quickly.

    Rays of sword Qi burst forth incessantly.

    In a split second, the first ray of sword Qi collided with Fang Qiu’s Dragon’s Claw of energy.

    The next moment, there was a loud noise.


    Energy waved.

    The Dragon’s Claw exploded with a bang, but the sword Qi was not scattered but left a bit of residual Qi, which flew a meter later before it scattered and disappeared.

    The scene made the audience wide-eyed.

    The mysterious man John Doe’s Dragon’s Claw was broken by the Qingfeng Sword!